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Author Highlight: Tapan Ghosh Discusses his New Book ‘An Anglo-Indian in Love’ and Stories from his Life

We are back with another author interview. Today, with us, we have Tapan Ghosh – the author of ‘An Anglo-Indian in Love’. In this interview, Tapan Ghosh talks about his writing aspirations, and the route to getting his book published. Stay on...while we chat with him. What motivates you to write? Life has taught me that life itself is the greatest motivation a writer can have. Key incidents in my life and the lessons I have learnt from my mistakes are two major sources of material I use in my writings. How do you handle the response to this book, especially from your friends and colleagues? Any honest opinion is good to understand the reader’s viewpoints and expectations. It serves as a guide to what’s working and what’s not. At a deeper level, it’s a two-way process. They get to know me through my writings, and, strange as it may sound, I get to know myself better from the feedback I get. What this really means is, a reader may interpret something you have written in

Book Review: Divyastra by Nimish Tanna

If you have read books and seen movies on the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, you must be aware of various types of weapons used by gods and their allies. Those were known as astras and shastras . Are today’s mass-destruction weapons are inspired by those weapons of gods? Possibly, yes. Now, we have Divyastra by Nimish Tanna – this suspense thriller’s roots date back to the Indian mythology and it delves deep into astras and shastras of Vedas. As the title suggests, Divyastra was a weapon of mass destruction: who possessed it, how to use it, when to use it and so on. This all seem captivating but do you have any clues about its dark intricacies? All these questions will be unveiled in this novel. It is a perfect blend of today’s modern science and the Indian Mythology.  The novel has around three stories running parallel. However, each part is equally captivating and gives you hope that sooner or later they are going to converge. Even before that happens, you get with them – as

Book Review: I Also Slept with Rashmi Verma by Love Thon

‘I Also Slept with Rashmi Verma’ by Love Thon (pen name) is a slightly erotic book about an oomph college chick named Rashmi Verma who is famous for sleeping with many guys of the college. However, when it comes to the narrator – his luck is hard. Why? Not all girls that look easily available are meant for all. The narrator though comes into her acquaintance very soon, but when it comes to have her, he fails miserably. But why? The major backdrop of the story is staged against some college campus. On one hand Rashmi is experimenting with other guys, from sturdy to romantic to bullheaded and so on. On the other hand, she presumes to be in love with the narrator, but their love does not reach bedroom, and this is causing major worry for the guy. Probably, the concurrent theme that takes over soon is about infatuation that normally happens when we are young or at college life. The book is not so lengthy, but still has thirty one short chapters. And each chapter runs like a

Book Review: The Meeting Pool by Ruskin Bond

The Meeting Pool also known as My Boyhood Pool is a short story by Ruskin Bond about boyhood days. The story starts with Rusty, the narrator, strolling on a road, it is about to rain, and then suddenly he hears the sound of water running, like in a stream, behind a dark line of forest. He goes there and finds a stream coming down from the mountains and lying over a shingle. He takes it as an easy-to-hang-out pool. So much excited, he goes running to break the news to his close friends – Anil and Kamal. They all go to school and often seek places to sit alone and do a lot of fun. They don’t prefer to be in crowded bazaars. For them that pool is a place of ballast – they name it as Rusty’s Pool . They often meet and have fun in swimming. Other than that they try hard to catch fish but to no avail. One day Anil explodes the one rocky side with the gunpowder, as a result he gets trapped in the explosion; thank god he is saved by Rusty and Kamal. One day they plan to build a dam o

Book Review: Neverfound Land by Durriya Kapasi

Generally, fantasy fiction novels are by product of total imagination, there you will be in different landscapes with strange set of people and other creatures like monsters and dragons and so on. However, it is rare to see a fantasy novel mixing up other land and earth’s setting into one to present a captivating backdrop. Well, Durriya has done this miracle second time, with her novel Neverfound Land. This novel is a proper sequel to her previous novel ‘ Once Upon a Genie ’ . Well, to have proper fun off this novel, we would recommend you to go through the first one – Once Upon a Genie . And even if you missed it, no worries the author has made all possible attempts to make story linkable – as you will have a strong and informative preface, and then you will see it all through the formative years of Solomon – the protagonist of the novel. In the first novel, we saw that Daisy – a young beautiful girl – falls in love with a genie named Khalil. However, they were not des

Author Highlight: Priyanka Bhuyan Discusses her New Book ‘Kaleidoscope of Love’ and Stories from her Life

We are back with another author interview. Today, with us, we have Priyanka – the author of ‘Kaleidoscope of Love’.  In this interview, she talks about her writing aspirations, and the route to getting her book published. Stay on...while we chat with her.  What motivates you to write? Frankly speaking my mom.   I never thought I would be able to write a book let alone publish it. But my mom recognized that I had a flair for words. So from childhood she used to egg me to write for magazines, newspapers which I did. And it got considerable good response whenever it got published. Moreover I have an active imagination so I thought why not to put it into use and connect with people on a wider range. So that’s how it all began. How do you handle the response of this book, especially from your friends and colleagues? I am overwhelmed and didn’t expect that people will like it. In fact I was also ready for some brickbats in a positive stride. But people have been more than

Book Review: Kaleidoscope of Love by Priyanka Bhuyan

Kaleidoscope of Love by Priyanka Bhuyan is a love anthology. The USP of the book is that all stories deal with the various forces of love in different forms, in different circumstances. If you think that a book based on love goes like Mills and Boons, or is totally full of romance and tragedies of lovers, well then you need to rethink. Love is a versatile and omnipresent theme in this world; in fact the basis of every relation depends on aspects like love and respect and humbleness and so on. In this book, the author tried to seek all possible forms of love that exist between humans, be it a father’s love for daughter, a woman’s love for a child, love based on beauty, becoming lovelorn owing to hedonistic desires. As you read, you will get to know the points that we are trying to convey. The book is not a lengthy read, however intensity of every story is going to make you concerned towards the lead characters. Another great aspect of the book is that it is very high on cr

Book Review: Everyone Has a Story - 2 by Savi Sharma

In India, if an author becomes bestseller, well then their remaining books people pick up without giving second thought. The lineage of being hit is well-served. There is this author Savi Sharma, who shot into fame by writing casual stories like Everyone Has a Story and all, and now her latest book – Everyone Has a Story 2 is out and already hit the numbers. Well, if you talk about the story it is nothing of great value. Again, she has repeated her already used mantra – story of four people from different backgrounds coming together, with their not-so-impressive stories. The story of this novel continues from her first super hit book…yes there are four characters, very high on friendship quotient. Well, the book is more about friendship than on any other serious cause. Among all chaos, the writing style of the author is bit prosaic – we think that’s the only ballast you can get so far. See, there is nothing of substantial value that we can put up into this review. It is a s