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Author Highlight: Kochery C Shibu Discusses his Amazon Bestseller Novel 'Faith and the Beloved' and Stories from his Life

We are delighted to welcome a very promising author Kochery C Shibu for a brief Q & A session at our website about his Amazon Bestseller novel, ‘Faith and the Beloved’ .  This is a super hit novel, breaking all records, so far it has gathered over 800 ratings and reviews at Amazon and Goodreads platforms from the readers. In this Q & A session, he will be talking about his journey as an author, inclination towards crime and thriller fiction, and much more. Stay on...while we chat with him. KBR: How was writing a crime thriller different from writing some other genre books such as romance, adventure, and so on? Crime thriller is about the interlinking of time, space and people with a particular event, in this case a crime. The perception of the event as seen by various people based on the amount of information that is available to each one of them. Piecing together the puzzle as the story unfolds and keeping the readers appetite vetted. KBR: How did the idea for this nove

Book Review: Observational Spirituality by Anilson

Observational Spirituality by Anilson is a brilliant spiritual cum self-help book. As the tagline of the book says, ‘a guide to learning spirituality through observation’, but the book is not only about spirituality enhancement, rather it also emphasis on other values that one can learn from their immediate surroundings. The USP of the book is learning from Earth, Wind, Water, Sky, Fire, Moon, and so on. In total there are nine entities from that we can learn how to live a morally correct life, if not a great and successful life. From Earth, one can learn to provide support to others without asking anything in return, one can also learn to be committed while doing their chores and duties. From the Wind, one can learn to be remaining neutral in emotions, and Sky teaches us to be limitless and how to handle adverse and happy situations. Likewise, there are some more entities through them one can learn the valuable lessons for leading a peaceful life. Towards the end, the author has t

Book Review: The Chimera Retribution by Abhinav Singh

Abhinav Singh is a very promising author when it comes to writing dystopian and thriller novels. His previous novel, The Last Attractor of Chaos , was one of the best thriller novels of the year 2018. His latest novel ‘The Chimera Retribution’ is as riveting as his previous novel. Those who have read him earlier might be familiar with his writing style where he mostly put woman as a protagonist and some government institutions pose as antagonistic forces in the backdrop. This novel builds stories from different places and timelines and then cross each other. This novel opens when the Twin Towers in the USA were going down in 9/11 attacks. Soon after that the story is transported to India, where we see a team of some people in Aurangabad’s Ellora caves digging for some truth beyond the common apprehension of a common man. As the novel chugs ahead, we keep meeting new characters. Well, the protagonist is a young girl named Vishakha. She is in the team at Aurangabad, with a doctor. T

Book Review: WHAT AM I?: An Existential Conundrum by Anusha Krishnaswamy

Is our own existence in the universe a puzzle? May be! Well, not many think about finding roots that alter or modify our existence in the world. People give a thought and forget it the next moment. It takes courage and a lot of research to dig deeper about ‘identity lineage’. What Am I? : An Existential Conundrum is a riveting philosophy book. The author has penned it down owing to her own thought process and the deep research she carried out about male and female energy and much more. A close look reveals that the book is segmented into some important topics that directly or indirectly affect the identity search process of any human being. Let’s not disclose each topic, but there are some poignant ones like Yin Yang theory, insights on dualism, parenting and children grooming, God, demons, Gate of Destruction , conscience and much more. Initially as the book opens, the author talks about perceived identity. It means the things and aspects we see in others and based on that we fo

Book Review: The Ship by Ruchita Mathur

The Ship by Ruchita Mathur is an interesting novella for children and young readers. The story is about a crew of the ship called SPEEDY. You would be surprised to know that it is no-human being story, rather all about animals and their conflicts. To understand it better, you need to get familiar with its characters or crew members of the ship, they are: LEGA, spider – she is the captain of the ship. TABA, a spider – later he becomes the husband of LEGA spider YAGA is a bear TIMBLE is a penguin CHIKA, a rabbit – cook on the ship BOBA, a wolf ALAK, a chipmunk OLLY, an owl The ship is sailing from Burma to India, carrying a cargo of teakwood. As their journey commences, a bundle of adventure and action unfolds. In the book there are around 12 chapters and each chapter promises a new adventure and thrill. Kids that love adventure and treasure hunt like stories will definitely find this book a treat to read. Soon after the voyage begins, they are accosted by pirates . T

Book Review: Dawn in Florence by Nayana Phukan

Dawn in Florence is a clean and uncluttered romance novel by Nayana Phukan. Unlike other type of romance novels where mostly characters are young and unmarried, this novel captures the love feelings of two people who are not only married but also have children. This is a story of Leena Shenoy, a single parent with two kids residing in Mumbai. By profession she is a civil engineer and works in an architecture company. Her life in Mumbai is just another banal story . After a divorce from her husband Ranveer, she is entangled mostly into two things – work at office, and kids at home. In a sense, she is leading a cold and vapid life. Isn’t life a boring affair without any tinge of excitement? Despite all odds, Leena is a great mother. She works hard for her kids. She wants to resurrect herself with finances. As the year 2018 was about to end, she gets an onsite job opportunity for six months in Florence, Italy. She hesitates and doesn’t like the idea of going away from the kids for six

Book Review: The Art and Science of Real Wealth by Bollachettira Dhyan Appachu

This is my second book from the author Dhyan Appachu; previously I read his debut work of non-fiction which was based on Arya Dharma i.e. the Noble Dharma. The previous one was a lengthy book. I remember taking time making notes and understanding the concepts like Ram Rajya and FUKUS system. Well, this book is short read, around 160 pages. It also revises the first book, not whole, but some concepts from that, mainly related to wealth and prosperity and peaceful living. ‘The Art and Science of Real Wealth’ is segmented into two parts, first the author shares his wisdom and experience from speculation and investing in the stock market. He was into that market for 26 years. Second section is about real wealth – what is real wealth, other than money and assets. The combination is great for anyone who has been lost and failed in making money by investments and speculations and equity and much more. The first section of the book is mainly built around three core aspects. First is the

Book Review: Tanakpur: Reminiscence of a Soldier by Dr. Capt. J. Prasad

There is something charming about memoirs and biographies based on army or a soldier’s life. I am always fascinated by the diversity and the adventure that runs in the backdrop like banter. No matter what the protagonists do or where they go, action and diversity never leaves them. So, I had all the reasons to pick up this book by Dr. Capt. J. Prasad. It’s a story of a young man, especially covering the timeline when he served the Indian army from 1963 to 1969. The narrator was from Bihar. He joined the Armed Medical Force, as a medical officer from Lucknow. So as you get into the book, you will get to know the insights from his personal lives, his family members, his marriage story and more. The narrator was a medical student, he wanted to pursue a higher degree in the USA; however that time due to war with China there was shortage of medical staff in the army. Hence, owing to his great love for nation and motherland, he joined the army. His first posting was in Tanakpur, he worke

Book Review: Afsaane – A Collection of Short Stories by Ameya Bondre

Afsaane by Ameya Bondre is a riveting collection of 11 short stories. Each story has an aura of freshness while dealing with the life’s most common themes like love, lust, relationship, betrayal, social taboos, family melancholy, and so on. The great thing about this collection is that nothing sounds set in a premeditated environment. The stories are with proper climax and hold a sense of intensity and unpredictability till the last line. Thus, for sure that most of the time readers must have felt as they are going through a novella. In the beginning, stories are more focused about relationship status, unspoken distance, mutual understanding gone sour, family caretaking, divorce situation, and so on. As the collection chugs ahead, different shades of life is being portrayed finely and precisely. But most of the stories about love are silent in their stance, for instance that one where the guy presents a handwritten diary of musical notes to her lover on the occasion of her wedding.