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Book Review: Across the Black Waters by Mulk Raj Anand

A troop of Indian sepoys is sent to France to fight against Germans in WWI. In this military fiction Indian sepoys, part of the British army, are being prepared to participate in all wars that England will represent. As per religious beliefs crossing oceans is forbidden. Going by this relic, some soldiers are confused and angry while many are relishing as their dream to visit ‘Villayat’, means foreign land, has come true.        As they advance gradually for the front – they come across to many new and thrilling experiences in France. Foremost in the list is that they are able to enjoy bits of life abroad and native people and French officers aren’t treating them like poor or wretched soldiers, the way they are treated back in their country. Interestingly, except Subh a junior officer and also a son of an officer, no one knows that they are prepared to jump in the battlefield to die first hand. Lal Singh also called ‘Lalu’ by his senior soldiers is the major moving charact

Author Highlight: Ruskin Bond Discussing his Books and Stories from Life

Today, with us, we have India’s most loved writer Ruskin Bond, who has been writing fiction mainly for children over sixty years. And even today he is quite popular among children. At the age of seventeen, he penned down ‘The Room on the Roof’ novel which won him John Llewellyn Rhys Prize in 1957. Not only this, he has won many other accolades for contribution towards literature. To his name there exist over 500 stories including novels and essays and other piece of fiction. Ruskin Bond lives in Mussoorie, a hill station town in India. Every Saturday he visits the Cambridge Book Depot for two hours on the Mall Road to meet his fans and visitors. If you liked to have an author signed copy, you better go there, stand in the queue, and get it done. Now’ let’s see what interesting stories he has to tell for his fans and readers across the nation who personally cannot go there to meet him. You were born in Himachal but you chose to stay in Mussoorie. Well, any particular rea