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Book Review: Future Relevant Me 2.0 by Dr. Rajiv Dalmia

Future Relevant Me 2.0 by Dr. Rajiv Dalmia is a short engaging book on self-improvement and self-development. The USP of the book is that it combines experiences from the author’s life along with teachings taken from Hinduism, Sanathan Dharma, Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Bhagwad Gita. Narrated in Socratic teacher-student way, this book is not only handy but also equips its readers with run-away secrets of leading a good and purposeful life. If you decode the title of the book, it clearly suggests that one should be engaged in skills and updates that prepare one for future because uncertainties and opportunities knock without forewarnings. If you squeeze out the essence of the book, it is based on Success Mantra. The author has built a rudimentary scaffold of how to get success in various walks of life at all junctures such as student, friend, sibling, parents, employee, and so on. The special coverage on Startup/Entrepreneur is vital for startup ecosystem. “Top ten reasons why start

Book Review: Indian Puranic Plays by P. Thulasimani

The length and the breadth of Hindu Holy scriptures including all Puranas, including Ramayana and Mahabharata, is extensive. Many of us must have read and experienced storytelling from the epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata. However, there are myriad of stories and dramas that emanate from within them. Nowadays an era of mythological retellings brings forward unheard stories from different point of views such as from Kakeyi, Mandodari, Karn, Draupadi, Kansa, Viswamitra, and so on. It all indicates that Indian mythology, Puranas, Itihaas is never short of literature for life teachings and entertainment. Based on similar scaffold, there is this book – Indian Puranic Plays by P. Thulasimani. It is a book of four dramas, taken from Tamil literature, originally written by the legendary Sambandham Mudaliar, the Doyen of Tamil Dramas. These dramas are from both: Ramayana and Mahabharata. The book commences with Yayati – the King. In this drama, one of the focuses is social discrimination w

Book Review – LBW: Love by World Cup by Vinay Dhamnani

LBW by Vinay is a fascinating dramatic thriller novel, totally backdropped against the cricket ambience of India. The novel narrates the tale of Alok Kumar who is chosen to play in the Indian team in a world cup. All the events and episodes that nudge the storyline ahead are contemporary and have a sense of pragmatism. You will be surprised to find secrets, unheard insights, and internal politics that this novel divulges because cricket in India is often revered with love and hope. Ego clashes, betrayal, and politics are some of the stand-out themes that this novel deals with while taking a sneak peak in the dressing room of our cricketers. The novel is interesting all the more because of its intriguing characters that are ambitious and have lust for success and money and love. Cricket is a glorious career – not all cricketers representing the national side can take it with an equal élan. The story shuttles between India playing the world cup, Sheena’s student life at IIM Bangalore

Book Review: My Name is Cinnamon by Vikas Prakash Joshi

My Name is Cinnamon by Vikas Prakash Joshi is a riveting novel about a teenage boy who longs to find out his biological parents. Rooted in a sublime beautiful city Pune the novel features Roshan Paranjape aka Cinnamon as its protagonist. How does Roshan gets Cinnamon nickname has an interesting anecdote to it. However, in school his classmates and students call him Lambu. To it he feels uncomfortable as his Maa and Baba are short. Right since the beginning, Cinnamon questions his parents about his existence and biological roots. Soon it is revealed that he is adopted. But the beauty is that neither the parents nor the boy cause melancholic drama about it. Adoption is seen as a great human gesture in the book, and with time it has been acknowledged by all characters. Another interesting aspect of the novel is its cultural tour, be it Kolkata, Ratnapur, or Pune with its charming hustle-bustle – the novel looks replete in this aspect; nothing sounds shallow or hurried up. If you have ev

Book Review: Agent SHARP by Bakchod Writer

Agent SHARP by Bakchod Writer (pen name) is a layered sci-fi thriller with elements of crime noir that explores themes of abuse of power and science, racism, terrorism, personal loss, border disputes fueled by political motives and so on. Set in a new world, new galaxy, in a far-away timeline of the year 20,018. Unlike many sci-fi novels that are either set in a totally dystopian setting or in alien worlds, this novel will keep you hooked thinking it’s grappling the issues that are as common as today. The narrative follows the story of mainly three characters that are connected by dots of mystery, passion, need, and patriotism for their country Intauro. To make the things clear, the author right at the beginning provided an outline of the map with briefs of the cities where the major action of the story could take place. The fate of these three people i.e. Dr Zeerat, Kyani, and Saros converge in the plotline which ultimately examine humankind’s place in the cosmos and its ability t

Book Review: The Melody Lies in Between by By Meee

The Melody Lies in Between is a subliminal collection of around 35 poems, written by a genderless poet By Meee. The poet is quite famous on Instagram for its short poems, lyrical quotes, and liners that nudge audience for brooding and cogitation. A close look in its work, be it this book or the content on Instagram, reveals that the words of its work appeal mostly to introverts or people of few words. Not necessary that every word and line and picture scream, sometimes a message is conveyed silently. This poetry collection possibly captures the pulse of a restless mind and heart, possibly of a writer or an artist. Much focus has been given on the resilient powers of words. The poet is caught in the fetters of existential crises, he/she longs to break free from it and the best profound way they have chosen is through contemporary poetry. Each poem is like a cathartic experience in itself, and every set of poems is first introduced by a short snippet, as listed below. “Who you ar

Book Review – Windows into India: Stories from the Subcontinent by Arindam Chakraborty

Windows into India makes up an easy-to-read engrossing collection of ten short stories. First story, ‘Ramu’ highlights the pain of a family caught in the fire of partition. It takes readers to the painful era of the country i.e. 1947. Though people were forced to flee and resettle at new places they always longed for their family and friends left behind. The story Ramu reminds innocence in friendship. When he boarded the train to leave East Pakistan (Bangladesh), his friend Ahmed surprises him at the railway station with a token of love. ‘Ramu’ is a distinct historical fictional story, remaining nine are contemporary, backdropped against the modern cities of India like Pune where IT people congregate. IT is not only an industry but also a world of people with their peculiar nuisances, joys, challenges, and emotions. Many of the stories in the collection have the ambience of the IT companies, mainly because of the author’s professional backdrop. Leave Application explores the bottl