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Book Review: Early One Morning by Robert Ryan

Early One Morning by Robert Ryan is based on a true story. The timeline of the story goes back to the French Resistance, with the Second World War on. It is a wartime story. William Grover-Williams is a rich Englishman who sets himself free from the clutches of his parents and is next seen as chauffeuring William Orpen, a famous portrait artist. Here, he likes and falls for Eve Aubicq – the charming but little immature mistress of William Orpen. Being a motor racer, William Grover-Williams gets the acquaintanceship of Eve Aubicq and a story of clandestine romance gears up. Robert Benoist, who hails from France, is a competitive rival to William Grover in the European race circuits and also has crush on Eve Aubicq. But still, they both share a sense of admiration for each other and subtly reckon each other in the band of friendship. When Paris unwittingly falls in the grip of Germans, William Grover-Williams joins Special Operations Executive to work as an undercover age

Book Review: Fall of Giants by Ken Follett

The First World War and the Russian revolution team up for Ken Follet's 'Fall of Giants'. Though it's a well-thought book, but features a lengthy set of characters, all equally complex yet captivating. During the events of WW-I and the Russian revolution, Follet shows how the lives of five families from different countries are on stake, and they all in their failed and successful attempts jostling for better means of life. In many ways, they are connected and heading for the same doom; and interestingly the cost and impact of the war on their lives and relationships is changing them. Orphaned Russian brothers (one crook and the other a revolutionary) are constantly vying against adverse and regimented circumstances during the war days, making them most-loved characters throughout the book. The book is prominent in depicting how the fates of people go gloomy from palace's chandeliers to murky mines. Thus, the book - Fall of Giants by ken Follet – clea