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Book Review: A Journey in Search of Happiness by Ramya R. Moorthy

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Author Highlight: Ankita Aurora Discusses her New Book ‘The Smart Balance’ and Stories from her Life

We are delighted to welcome a very promising author, Ankita Aurora, for a brief Q & A session at our website about her recent book: The Smart Balance.
In this Q & A session, she will be talking about her writing aspirations, inclination towards self-help books, and the route to getting her novel published. Stay on...while we chat with her. First off, we would like to know a bit about your initiative – Morfosis? Would you mind shedding some light on it? Morfosis is derived from the word ‘metamorphosis’ which signifies the change or transformation. Morfosis has been set up on the belief that every human being has an innate desire to grow. We believe that to grow, evolve and become better is a human need which if ignored, can lead to unhappiness, anxiety, stress, depression or lack of purpose in life. Everyone has a desire to grow. A mother would want to be a better mother, a sales professional would want to excel further in sales or learn new skills of marketing; a doctor would…

Book Review: The Lady in the Mirror by Charu Vashishtha

The Lady in the Mirror by Charu Vashishtha is a collection of eight short stories dealing with retrospection and a few other vital themes that matter in our lives. Throughout the eight stories, the author has put on offer a gamut of experiences, events, circumstances, morals, and most importantly emotions. The stories in the collection are short but easy to read and understand. Probably, this is the most significant thing about the book. In fact, in all stories, the author has kept woman (lady or girl) in the center, thus the title ‘The Lady in the Mirror’ is aptly perfect.

Apart from love and deeds, the book is also high on spiritual faith, for instance the first story (The Lost Meera) is all about that. Further, the author tried to explore the other side of the coin by highlighting the plight of women in gaining identity and privileges; this is best conveyed through the story ‘The Mysterious Playwright’.
The story ‘The Comic’s Tragedy’ depicts the value of resilience amid tough situ…

Author Highlight: Tasnima Yasmin Discusses her New Book ‘Silhouette and Other Poems’ and Stories from her Life

We are back with another author interview. Today, with us, we have Tasnima– the author of ‘Silhouette and Other Poems’. Here, she talks about her journey as a writer from a young age and her latest collection of poetry.  She also offers some great insights and tips into writing poetry.
Yasmin, what attracted you to poetry? As it's a trend among new young writers to write more about love and college stories?  What made you to choose something different? I have always enjoyed reading and writing poetry. I was introduced to poetry at a very young age by my mother who would read children’s rhymes and poems to me. I took more interest writing it down at the age of about 6 or so. I used to maintain a notebook and that practice remained with me till school ended. Much of this book is a result of many such notebook entries. More recently I’ve moved to writing on my laptop. Do you read poetry? Is there any poet who influenced you heavily? I read a lot of poetry. I am particularly fond of…

Book Review: It Just Required One Step by Saif Israr

It Just Required One Step is a powerful political cum romance thriller, written by the debut author Saif Israr. The novel is riveting from the very first page. Why? Because it has been galloping around three most heard and loved topics in India – Friendship, Love, and Politics. Undoubtedly, Indian masses have a lot to relate to these topics. Anyway, coming back to the story, it’s about some college students – slightly above teenage madness but under fierce adulthood. It is something that sizzles between both and that makes the novel unputdownable.

North India is famous for political brawls and it’s the same region that decides the overall politics of the country. So, by choosing Uttar Pradesh as the backdrop of the novel, the author has done the right thing. It couldn’t be riveting at any place. Though the novel is not entirely based on politics, but still it runs like banter throughout the story line. On the façade, love, betrayal, redemption, and friendship are some crucial themes t…

Author Highlight: Mostyn Heilmannovsky Discusses his Books based on Cryptids and Paranormal Stories

We are delighted to welcome a very promising author, Mostyn Heilmannovsky from Austria, for a brief Q & A session at our website about his much talked about books on Cryptids and Paranormal Stories.
In this Q & A session, he will be talking about his writing aspirations, inclination towards Gothic horror and Vampire literature, and the route to getting his books published. Stay on...while we chat with him.
It has been heard that you have a novel based on Vampires coming up soon? What is it and when is it coming? It is a novel about Vampires and the Vervum, werevampires, a species, whom I have created. These two species and many others, which mainly reside in the Vervum world, are fighting against two orders, who want to take over the world and the Vervum world. These orders are called the Order of the Blood and the Order of the Shadow(s). The story of the novel depicts the war between good and evil, where a girl by the name of Vesela plays a crucial role. She is the key to vi…

Book Review: The Smart Balance by Ankita Aurora

Change is a law of nature. Well, the question is, have we really changed for good in this digital era? We are living a different life today – it is not the same that was a few decades back. There is no charm left for basic and tiny things, seems like excitement and attention has dried up. But why? The reason behind all this is digital smart technology.

Smart phones, laptops, tabs, PCs and smart wearable, in fact a whole new world is here. A smart world – laced with smart technology. But, we, as humans, are becoming smart as well? The answers differ from one person to another. If you think your answer is a big Yes, well then you need to think it over. And this time you also need ‘The Smart Balance’ by Ankita Aurora, a non-fiction, part self-help, and part user guide.
For its essence and the issues it concerns, it’s a beautifully researched and written book. The book highlights that we are living 2.0. Yes, it’s not the same simple life which our ancestors lived or left the lineage of i…