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Book Review: Perseverance Flooded the Streets by Abbey Seitz

Perseverance Flooded the Streets is a captivating novella by Abbey Seitz about some dark issues that bottleneck the personal and professional growth of poor and socially suppressed Indian women. Though this is the first book of Abbey Seitz, I could feel her mastery of wordsmithing and storytelling. She is a terrific author on the subject pertaining to structural flaws perturbing the much needed growth of the women across the world. The novella basically has two backdrops, Wisconsin, USA, and India. Lovelyn, a twenty-five-year-old graduate student is keen to have some research report on mobility and safety of women in the approaching summer. She applies to various places and somehow gets a response from India. Before moving to India for her work with NGOs, one chilly night she was attacked while out for walk to soothe her seething mind and it was her birthday. Post that attack, she is never the same person. Her ambition to write and research on safety and mobility of women pro

Book Review: The Real Wani Kashmir’s True Hero (A Definitive Biography of Lance Naik Nazir Ahmad Wani) by Sonal Chaturvedi

Do all books give what they promise? Probably no… if you talk about memoirs and non-fiction and biographies. Among these books, soon banality begins concerning the reader. However, not all books meet the same fate. Some deliver beyond a set promise. The readers indulge themselves and after closing the book, the tales linger with them for longer time. Fresh from my reading experience, recently I stumbled upon a book based on Kashmir. More clearly, it’s a kind of a biography of a man from Kashmir, covering his life events from 1988 to 2018. Let me introduce the title and the punch line that follows it. The Real Wani Kashmir’s True Hero: A Definitive Biography of Lance Naik Nazir Ahmad Wani . The book is written by Sonal Chaturvedi and being forwarded by General Bipin Rawat. Sometime back there arose a strong buzz in the Media and Kashmir about Wurhan Wani. Well, he was a terrorist and was shot down by the Indian Army . So, when I saw this title, I was a little confused about th

Book Review – Maya: Lifting the Veil by Amar B. Singh

Maya: Lifting the Veil by Amar Singh is a spiritually uplifting fictional book in the tough time of corona virus pandemic. The novel is a work of fiction, particularly based on two aspects – plight of a migrant labourer Arjun Pandit and appearance of the God to answer his confounding questions. The semblance of the book is hypothetical. First two chapters ‘Exodus and Kurukshetra’ are pertaining to the current situation where millions of migrant labourers stranded across the country fending for themselves and are totally immobile. They urge and long to go back to their hometowns and native villages. Since it’s a total lockdown with no transport facility, many migrants from across the country have had taken up the roads to reach their destinations. From the same milling crowd, Amar Singh picks up Arjun Pandit – a poor and simple migrant labourer. The story is built around him and the God he finds. He is walking home with his family. As they reach Kurukshetra, his four-yea

Book Review: Cranium Retaliations by Isaak Sank

Cranium Retaliations by Isaak Sank is a deep yet different allegorical book, with a mixed collection of poems and prose. The book has been poignant in evoking the feelings of a suppressed heart of any artist. The author Isaak Sank is a young man from Italy and roams across the world, hence, much of the work involved in this book emanated from his cask of subconscious and memory lane. But one thing is sure that the way he penned down feelings and grievances in the book are those uncomfortable topics in the world that have been rankling the human existence for a long time. One needs to read over and again to totally grasp the underlying meaning in all poems and prose and short write-ups. Transgressing all the laws of conventional poetic senses, Isaak has evolved with his own unique style. It’s to be noted that the author is least bothered about the semblance of the work; his work pierces the heart and make people scream with him. Such is the intensity. But sadly, the book is no

Author Highlight: Manoj Kumar Sharma Discusses his Novel ‘Mirrro at the Weird Wayward’ and Stories from his Life

We are delighted to welcome a very promising novelist Manoj Kumar Sharma for a brief Q & A session at our website about his Amazon Bestseller novel ‘ Mirrro at the Weird Wayward ’ . In this Q & A session, he will be talking about his writing aspirations, inclination towards offbeat fiction, and much more. Stay on...while we chat with him.  Nearly all opined that the title of the book is good but tough to type or spell? What do you think about this? The title, content and essence of this story have one common element – weirdness. So, while finalization, I decided that the presentation of the title should also be something unique, which must resemble with the overall essence of this story. So, thus the inverted letters came into picture, which readers felt intriguing also. But, one thing I learnt later and realized, that search-ability got affected because of the inverted letters in the title. Let’s see in the sequel, how that problem could be solved, without di

Book Review: The 60 Minute Startup by Ramesh Dontha

Half the world is obsessed with having a successful and rolling business as soon as they land. Just like other fields, setting up a successful and paying business, too, have its own peculiar hurdles and concerns. But if you have decided on a business and are passionate enough, probably you could sail through and make millions (at least) of it. Well, the journey becomes easy when you get hold of someone filled with relevant wisdom or book like this – The 60 Minute Startup by Ramesh Dontha. It’s a very relevant book in today’s times…from my personal experience I could tell that I liked all the concepts and insights and examples presented in the book, I was able to relate many of them. This book of around 240 pages plays around the contemporary business landscape. Most of the businesses across the world either go astray or take a wrong path deliberately. Reasons are clear – they are still stuck in traditional approach. Gossiping …too much research and over thinking and surveys a

Book Review: The World’s Oldest, Most Powerful Secret Society by Anand Arungundram Mohan

The World’s Oldest, Most Powerful Secret Society by Anand Arungundram Mohan is a riveting fantasy novel that shuttles between two timelines. At the beginning of the novel, the story visits the King Ashoka’s kingdom. The author has re-instated that the king was inspired by the kingdom of Rama, hence he selected and sent nine men in search of great discoveries on communications, anti-gravity, time travel and much more. However, the startling truth is that those books were yet to be discovered or even if they got to be discovered well then it has to be done by very special and deserving class of people. Thus, all nine men took one another’s books and moved to hide those books in different parts of the world. From the same time, one man named Raza travels extensively to hide a book based on anti-gravity and he hides it somewhere in South India. This time is around BC era. Fast forward, in 2006, nine children born in the same city – Hyderabad . They play and grow together. Unlike d

Book Review: Mumblings from the Depth by Jithu Biji Thomas

Mumblings from the Depth by Jithu Biji Thomas is as riveting collection of twenty one short stories. The collection has indeed short stories, running hardly up to 4 pages. A lot has been uncovered in this book about various shades of life via a gamut of characters and their grim and tender circumstances. The author made a desperate attempt to bring alive the voices that often lump up till throat but always scared to go out ringing. The collection is prominent in voicing the concerns of people who are often lost in memory lanes – there is something that we all long to correct and hope to get back by hook or crook. For instances, in stories like ‘Will That Same Rain Fall Again’ – the narrator seeks to have his legs back lost in a long forgotten war but more than that he longs for a girl that used to sell flowers beneath his window during rain. The ending is heartbreaking; the tragedy of incidents is somehow uncomfortable. Other prominent themes in the book are loss, love, redem

Book Review: Peppered Minds by Om Somani

At times we come across a book or novel that we find easy to read and experience it in best spirits but if you are told to narrate or pass it on to others, you may find it hard to do that. Those sorts of novels and books are not easy to pen down, remember D.H. Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers – what a class it had. It had everything: romance, action, subplots and the best descriptions of English miners lives but covered quite subtly. In a way that one can savour as much as possible but cannot retold it. Yes…those novels are indeed worth praise and require a level of understanding to sail through. One such novel today is Peppered Minds by Om Somani. It’s a wonderful book featuring a journey of a young man named Neeraj in his professional stance. The book is way descriptive with its characters and other settings, for instance when it commences the story is about a postman striving hard to introduce us to the lead character Neeraj. At his home, we got to meet his sister and parents a

Book Review: Vesela and the Vervum World by Mostyn Heilmannovsky

I have been reading and watching vampire and Dracula related stuff since a long time, as long as I remember. Vesela and Vervum World by Mostyn is a terrific novel and I am bit diffident that whether I would be able to express all my praise and gratitude to the novel. I read it on Kindle, it has over 300 pages, but since the very first page I felt like I want to know more about the vampire types and clans and so on. Well, this novel is about a war preparation. This is a multi-themed, rather multi-dimensional book spanning across a few worlds like of vampires, dark forces, dragons, and humans. The story features Vesela – she is a teenage girl who loves her goat very much. She lives with her small family in some part of Europe. But the fact that she is extremely special puts her into trouble when all forces from different worlds try to take advantage of her. Much since the beginning of the novel, the tale of vampires begins . They seem like omnipresent and never die or age k