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Book Review: Israel is the Messiah by Daniel Paul K

Israel is the Messiah by Daniel Paul K is a thought-provoking book about Jews position in the world. The premise of the book is long and it shuttles between many timelines to support its scaffold and theories. The book may, initially, sound like a work of research. However, a close look reveals that it is rather a work of theology with many reinstated beliefs. This is one book I think people will have difficulty embracing, especially Christians and some Jewish mass. The author must have done research on various religious books so as to align the facts with them. Just the first look is enough that the book is about a religious proposition. As said above, the book is about Jews. The author has supported them – for that he dredged up many insights and facts from history. Broadly, the book says that God always sent warning to Jews before destruction or curse fell upon them. The book has roots in the Messianic era. For those who are naïve with Judaism or ways of Jews, may find this book

Book Review: Zindagi Benakaab by S.P. Bharill

Zindagi Benakaab is a Hindi title written by S.P. Bharill. This is a self-help book that lifts the blinds from the intriguing and complex thought process. Thinking, opinion, tenacity – are different names of our thought pattern. And the universal fact is that what we think that we become. So, this book delves deep into those circumstances that are result of our thinking pattern. Being an underlying self-help book, this is more about recognizing the bad actors in our thinking pattern than in the behavior. What’s in the book? The book broadly discusses four issues via four chapters. These are: (1) What people think about me and how can I take control of myself (2) Obsessed about getting respect, with ego factor (3) Why me…every time? Is I am so unlucky all the time?   (4) Attachment and happiness with hedonistic factor Published by Manjul and running up to 160 pages, this is one book that will solve a big problem of Hindi readers who often think that best of the self-help or

Book Review: The Lost Woman of Santacruz by Vijay Medtia

Vijay Medtia is a very promising crime thriller author from India. His previous novel ‘The Missing Husband’ was a masterpiece. Once again he didn’t fail to impress all his fans and readers with his new novel ‘The Lost Woman of Santacruz.’ This is the first book in the Police Inspector Ajay Shaktawat series. The novel is truly a page turner and terrific with its intensity and overall storyline. The novel opens up with a murder scene…one retired deputy chief of police Chandra is found murdered at his place with an injured man who later on succumbed to his injuries. Inspector Ajay Shaktawat gets the case. For long time, he remains clueless despite trying hard. Then like a brilliant piece of crime thriller, Ajay gets into the history of DCP Chandra. He gets a few leads like DCP Chandra was involved into a gold smuggling racket and having an affair with a woman. As the title says, the novel holds key secrets through its female characters. It is Vijay’s way of writing that he involves wo

Book Review: The Postwoman and Other Stories by Priyadarshini

The Postwoman and Other Stories by Priyadarshini is a captivating book of 8 short stories for children. Often children's books are pictorial, engaging, and full of messages. Similarly, this book is also high on all these aspects. In fact, the author has maintained a sensible balance of pictures and content throughout the book. Before every chapter, there is a picture and quote that gives hint about the upcoming story. Inside the story, on every page, the author has put two pictures to make the book look engaging and captivating. The title story ‘The Postwoman’ is about a small girl who impatiently waits for a letter from the hills, from a friend, on a rainy day. The letter is special. Why? Will she get the letter? This story also depicts the sagacity of moral responsibility towards a particular job. It simply shows that the job of a postwoman is not a cake walk. She had to cross a few hurdles to deliver the letters while being compassionate towards others. Story about Son Pap

Book Review: Pearls of Poesy by Dr. Samir Kumar Hui

‘Pearls of Poesy’ is a sublime yet pragmatic collection of poems written by by Dr. Samir Kumar Hui. The book offers up to 100 poems, the collection is not a brand of common thematic prose, rather it sheds light on many societal stigma and other issues. A close look reveals that the poet is not critical of everything, instead through his delicate and purposeful poems, he raises his voice and shows that he cares for the people bereaved of love, discordant section of the society, poor, suppressed and distraught. And above all, his creativity streak in the poems appeals for a peaceful livable world, free from riots and wars and prejudices. Dr. Samir is successful in weaving a tapestry of emotional outburst, inner flame, and unbridled longings. There are poems on illusion, loneliness, vagaries of life and many common aspects but readers will mainly identify with the themes like peace, humankind, compassion, freedom and so on. The opening poem ‘A Terrible Morning’ is an ironical piece of

Book Review: The Secrets of Inspired Living by Amit Ghildiyal

The Secrets of Inspired Living by Amit Ghildiyal is a brilliant self-help book. Running around 140 pages with short and easy-to-read 20 chapters, this book is indeed has the substance to transform any ordinary life into extraordinary one. In our life, a time comes when we either feel stagnant or demotivated despite putting best efforts, at this time proper guidance and mentoring can transform our lives. This book is one such classic cult that has the power to bring that essential transformation. Amit has taken care of not to confuse the readers, the book is well segmented and it comes to readers easily, layer by layer. The book opens with the chapter ‘Creating your Destiny’. It talks about what it all goes into creating our destiny. It is not by a chance; rather one has to pull it. Success is not Overnight – provides very insightful coverage on success equation. After the end of every chapter, the book puts it own summary cum commentary, such as: Inspired living says that when undy

Book Review: Endearing Species by Ramu Upadhaya

“Better to Die than a Coward” was a popular saying among the Gorkha soldiers who served the British for over 200 years. First they were with the East India Company, then with the British Army, and now with the Indian Army. The term Gorkha emanates from Nepal. However, as much as Nepalese, they are also a vital part of India for more than many centuries. Courageous, good fighters, soldiers, honesty and integrity are some of the virtues that epitomize Gorkha. There have been many books on the life of Gorkha soldiers, but hardly any good book to understand their stance in India. Well, the book Endearing Species by Ramu Upadhaya is a highly relevant book on understanding the position and culture and social chores of Gorkhas living in the North Eastern part of India. The book is set amidst the sublime backdrop of Assam, where much population of Gorkha has settled gradually over a period of time. This book explores their settlement i.e. mainly after the independence. Running up to 260 pag

Book Review: Arihant Resurrected by Shubhan Balvally

Arihant Resurrected by Shubhan Balvally is a second novel in the Arihant series. Those who have read the earlier part Arihant: Revenge at Par Excellence will have a soothing experience with this part. As you begin reading, you may come across a familiar feeling of ‘I-know-this-guy.’ However, the premise of this novel is way vast and detailed unlike the first part which was too fast and short. In the first part, we saw that Professor Satish Ramanna was chased and murdered by Madan Kalra men. They wanted to seize his next invention. And then the saga of revenge commences by someone too magical to believe. There was a lot of suspension about that magical figure. Here, in this part, it is open that one robot that many believed as Arihant is at the centre of the story. This novel focuses more on a new breed of patriots. Now the revolution is not just at a lab, it is gaining momentum. Good and powerful people are picking up the sides. As the novel opens up, we are reminded of 26/11 Mumbai

Book Review: Understanding Tomas Gosta Transtromer by Baiju Krishnan

Understanding Tomas Gosta Transtromer is a short research book for literature students mainly. This is written by Baiju Krishnan, who is currently pursuing a Ph.D in English from Dravidian University, Kuppam, India. Tomas Gosta Transtromer was a Swedish poet. He had won Nobel Prize for literature in 2011. The book is short yet informative and provides a flitting glance on the work of the poet. Other than introduction and preface, it includes three chapters that provide most of the information about Tomas Gosta Transtromer. Chapter one deals with introduction about Tomas Gosta Transtromer. It discusses his life events and birth and early phases of life. The second chapter is slightly long and delves deep in his work. It discusses the critical journey through the works of Nobel Laureate Tomas Gosta Transtromer. The third chapter shares bits of knowledge and mystical understanding. In the end, many professors praised this book for its approach and wealth of knowledge it contains.  

Book Review: Bad Boy Bloggers: Four Stories of Technology Disruptors by Anuj Tikku

Anuj Tikku, a Bollywood actor turned writer, is always into the headlines for writing head-turning books. Recently, he came up with Bad Boy Bloggers: Four Stories of Technology Disruptors. This is a short book, more of a research material than a non-fiction. Well, in its essence it is about 4 bloggers. Three bloggers are from abroad, while Tikku has mentioned himself as the 4 th blogger. The insight of the book tells that in some or other way these bloggers have disrupted the conventional way of living or perspectives of life. Other than Anuj, in the book, these three bloggers are Julian Assange from Australia, Alexi Navalny from Russia, and Mark Manson from America. Julian Assange runs WikiLeaks, he shows videos and other stuff that puts any government in an embarrassed state. Similarly, Alexi Navalnny is against the Russian government, he is also banned from his country. And the third one is Mark Mansion, who wrote the book ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck’. Clearly, these

Book Review: T is for 2020 + 1 by Trishangni Sharma

The year 2020 was a quite a queer year for the entire human race. Right since its beginning the signs of Covid pandemic begin scratching the lines that could change the world where we live in. It was a tough year, many lost lives, some lost loved ones, and people also lost time and money, even hope. Social distancing and lockdown and so on forced people for a solitude that not only harrowed their souls but also turned them gloomy about their future. However, the race of poets didn’t give up. They utilized their solitude into something hopeful poetry. As the pandemic racing against time, I have been getting to see a lot of books that were written during the lockdown and try raising hope for all human beings. On discussion today is T is for 2020 + 1 by Trishangni Sharma. How did this book came into existence? Well its tagline says it all – the solitude of 2020 turned into poetry . A ravishing book of 365 poetry, prose, free lines, and verses and everything that the author could pen d

Book Review: The Greatest Game by Greg Rajaram

The Greatest Game by Greg Rajaram is a different-level novel with multi characters and point of views. The novel starts something as primitive historical, later on treads the path of philosophy. The book is divided into two parts. Undoubtedly, the first part is riveting and promises a great story. However, a close look reveals that it tries transporting readers to that time of Adam and Eve or more specifically to the roots of human race. There we have Devi and Shivaji. Devi is fascinated by the tree where a silver apple hangs. It tempts her. She can have all the knowledge and walk around the earth. Shivaji knows the trick. He warns her to stay away but as it was done in the human race history, Devi gets the silver apple. Subsequently, the ‘price game’ starts. For everything, humans need to pay the price, be it knowledge or intelligence. Later on, their sons divide and go on forming the kingdoms. The story in the part one forms the roots of the book. It ascends a lineage of human beha

Book Review: Murdrum by Dr. Sohil Makwana

Murdrum by Dr. Sohil Makwana is a fascinating crime thriller with blending of murder mystery, bio punk, forensic thriller and a few more subgenres. The novel is written by a doctor, thus, he has leveraged his medical knowledge and other expertise to make the novel really captivating and moving. At the story, we see that Komal tries hard to get into CBI. But as luck turns around, she majorly works in a forensic lab and plays around data of DNA and all. There is a serial killer out on the lose, probably no one has seen it. Also to maintain a right sense of suspense, the author referred that person as Mysterious Hoodie. The killer targets pregnant women. But why? One needs to pick up the book for internal details. Komal has a hunch about the killer, she tries to make it acquaint with her seniors in the CBI, but all in vain as she is just an intern for them. How will she then chase the killer? Will her study of forensic and DNA reporting help her grabbing the killer. Other than Komal a

Book Review: Words of the Heart by Bhagyashri Kuber Patrikar

Words of the Heart by Bhagyashri Kuber Patrikar is a riveting collection of quotes, poems, and prose. All combined into one book, this book is something that came straight out of the author’s heart. As in the beginning, it is given that the author has been writing since her college days, and this book is the compilation of some of her work. Overall, there are 36 pieces of literature. The USP of the book is that it is written in three languages: English, Hindi, and Marathi. Just some 40 pages, this book is a great content which people can share on their social media profiles for better interaction with the audience. As the title suggests ‘Words of the Heart,’ it is evident that someone has written words that came into her heart at various circumstances or at life events. The book mainly inspires readers to live a mega life over mediocrity. In some of the prose, the author showered love and respect for her immediate family members like child, father, or husband. The book starts with

Book Review: Next Level Global Career Skills by Shantanu Mohanty

Next Level Global Career Skills by Shantanu Mohanty is another good book from the industry leader. His previous book, College to Cubicle is a great book for students to build the corporate ladder. However, this time, he has written this book for the corporate people. In the corporate world, not everyone gets to see the growth one wishes or anticipates. The book asserts that people lag behind because of two basic reasons: will and skill issue. Spending time in any company doesn’t increase remuneration or promotion rank, one needs to be aptly skilled to make name in the corporate world. But most of the people also lag behind because they could not find a proper mentor or guidance initially. Well, this book is hot from someone who knows the length and breadth of the corporate landscape. Coming to the book, it is full of insights and knowledge. However, given this, the book demands attention and time, one should not flit the pages for proper guidance. Once you read the book, you will f

Book Review: The Crooning Wishes by Sailee Tiwari

The Crooning Wishes by Sailee Tiwari is a wonderful book of 20 sublime poetry and prose. The book is short and crisp, easy to read and can soothe one’s seething mind. Before every poem or prose start, there is a picture that tells about it. In this book, the author has put her queer wishes, vivid imaginations, and dreams. The book talks about some other different world, eulogizes, epiphany, surrealism, and much more. The book opens with ‘That World’ – a sort of poem that portrays a world which is free from sadness, there nature is abundant, and one can live a good life, free from prejudices and suppression. The rich description of nature in this free-verse poem is captivating. Likewise, there are poems on memories, childhood, street child, and most importantly on women power. For instance, the poem Mother is a great one that shows how a mother never tires when it comes to support her kids emotionally. The backdrop painted in this poem is indeed thought evoking. Poems raw on feminis

Book Review: Escape to the Galaxies by Vidyasagar Mundroy

Escape to the Galaxies by Vidyasagar Mundroy is an exciting science fiction set in the universe. Of all the science fiction set in the post-apocalyptic worlds, this seems to have exceeded all imagination. This novel’s story is totally into future, in a universe where people travel or migrate to different galaxies and planets as today we travel to cities of one country. It is a lengthy novel with much focus on Mars and other exoplanets where most of the population has come from earth. In the story, earth is there but like a silent banter in the backdrop. The storyline is fragmented because of various backdrops, the author is right in that sense one cannot capture universe as one setting in a single novel. Right at the beginning, there is a long list of dates and events that took place once earth fell to the bad karmas of human beings. And in the end, the author has presented jargons or terms that are widely used in the novel such as ESS1, name of various spaceships like BMSL – 840, Ma

Book Review: Sight of Vision by Ramu Upadhaya

Sight of Vision by Ramu Upadhaya is a different level book that excitingly mixes fiction and philosophy into one. The book reads like a fiction, as it uses allegories to deliver the perfect message about real-life issues pertaining to marriage, love, friendship and a gamut of relationships. In some sense, the book mirrors the mechanism of our society i.e. how it searches relations, how it maintains and manages and much more. To make the content interesting and relatable, the author pens down his observation and information and concern through characters like Ronal, Miley, Ben, and many more. Yes, the book has many auxiliary characters that support the main ones. The main story starts with Ronal searching bride for marriage and it goes on to a lengthy rite of passage on life. The chapter ‘Bride Comb’ is highly entertaining and philosophical, it sheds light on as what all parameters people consider while searching for bride, such as family property, Indianism, or western affluence, s

Book Review: The Return by Suresh Thripunithura

The Return by Suresh Thripunithura is a collection of 16 pictorial poems on a gamut of themes that involve nostalgia, sentiments, nature, flowers, mountains, and so on. All the poems are lucid and simple to read and understand, in fact the collection is too short, one can read the book twice in one hour. The collection commences with a very beautiful yet deeply rooted poem named ‘The Return’. The poem shares some beliefs about someone who returns to fulfill some of the incomplete promises or to catch up things that could not take place earlier. An astounding poem on human sentiments and nostalgia! It is these two raw emotions that pull back us from far off land to our hometowns or villages. There is also a good poem that supports the crows – they are god's creations, not bad omen sent by devils. Even other poems are riveting and holds underlying message for readers. Since Suresh is a nature lover, thus finding his work without nature and flowers is like a soul bereaved of lov

Book Review: The Floral Quotes by Suresh Thripunithura

The Floral Quotes by Suresh Thripunithura offers over 30 short pieces of poems and prose, in this book the author has closely examined the relationship of humans with nature. Well, this book is short and crisp to read. One can read it effectively, without losing patience, and can use the content for self-refreshment from time to time. The book deals with themes like life, love, death and some more unspoken things. Since this is a pictorial book, nature is evident from images to content. The tone of the poems in this book is slightly off the juice, they are rather dark as there are poems on enigma of death and startling nature of life. The expanse of the book is scintillating yet far-reaching and it certainly enhances our limited vista and beliefs in many things that we tend to ignore because we cannot grasp them. The Son of the Soil is indeed a great poem that reminds us of our celestial identity. See the lines from this brilliant poem: "I love the fragrant truth of the soil,

Book Review: College to Cubicle: Decoding Success for Students by Shantanu Mohanty

College to Cubicle: Decoding Success for Students by Shantanu Mohanty is a very relevant and insightful book for new students to already established people working in the corporate world. The book is special because it is written by the industry leader Shantanu Mohanty, he has been in the HR field for over two decades, and he found many observations in his career that can help the new generation in seeking jobs and climbing up the corporate ladder. The book is poignant in guiding college-passed out students, often these young folks are too ambitious to get into a proper channel of job finding or carving out a career for them. They want to have money, name, and growth in shortest possible time. However, the ground reality differs from the expectation. Well, this book, step by step, laid out the information that will guide new job seekers on a right path. Be it any career – guidance and mentoring is vital. And consider this book your mentor. Composed in 18 short and insightful chapters

Book Review: Jeevan Manthan – A Rise of Inspirations by Raghav Chauhan

Jeevan Manthan by Raghav Chauhan is a book of inspirational quotes on life and its allied aspects. The book is short and crisp to read as it sheds important lessons of life by quotes in both English and Hindi. At the center of the book is LIFE. As the title suggests, the book is about life and how one can make it perfectly livable. The book is written by very young author and at such a tender age he is delivering life lessons and wisdom, seems like a mammoth task in itself. The genre of the book is neither completely spiritual nor philosophical. It oscillates between many. At the forefront, in each quote, the book keeps teaching good and inspiring lessons which are hard to find in our everyday life motivator resources. In all of its essence, the book not only encourages having a good life but also inspired to be a good man in the tenure of life. The book starts with a very ravishing yet thought-provoking quote: One should be self-reliant in Life, mastery in any task cannot be ach

Book Review: Sitayana by Rajnih Rethesh

Sitayana by Rajnih Rethesh is a terrific page turner, blending crime thriller and mythological genre into one. Stretching up to 270 pages, the novel holds two stories of different eras, but their relevance converges into one. The story is about Sita and Sitalakshmi. The story of Sita emanates from Ramayana. But this time the author narrated Ramayana from Sita’s point of view, while the story of Sitalakshmi is set in the modern Mumbai. The novel is driven by ladies. The author brings the plight of women, be it any era, they are trampled by men and are tied to limits by the brutal nature of patriarchal society. The novel shuttles between two timelines, but it has been done so smoothly that one doesn’t feel the pinch of miscommunication. The story of Sita comes as shock for someone who has always worshipped the lord Rama. Well, this novel dredges up the secrets that not only look uncomfortable but also question the veracity of the Indian mythology. Sita has been portrayed as someone qui

Book Review: Cycle of Clichés by Niladri Chakraborty

Cycle of Clichés by Niladri Chakraborty is quite a riveting and impressive novel. It begins as slow burn novel but midway outpaces everything and at one point of time it becomes totally unputdownable. The book runs over 390 pages, its stretch and expanse is sweeping and gripping. Initially, readers will not have the exact ideas where the story is heading on. Some might feel it is eulogizing Assam – the state of the narrator. However, once readers get acquainted with 30 or 40 pages, they feel the heat of the undercurrent themes that this novel brings forward. It is a story that is told from one person’s point of view. He is the narrator cum lead character, Neelim. Initially, the story is about his carefree lucky days in Tezpur, Assam. The time is 1990s, he was enjoying his childhood days like anything with his parents, friend Biswa, and elder brother Nisim. Many would find Neelim someone as envious yet innocent. He is good at cricket and often puts himself into Bollywood movies type s