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Author Highlight: Pooja Marwah Discusses her New Book ‘Pursuit’ and Stories from her Life

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Book Review: Gilding a Hermit by Rocor

Gilding a Hermit is a collection of poems by Rocor. The book is divided into two parts: the early life and the late world. Probably, the poet has much to tell about his feelings in both the phases of life. Look at the temerity of the poet who has given such a bold and yet subtle title to the collection - Gilding a Hermit. In simple words it means painting a saint-like heart with gold-like hedonism. A deeper thought will provoke that it is the cardinal rule of the world to smear people with the lineage of hedonism.

The poems in the collection are longer and evoke a sense of heat and embarrassment, because the poet’s anger towards the world is evident. The more you say, is less about the poems. The kind of reflections the words and phrases make is of high importance and people with malleable heart will feel swaying with the flow.
Look at this poem! The terrific intensity is bound to grip you:
Let them all regret
They didn’t filch all Some of mine is left to burgeon best The time and place…

Author Highlight: Shreesha Khare Discusses her New Book ‘Along the Way – As you unearth about Self-love and Relationships’ and Stories from her Life

We are back with another author interview. Today, with us, we have Shreesha Khare – the author of ‘Along the Way – As you unearth about Self-love and Relationships’. In this interview, Shreesha talks about her writing aspirations, and the route to getting her books published. Stay on...while we chat with her. What inspired you to write this book? Any tales to tell… There is an inspiration, mentor, my guide and everything to me. I remember when I first discussed my blog writing, he suggested me that start writing a bit more now. Let your writing be about your prime interests. It should be something which is of your experiences and interests, people will be more interested. I write every day in my journal which helped me to craft this beautiful book about my life experiences to which people can resonate. What message would you like to convey through this book? Self-love is the mother of love, this is the best way to put it. Two things are universal in this world, I would say they are t…

Book Review: Pursuit (Drawn by Destiny) by Pooja Poddar Marwah

Pursuit by Pooja Marwah is a charming romance read. It features Kate and Edward Scott – and they both seem to be lovelorn – though they are hedonistically successful. If you have read Mills and Boons romance novels, well then this novel may take you back to the same days. Otherwise if you have recently started an affair with romance or love related stories, this is going to be an amazing read for you that may linger with you for long time. Depth, darkness, emotional ride, persuasion, passion, and so on – in fact it’s completely a spiced up work by Pooja.

Coming back to Kate Princeton – she is the female protagonist in the story. At thirty five, she is a ravishing businesswoman – runs her own company named Semicircle Entertainment. She is the only person from her home who is settled in Mumbai, otherwise others are scattered in the USA. She is not yet married, may be because her quest to find a true love is yet to be fulfilled. As in her own words, she craves for true love, the followi…

Book Review: Along the Way by Shreesha Khare

Love is a simple word, but the kind of complications it provokes and involves are beyond the vista of normal human mind. It takes nothing to fall in love, but one needs to be courageous to brave it under all circumstances. Misunderstanding, break-ups, dust-offs are some common issues plagiarizing the modern-time love affairs. Sketched on similar lines, today we have this novella, Along the Way, by Shreesha Khare to teach us a few undertones and hidden values about love.

This is a story of Amelie – she is pursuing MBA in United States and holds terrific knowledge about the digital world. Her world changes one day when she is caught by Steve Smith, the vice president of Telas Digital Communications, quite a big company in the USA. Having been impressed by her knowledge of the digital world, Steve offers her to be an intern in his company. She accepts the offer and thereafter we see that Amelie, a very ambitious girl, is carefully mentored by Steve. Is love all about expectations? May b…

Book Review: Prisoner of Yakutsk (The Netaji Bose Mystery) by Shreyas Bhave

You must have heard a lot about Netaji Shubhas Chandra Bose, the founder of INA. He was a prominent figure in India’s struggle for independence history. Since ages many speculations and assumptions have been circulated about his sudden disappearance. Did he die in the plane crash in Taiwan or did he escape and never made it to India? Questions are still alive! Even today Netaji Shubhas Chandra Bose is a mystery. No solid evidences have been brought up against his sudden disappearance. Anyway, not many authors have used Bose as a subject matter in their fictional books. Well, today we have this fiction – Prisoner of Yakutsk by Shreyas Bhave – this book’s concurrent theme is to find what happened to Bose.

According to our opinion, this fast-paced and well-written novel is mix of historical fiction, Bose mystery, and suspense thriller. Overall, the end output is captivating. In the novel, you will find parallel narration – the major ones are of Jay Rasbihari and his grandfather Mr. Sing…

Book Review: Growing Up (A Book of Poems) by Ruhee Advani

Breaking up all stereotype barriers, ‘Growing Up’ by Ruhee Advani is a special collection of poems for those who still miss their higher school days and early college life. It is a short book – divided into two – but still consists of over seventy heart-touching poems. As the title says, the book is more focused on growing up, especially of teenage phase, thus, for the same reason the book is divided into two age groups namely thirteen to fifteen years and sixteen to eighteen years.

The poems are short and at times medium in length. From the poems it is evident that the author went through mood swings – at times she is concerned about her mother, while some time she is worried about being alone, and questioning the world, which is more on deviating her from her chores that emanates from her heart and soul. At teenage, we are often more grappled with a complaining attitude, but that is the time when we think of ourselves more than of other things. Poems like Friendless, Soothing sorro…