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Book Review: Mrignayani Ka Shaap by Kundan Kumar

Mrignayani Ka Shaap by Kundan Kumar is a riveting collection of nine short stories spanning across various crime noir genres. From folklore to archeological discoveries to family lineage to ulterior motives and revenge to cold-blooded murder for greed – the book fulfils these aspirations of discerning readers. All stories mostly set in North and Central India leave an indelible charm as one chugs ahead. The book turns out to be a terrific page turner. The author has maintained elements of thrill and suspense, another good point is that none of the story is self-managing and closing. Most of them are investigated and solved by police cops. Crime patterns and motives keep this book stand tall from other mediocre thrillers, it is in Hindi, but its essence flourishes like as someone is reading international authors like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie. Author Kundan Kumar leveraged the local customs, people, and traditions to spin tales in tumultuous and riveting ways. In stor

Book Review: Fearless Sia and the Mystery of the Spooky Mansion by Saurabh Akhauri

Fearless Sia and the Mystery of the Spooky Mansion by Saurabh Akhauri is a differently pitched innovative book for children and young readers. The story is narrated using a new writing concept: Write-Along Stories. Under this concept, readers have the chance to co-author the book in snatches. However, the major control of the book lies with its original author, yet readers can contribute the story from some arteries to make it interesting or dull. It all depends upon their creative and imagination skills. Another great aspect of the book is its illustrations – it also qualifies as an apparent picture book. The level of interaction and engagement is too high. Such books augment children’s readings habits to a great level. So, how do the book and its story advances? The book features Sia Havmore as a lead character, Marco – the magician is the second lead but he is an antagonist. The story is placed in a sleepy town Oldsville. Sia and her friends go to Summer Carnival on Devil’s Thum

Book Review: The Beautiful Dynamic: When Dharma Guides by Shivank Goswami

The Beautiful Dynamic: When Dharma Guides by Shivank Goswami is a short book on moral and spiritual integrity emanating from Hinduism. The author takes a concerning stance on the significance of Hindu warfare and Vedanta while protecting the interest of people under a ruler or king. He guides us through a story of a true leader who saves his people (Praja) from the cruel atrocities of the British rule. The book while narrating a fictional yet inspiring tale of leadership, courage, bravery that follows the path of Hindu Warfare ideology, also offers commentary on modern ways of living of our country. It is heartfelt that much has been changed in the guise of sophistication. People are forgetting what is written in their Vedas and Hindu scriptures, rather they are oriented by their aspirations of fulfilling their dreams and desires. For instance, in snatches, the author poured his point of view on how today we treat horses, while in ancient times they were taken care and were almost wo

Book Review: The Ananda Diaries by Arun Menon

Those who have been living in cosmopolitan and metropolitan cities must be aware of RWA (Residential Welfare Associations). It is often found in well-maintained societies and gated communities. Wherever the housing society has an organized structure, RWA plays its role as a regulatory body. Renters, tenant, and house owners pay some basic monthly amount towards the facilities of the society or the building handled by RWA. It is a good policing structure. However, sometimes news break that RWA harass people for no valid reasons. Now it is not a secret that RWAs are dishonest, driven by greed, they act like neo-fascist, hold authority over critical issues without much hesitation. In short, they have turned oppressive and tyrannical. ‘The Ananda Diaries’ is based on similar lines. The author has been a victim of RWAs dishonest policies and behaviours. Right at the book, he narrates that RWA cut off his electricity connection even though he paid the amount to them. Next, he was obstructe

Book Review: Blues by Dhruva Nalla

Blues by Dhruva Nalla is a contemporary romance novel that brings out both sides of love: happiness and sadness. In fact, the title ‘Blues’ mean someone living in a state of melancholy. Thus, it resonates with the overall story. Did you ever given a thought to people who get heartbreaks or untimely tragic separation in love? It’s never easy to forget or let go someone if you have ever truly loved? Based on a similar scaffold, the novel features Rahul and Sneha. From Hyderabad, they both are school-time friends and like each other. While on a family vacation to North India, Sneha and Rahul come close and have got feeling of love for each other. Sneha is an outgoing chirpy girl, while Rahul is reserved and has anxiety disorders. Maybe he over thinks a lot and hallucinate events imaginary. In short, their mental conditions differ. Sneha proposes Rahul during the tour. He gets perplexed, thinks about inter-caste marriage–doubtfully he rejects her proposal. But that is not the end of the

Book Review – The Six Musketeers: Paris by Mughda Aggarwal

The Six Musketeers: Paris by Mughda Aggarwal is an engrossing children’s book published on Bribooks platform. It is a short colourful novella with pictures. The storyline of the book brims with adventure, action, mystery, agents, and detectives. The Six Musketeers refer to six teenager friends. The novella features Emma and Lily in lead characters. As the story commences, Emma grows curious about his brother Alex’s secret activities in his room. She overhears him being going to Paris. As Emma insists, Alex and Lily take her along with them. When they reach Paris, Mr. Quinn tells them about a secret mission and it can be done by children only. There the team of teenage agents grows. They meet Jamie, Jordon, and Melody. Teams are formed. They live and get training together. That part of being together for training and mission is funnily captured, it shows no matter where ever young hearts dwell, they never make it boring. Their excitement to deliver the mission perfectly was palpable

Book Review: Vismriti by Naina Kaur

Naina Kaur’s debut novel, ‘Vismriti – the Art of Forgetting’ is contrasting and ironical in its core essence. Memories and forgetfulness shape up our life and its course, what we want to reminisce and what we want to forget is always a tussle in the mind. Vismriti is a Hindi word, meaning fail to remember or trying to forget something unpleasant event or experience. The novel pulls a chord from two sides, one is memorizing and the other one is trying to forget, to shut it down from the cask of subconscious. Nobody is either inept or innate with the mechanism of memories! There are some experiences that we never want to forget, and a few could be so untoward that you not only want to forget but also erase them. At the helm of the story are more than a few characters, including the auxiliary ones. Ira is the protagonist. She is living a happy life with her daughter Myra, in Mumbai. However, her past haunts her. Now it is calling her. She hates her mother, wishes not to see her anytim

Book Review – Unemployable: How I Hired Myself by Alysia Silberg

Unemployable: How I Hired Myself by Alysia Silberg is a riveting memoir of a successful entrepreneur who started from the street selling of South Africa and went on to become a successful venture capitalist in the USA. It is a work of non-fiction; the lead character is none other than the author – Alysia Silber. The book is poignant in depicting her struggle against difficulties and obstacles. Right since childhood, as her father would say that she holds terrific sales power. The book starts quite dramatically. Alysia takes us through insecurities of Johannesburg where carjacking and plundering and shooting were as rampant as in any part of Africa. Her childhood days in South Africa were marred by the voice of Apartheid. All the more, her father passed away without settling the family. Her mother had abusive tendencies, she burdened Alysia with the responsibility of the family – only she could take it ahead, in the light, as Moses did for Jews thousands of years back. Somewhat this r

Book Review: New in Your Aspiration by Pravin Sankhwar

New in Your Aspiration is the second poetry collection by Pravin Sankhwar. This book offers 10 mesmerizing poems inspired by nature and makes us believe that the poet continues his life after done with the initial rites of passage of life. Before each poem, the poet introduces its essence in a snippet, and then follows strings of poetic words to cast a spell of charm in our hearts. Pravin, even in his second book, didn’t stop impressing readers with the brilliance of roping of words and fine tuning it into a tempo of poetry. The first poem ‘As Much She Imagines’ lays emphasis on children of malleable hearts and tiny shape that sway with the ways of nature. They have inept curiosity to know from nature, while grown up matured people ignore nature as it never exists for them. “Fledgling minds aim to seek answers from, Chirping birds and trembling trees. Grown-ups wonder if they could ever question.” The next poem is inspired by the poet’s grandparents; they taught him the life

Book Review: Vision is Deep High Illusion by Pravin Sankhwar

Vision is Deep High Illusion by Pravin Sankhwar is a wonderful collection of 50 poems. A poem on each page, the collection is segmented in more than a few parts, depicting stages of life that the author went through. Pravin makes his presence felt through this book of beautiful poems. The poems are short read, spiraled off his life. Somewhere in the book it is mentioned that he considered his journey in the world of hedonism, achievements, goals, love life, friendship and profession at 17. The poems are thematic in nature, as he covers range from ‘Beginning’ to ‘Love’ to ‘Forgiveness’ and much in between. The biggest section is Love, where the poet takes creative liberty to highlight his love with his ambitions, the girl he liked, his engineering profession and so on. If you decode the title, you will find out that the poet lays emphasis on living the present moments of life, as he knows that one aims to achieve something, that is in real is a vision, which is nothing more than an il