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Book Review: A Passage to India by E.M. Forster

The book highlights: what kind of plight possibly takes place between the colonizer and the colonized? Adela Quested, a British schoolmistress, along with Mrs. Moore, an elderly lady, takes a journey to India basically for two reasons. First was to experience the real sense of India, its people and places and cultural nitty gritties. And the second was to meet Ronny Heaslop, the son of Mrs. Moore, being nudged by her Adela was also looking forward to see Rony as a possible groom for herself.   Initially, things go fine and they get engaged.  Dr. Aziz, a local but well-respected person, spots Mrs. Moore in a mosque and immediately objects her presence. As the conservation goes ahead, they find that they have begun liking each other and settle into a good subaudition. Mr. Turton’s house party turns out to be an unpleasant experience for Adela. To make visitors time pleasant in India, Cyrill Fielding keeps a tea party at his house, and on Adela’s request he also invites Dr.