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Book Review: Psychologist for Gen-Z by Dr. Karuna Mehta

A student’s life is more than textbooks and report cards. It has its own kind of challenges and many students not to prefer speaking about it voraciously. In the market are out thousands of self-help books for improving professional and personal life…yet not a specific book charted out for students…as how they can develop winning habits, how to look beyond marks and gain long-lasting perspectives that can help them in excelling in studies and other aspects. The greatest virtue of this book is that like any other self-help resource it touches upon various points, however, each one is linked with students. So it makes it totally a focused book for students and other tangential people like teachers and parents. Spiraling from Dr. Karuna Mehta’s teaching experience, she delves deep in the issues that can really help students ease their academic life than adding burden on their shoulders. Since not many students and their parents opt for counseling of psychologists, yet they can have th

Book Review: Heart on a Platter by Eby Thachil

Heart on a Platter by Eby Thachil is a riveting contemporary novel having themes built around vicissitudes of life. Staged against the serene beauty of Kerala, the novel weaves a tale of fate, redemption, betrayal, love and much more with a long cast of characters. It mainly is a novel about two women hailing from different background with their respective goals. The lead character is Malini (Malu), wife of Pradeep. The couple has medical problems in having children. Husband Pradeep cannot sire a child. Thus, Malini opts for artificial insemination. Some initial chapters go around this technology and the couple is hesitant about the background of donor. They have fears and limitations. If one side of the novel is about hospitals, surrogate techniques, and medical nuisances; well the second side of the novel delves deep in the chasm of relationships. The second woman in the story is Betty. She is into medical field, has a small business of her own. All characters are not so far-fetched

Book Review: Purna Viram by Kesaria Umapati

Purna Viram ( पूर्ण विराम ) is an exquisite work in Hindi literature. It means the final stop. The book features story of two ageing people, who are lost and living a lonely life. Reasons behind them are different as they come from different cities with uncommon past life. Main characters are Ram Prasad Ji from UP and a sharp beautiful lady named Shiuli from Kolkata. They were destined to meet during the religious trip in Vaishno Devi, Jammu. Their first encounter in a bus wasn’t sweet, unromantic. That trip highlights their difference at large. The lady Shiuli loathes Ram Prasad for his uncanny habits like burping, being a sloth, and so on. The story moves ahead, Ram Prasad Ji returns his home. He receives letters from the lady and then communication of letters begin, as the story is staged against the late 90s, it was evident that time mobile phones were in nascent stage. Ram Prasad’s both sons are settled abroad. They hardly call him and his wife is no more. More or so, he is alo

Book Review: 7 Leaps to Freedom by Saurabh Singh

Thinking of achieving tremendous success in business, startup ventures, or even professionally in your job…well you can get that fame and money and success…but first you need to be acquainted with necessary skills like influencing others, creativity, innovation, negotiation and so on. 7 Leaps to Freedom by Saurabh Singh shows you the way to lead a life full of confidence and possibilities and empowerment. The book offers 7 aspects namely Mindset, Creativity, Strategy, Leadership, Market, Influence, and Negotiation. These are not a random bunch of skills and values associated, in fact the author who is a potential mentor teaches all these imperative values in detail to his mentee Suraj. The fiction is the framework, but the content of the book is for all those aspiring people and entrepreneurs looking to make an impactful entry in their respective business ventures. For me the best learning from the book was mindset, I sighed in appreciation as how the author classified it and descri

Book Review: 2024...Your Year of More by Noah William Smith

2024 is around the corner. A new year! We are all excited to fill up our lives with a new set of motivation. A fresh wave of new resolutions is on the list. Before we plunge into any new year…our life looks like again an empty bucket. What to try new…what to shed behind…we become cluttered…isn’t it? That’s with everyone I guess. Through his book Noah offers exciting sense of motivation to readers. In an order the book covers a gamut of life-related topics that will re-instate your focus and help you scale up your efforts where you can invest for a brighter future. Through the list of A to Z, you can have insights about many concepts, cogitate on them, implement them and learn some tips from Noah’s life’s experiences. Like a personal journal, he begins with introduction, his experiences, plans…inevitably overall opens up a window to his life. A self-improvement book with personal touch keeps banality away. And Noah did that in the best possible way. The content of the book will help

Book Review: My Tiny Chaotic Universe by Jithu Biji Thomas

My Tiny Chaotic Universe by Jithu Biji Thomas is a mix of poetry, thoughts, musings, and free versus. It is not a heavy literature that particularly associates with poems and poets. Just 116 pages, a poetic piece on each page, the book leaves you with mixed feelings on the gamut of subjects that you chance upon while reading it. Finding stories in trees, sea beaches, stars, rain, etc.! Yes, the prominent theme of the book deals with stories that surrounds us…that make our environment, community, locales, and much more. Though not segmented in proper fictional or themed wise sections, the book exudes sarcasm and irony about life, especially in earlier and mid poems. Later on the book delves deep in the idiosyncrasies of our controversial aspects that we think define our life and its pertaining social status. As open and vast as ocean, this book will let you traverse through a wide base of scope. Jithu’s prowess of poetic caliber is not limited to nature or funny elements of our exis

Book Review – Shantanu: Rakhta Charitra Book I by Devansh Kamdar

Shantanu is a titular underworld crime thriller novel, book 1 in the Rakhta Charitra series. Set against the bustling cosmopolitan culture of Bombay, the story features Mahek, Shantanu, and Kshitij Bhosale in the mainstream narrative. Shantanu is the lead character and many other auxiliary characters share spotlight with him. He works for his boss: Kshitij Bhosale. Shantanu is an ace shooter, different than others. His absolute loyalty brought him closer to his boss. They both share a great bonding and rapport in a crime world where people don’t even trust their intimate shadows. Shantanu has been assigned to keep vigil on a woman ‘Mahek’. He has got orders to shoot her and the man accompanying her. Shantanu being a hardcore goon has cold heart when shooting targets for Kshitij Bhosale. Like most of the Bollywood movies, a woman softens and alters a mafia’s heart, something similar happens with Shantanu. After a few meet-ups with Mahek, the gangster is overwhelmed by emotional trau

Book Review: Failure is not an Option by Veer Sagar

In ‘Failure is not an Option’ , entrepreneur Veer Sagar shows you how to thrive in the corporate and entrepreneurial struggle by changing your perspective, habitually keeping it positive and solution offering over hue and cry. The Difference between Success and Failure is Your Perspective… Veer Sagar’s tenacity has always been ingrained with solutions and positivity that wholly changed his perspective everywhere, in all-kind of circumstances. He lays emphasis that with the right perspective, solutions are everywhere. With the wrong perspective, the simplest of tasks seemed impossible. Not only did Veer Sagar successfully connected with customer base but also produced effective team building leadership and pioneered in bringing BPO sector to India at the nascent stage of dot com industry around early 2000. His career achievements span across major companies of India like Dunlop, DCM, and ICM. The book cannot be ruled out reckoning it as another memoir of a successful entrepreneur.

Book Review: Love in Search of Peace by Somprokash Das

Love in Search of Peace by Somprokash Das is a terrific offbeat romance novel that explores the equation of love with worldly parameters. Is love only for two successful people, does society care if money meter is fine…do they need to have jobs of equal office? Such similar questions keep popping while reading this novel that narrates the fateful tale of two young IAS aspirants in Delhi: Ritom and Tamannah.     Ritom has had heartbreak, thus he grew skeptical about love. However, back in Delhi while preparing for IAS, he stumbles upon Tamannah. She is beautiful, hailing from a rich Marwari family, which is hell bent on marrying her if she fails to show substantial results. Ritom is mature beyond his age. His character is beautifully sketched; he is someone caring for her and understands the value of her only chance in the IAS exams. Ritom avoids Tamannah. But she is crazy for him. The bonding of love among them grows inevitably, however, at the same time both realize the value of set

Book Review: Silver Lining by Kamal Shah

Silver Lining by Kamal Shah is a heartfelt insightful book that narrates the struggles of a patient and then an entrepreneur’s journey. Broadly seen, the book has two narratives. First the author’s personal battle against chronic kidney failure disease, and secondly how he sets up Nephroplus, India’s leading dialysis provider healthcare company. It all started at a tender age for Kamal Shah. In 1997 when he was a young promising student, all set for higher studies in the USA. But little did he know that fate has stored something else for him. Between his preparations to the USA, he suffered from a typical Haemolytic Uremic Syndrome (A HUS) , sort of kidney failure. Since then his life was never the same. He went through a kidney transplant, donated by his mother, but that wasn’t successful. As the book chugs ahead, he talks about famous hospitals and doctors of Hyderabad and their medical treatment history. Of course the book is written from a patient’s point of view, filled with a

Book Review: His Lingering Perfume by Sarah D

This is a short sweet fast-paced romance about two introvert young lovers. They are nameless, rich, not spoilt, yet their quest is to find themselves worthy of love of each other. The secret lover of a teenage girl comes to meet her often through a covert route…they kiss and cuddle and foreplay passionately but never cross that barrier of physical intimacy maybe because they value their love that way…without making it fully. Thus, a punch line ‘a Raw Story of Awkward Love’ fits best in the plot as they both could have explored various boys and girls given their status quo. However, they chose one another over the worldly fulfillment. Their love is pure, and they keep it undefiled by maintaining being celibate. Often lovers are seen getting chaotic in the heat of unbridled desires, but they were different like mermaids…beautifully charming but away from that taboo thing of our worlds. As a reader you would not only appreciate but also feel affectionate for their epoch of love journe