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Book Review: I am Dead but My Heart Beats by Priyank

I AM DEAD BUT MY HEART BEATS is a multi-themed love story. The book casts four characters, equally strong and poignant according to the plot and the settings. While reading one can feel that the book is diverted into several parts, prominently couple of entrancing love stories. The part, which mainly goes in the flashback deals with Muzaffarnagar riots, has greater weightage than the other one. Usually, these kinds of love stories do take place in India - the country which is known for numerous diversities and customs. So, a couple or lovers facing horrible consequences given by their respective communities or religions have been a trend. However, with some education and modernity this orthodoxy is changing but still miles to cover.  This book is a fantastic read because the story keeps one curious about their future ( lovers in the book), and not only this, the book has a far-fetched and meaningful message for the people of India, who often take pride in putting devout sho

Book Review: 2 States by Chetan Bhagat

Nowadays, casual readers in India have begun liking South Asian literature. But in India, it is Chetan Bhagat who has revolutionized the reading world. People love his books because of simple and spicy-kind of stories. He provides endings to his stories and the way he narrates is an impressive art within oneself. At the start of his career, he was notably known for only IIT Five Points, but now all of his books have been adapted for movies, certainly we cannot hide his increasing charm among masses. Coming back to 2 States, apparently, this book covers his own love story when he was a student at IIM Ahmadabad.   Just like our Bollywood movies this novel too has positively encouraged inter-caste or inter-religion marriage and one can hear couples saying that their love story is inspired by 2 States in either ways; from book as well as the movie. Like other stories, this particular book finely presents the cross cultural difficulties to be dealt before tying the knots. Unders

Book Review: The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

Heavily celebrated book “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini is the first book of this Afghan-American author. While reading, readers got hugely displaced by thinking that this book is completely based on his life story. Although it was more about his native country – Afghanistan. In the first part of the book, where the protagonist – Amir and his juvenile antagonist Hassan are more prone to childish desires the book covers the pure and original culture of the country. Kite flying was no less than a festival there. The book covers many aspects of human life’s circumstances but couldn’t find solutions to each issue. As some were international issues, such as seeking refuge in the USA; the attack of Russia on Afghanistan and later on the formation of Taliban to fight against Russians.  In the book, the character named Hassan, a meek boy impresses more than the main lead – Amir. Hassan was made for sympathy because of his inferior cast and poverty while Amir was a son of an affluent fa