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Book Review: Find Some Hope by Nida Fatima

Find Some Hope by Nida Fatima is short autobiographical book, kind of memoir of a young woman who traces back her life from school time to finding a caring husband and beyond. Every one’s life goes through ups and downs, well some give up, but a few determined souls fight and bounce back like a phoenix. Her story of grit and mettle inspire us and show as how one can rise up from the crutches of depression to fulfilling a meaningful existence. Right at the beginning, the author being honest about her medical condition, she draws up curtains from Bipolar disorder. The book guides readers what the Bipolar disorder is and what are its symptoms and how does it affect all spheres of life. The author carves out specific taboos and issues that run amok in our societies like ignorance of the girl child, dowry and marriage pragmatism, and most importantly a woman has to go through suffering and pain in a patriarchal dominant society. The author was good at sports, has had her own issues with men

Book Review: The Water Veil by Nikhil D. Hegde

Nikhil D. Hegde’s enchanting debut novel ‘The Water Veil’ is a literary masterpiece wrapped up in ancient mythology, ritual symbolism, and the arcane mysteries of a hidden valley with esoteric waterfalls. The story, dazzling in its prowess and stimulating narrative, traces out the protagonist Leela’s family lineage with enigmatic waterfalls in a valley, which she has almost forgotten while being busy with her life in a city. To feel that family’s hidden connection with the waterfalls that offer visions to divers, she travels from her city towards the valley in search of answers for herself. But little did she know that a chance encounter with the maze of intriguing lies and unchecked truths will nudge her rooting for her daughter’s life. For her, what starts out as a mere journey in the valley turns into a discovery of shimmering evocation. As she delves deeper in the mired myths of the valley, the author skillfully peels back layers of sweeps and ancient traditions associated with

Book Review: The Emphatic Melodies of Life by Amaysha

What struck me most about this collection is its unfiltered honesty. Amaysha fearlessly explores the tumultuous landscape of human emotions, laying bare the raw agony and beauty of life’s experiences and bittersweet nostalgic moments and memories. As the title has melodies, indeed the lyrical prose stunned me with its musical notes lurking everywhere, in each poem. The author must indeed have musical connection in her life. As music inspired her, moved her, reciprocated with her, the influence is astounding. Listening to the music, To the old lost tune, The melodies, For which my heart still yearns, And which make me take a leap.   Slightly random and abstract, yet the collection is deep and rich…the book doesn’t lend a window to the life of the poet nor it’s an introvert heart’s musings. It is way much heart-winning poetry collection.   You lit the fire, Into my darkest world, Little did you know, That its these melodies that mesmerize me…   The poet, the maste

Book Review: Triansh & the Land of Immortals by MYST

Triansh & the Land of Immortals by MYST is a light engrossing YA fantasy novel that subtly blends streaks of mythology, sci-fi, and fantasy to deliver a power-packed story of three young protagonists and their chance encounter with unconventional visitors in the snowy chilling realms of higher Himalayas. Three friends from Dehradun, have nothing much to do after their exams, thus they decide a trip to the higher part of the Himalaya in Uttarakhand. Their destination is Moksha Parvat, they begin in their car with getting patronage and support from their uncle enroute and a few local helpers for their mountaineering expedition. The guys are Aditya, Akash, and Arun. What begins as fun for them soon turns into dreadful adventure. In the night Akash loses way to the camp. When others commence a search for him, they not only risk their lives but also send shivers of fear to their helper. Anyway the story chugs ahead from light adventure to mystical convergence when they stumble upon Ma

Book Review: 3 Steps to Knowing Yourself by Arun Kumar Saxena

In a world that is filled with distractions, focus is lost and people just don’t know themselves…they are so away from self-discovery and their inner strengths and talents that in life everything looks so gobsmacked. Yet it doesn’t mean that one stop the process of identifying oneself and become stagnant in life. Rather life is all about learning and keep evolving and converging towards a fulfilling and meaningful life. In the book, ‘3 Steps to Knowing Yourself’ Arun Kumar Saxena provides simplified actionable insights on the transformative force of self-discovery and self-exploration. The greatest USP of the book is that it is free from jargons. Broadly putting, the book is categorized into three parts: Inner Compass, Fuel & Fire, and Self-discovery to Action . Every broad topic is further divided into simple subtopics for better clarity and greater insights. A close look reveals that the book is full of major take-aways, it’s not a banal book in any sense. If you read it slo

Book Review: Dance with Me by Carl David Blake

Dance with Me by Carl David Blake is a riveting novel with its strong storyline. Interspersed between two generations, it’s a testament to the law of Karma and veracity of love. Mostly set in Mumbai, the novel takes a dive in the cross-cultural and interfaith marriages in India. In early 1990s Sandeep is shot in Kashmir. He is brought to Bombay for treatment. In the hospital a young nurse named Amrita falls for him. But before the couple could decide on anything, they are divided and separated by some secret people. In the next narrative, we meet Priya and Victor. They work in an IT company. They are lovers, and fond of dance. Like Amrita and Sandeep, they also have dance common between them. It binds them. As readers already delved deep in the book, they will begin searching for Amrita and Sandeep. Don’t worry they make comeback in the end. But before that the storyline is delightfully enthralling and difference between Priya and Victor sets stage for action and drama. Victor is a f