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Book Review: By Hook or By Crook by Abhishek Sinha

By Hook or By Crook by Abhishek Sinha is a riveting crime thriller novel with sufficient action and suspense drama. As the story opens up, Shahid – the protagonist – is worried about his missing journalist brother Sajid. Shahid is desperate to find whereabouts his brother. He seeks help from the police team that has powerful and sly characters i.e. Vikram, Raman, Karim, and Diljeet. The police team doesn’t like Shahid sneaking his nose in their investigation. Soon, they cast their doubt on him. He is taken as one of the suspects in illegal arms deal and also the possible speculative murderer behind Sajid. With illegal arms deal out in the story, the novel becomes gripping and its pace augments automatically. Shahid, without anyone’s notice, begins investigation at his own. However, little did he know that the world he is fighting against has already trapped him? A point would come in the story where Shahid would have tough time saving himself, forgot about solving the crime mystery.

Book Review: Meeting a Star by Dhruva Nalla

The novella ‘Meeting a Star’ by Dhruva Nalla is enlightening and thought-provoking read that offers insights into a woman’s life as how the society works against her when she aspires to chase bigger dreams in her life. Through Ramya, the superstar actress in Telugu movies, the author navigates through the complexities and difficulties of the contemporary world and societies where women often find themselves at crossroads, sometimes the obstacles are laid out by society and at times by her own people. This novel features Rajesh and Ramya in lead roles. The former is an author with a few hit books, while Ramya is a Telugu movies superstar actress. One day Rajesh decides to write a book on Ramya. He approaches her and she lets him to stay at her home for 10 days. But soon he finds out that Suraj, his father, looks Rajesh with deplorable views…thinking that Rajesh is behind her for money and property and fame. Rajesh had tough time adjusting with Suraj. However, Ramya is a kind-hearted p

Book Review: Mango Showers by A. Victor Adharsh

Mango Showers by A. Victor Adharsh is a riveting psychological thriller with eerie backdrop and mysterious characters surrounding the scaffold of the storyline. Yet engaging and intriguing, the novel nudges on female protagonists. Set in Kerala and in between Karnataka, with abundant glimpses of local customs and cultures – the author transports readers in a zone where they feel as lonely as Anna Zakaria and fear for their lives from rain and dreaded face-painted monsters. In any successful psychological thriller, ambience plays a critical role in nudging the story to an extent of high-level thriller. Something similar happens here; the place braves mango showers – rain in summer – indicating something sinister in the air. In the thriller novel motives isn’t forefront unless you delve deep in the sweeps of main characters. As the novel begins, Anna Zakaria returns to Kudukkanghad, an isolated place in Kasaragod, Kerala. The way author fills the sublime natural beauty’s description, w

Book Review: The Journey Inward by Sumiti Kapoor

The path of true spirituality goes through self discovery. Without knowing the powers of ‘Self’ like self-belief, self-awareness, and self-discovery – one cannot achieve good results in spiritual journey. Knowing yourself is the foremost task before we acclimatize with non-duality of Brahman and get aligned with the purpose of pure consciousness. Sumiti Kapoor’s spiritual book is ignited by her own experiences in life. She is neither a Himalayan hermit nor religious preacher; she has escalated the meaning of spirituality to some other state which most of us can connect to with our life’s vicissitudes. As the book starts, she introduces her family background and what was life in a middle-class family with financial constraints in Delhi. She had has an emotional bond with her father. He would always say: we are much greater than who we think are. This inspired Sumiti to look beyond the common vistas in life. Unlike other spiritual stuff, the book is contemporary and modern with its les

Book Review: How to Re-attire Your Retirement & Embrace Life 2.0 by Dr. Dilip Ganguly

Retirement is not the end of an active life. In fact, no one can retire till their last breathe. Many people confuse retirement with Life 2.0, thinking both are same. However, that’s not the case. Retirement literally epitomizes the end of life on the planet i.e. dead. On the other hand, Life 2.0 is a life that one lives after retiring from a long spell of working job and service in a particular field. This book by Dr. Dilip Ganguly re-instates the belief that Life 2.0 is not that short duration anymore as people expect. All over the world, life expectancy has increased, so does the longevity of Life 2.0 or second innings. Life after retirement, nowadays, stretches up to 40 years, which is as good as Life 1.0, where a person regularly goes to office and work site and follows a predictable schedule and routinely work. The book throws a question – so why does everything come to stand still just the next day after retirement? It is a matter of concern and demands thought-provoking justi

Book Review: Learn English Grammar through Harry Potter by Manikantan SU

I never knew that reading a grammar book on Kindle would be so easy and light and fun. The book brushed up my grammar insights. It has been after such a long time that I am picking up a grammar book in my career as a digital creator, after leaving school. However, it was many years ago – I do not recall that time. Besides, whenever a doubt of language usage confronts, we have now got the habit to visit Google. In ‘its and bits’ we all look up for grammar corrections online, but no one reads a consolidated book to revise the rules and knowledge. That’s ok for grown-ups like us, who have got no time from professional mess. Manikantan brings Harry Potter feel in a grammar book. And this is first time I am hearing about such a fusion of interesting fiction with bland grammar concepts. Yet it becomes the USP of the book. While learning about grammar, kids have chances to refresh Harry Potter memories, whether they have read books or seen the movie series. The book simplifies grammar lesso

Book Review: The Peace Approach by Alok Tripathi

Peace should be the rudimentary foundation of our life. With peace in our life, we not only live with ourselves with great contentment but also treat others with respect and value. Being a peaceful person is a big responsibility. We all crave for it, at all phases of our lives, however, only a few can live with it. Keeping life simple, peace follows inevitably. Contemplation for peace isn’t a ferocious drive; it has to be done calmly and deviously with steps. And there are ways to attain peace in life, in every walk of life. How? Is that so simple? The book ‘The Peace Approach’ by Alok Tripathi can be your timely help. It is an extensive and comprehensively easy book to understand all about peace and how you can invite it in your life. The process is simple, the author having a vast experience of life of both sad and blissful phases and widely travelled across the world, shares the approaches that can bring peace in your life in just 31 steps. The book, unlike much self-help material

Book Review – Caution! Twists Ahead! by Amresh Srivastava

Caution! Twists Ahead! by Amresh Srivastava is an intriguing collection of 7 short stories. The book delves deep in the sub genres of crime and suspense thriller. In a sense, most of the stories lend a crime noir narrative, however, with moral conscience. Though the level of crime isn’t sanguinary, the book lays emphasis on socially prevalent scams, frauds, and cons that most of the time went unnoticed. Since the author hails from the banking sector, he leverages his background to take readers on some of the finely chiseled con stories that took place in the banking ambience by the staff and outsiders. The first story is about a suitcase that goes missing from a corrupt senior government officer while traveling. This is a typical story of urban builders who collaborate with related officials for the benefit of both the parties. The irony in the story is that money doesn’t fuel everyone’s greed. The auto rickshaw driver has a heart touching story to stay away from the suitcase. Th

Book Review: Unwanted 24 by Deepak Joshi

A person can be an immaculate planner of his life, still he cannot control the circumstances played by fate. Such is life, such is its story. Isn’t it? The novel by Deepak Joshi – Unwanted 24 – explores fate of its NRI protagonist that visits his village in the hills of Kumaon region, Uttarakhand. A contingency called the protagonist Somesh Pandey back to his hilly village, where his family and relatives reside. He is so far successful and was on the verge of getting a job in the USA. After pursuing an M.A. in Archaeology at Chicago University, he is back in India…and thinking of going back in ten days, if not a week. However, the customs and conservative mechanism of village society ties him up. It comes out soon that his horoscope, as per the astrology, is indicating some untoward incidents like occurrence of an accident in next two years. He needs a safe haven and according to all seniors, elders, and astrologers he must not leave his village at least for two years. He is done.