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Book Review: Vesela and the Vervum World by Mostyn Heilmannovsky

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Book Review: Ripples of Eternal Love by Pravin Pandey

At times a few novels come that take you away with its flow. You just want to be with it, no matter how engrossed or lively you are with characters or the story. There’s something charming about the backdrop and flow of the events or some idiosyncrasies of lead characters. ‘Ripples of Eternal Love’ by Pravin Pandey is one such book. By its semblance, it looks like a story of a boy who experiences a lot around the river of his village. However, in its core essence the novel is purely riverine with the river Swarnrekha as one of the silent protagonists.
“I was reminded of the name of this river that keeps rolling endlessly – Swarnrekha. I turned to look at the golden stretch of water through the corner of my eyes and realized how perfect the name was!”
“Swarnrekha literally stands for ‘streak of gold’. When I looked at the river, it was dazzling in all its glory.”

The story features a teenage boy, he is silent (probably nameless), and lives in a village with his family. Somewhat he is a…

Book Review: The Songbirds by Alif

The Songbirds by Alif is a riveting contemporary romance novel depicting the plight of lovers amidst the chaos of the societal barriers. Due to its cultural and family settings, the novel holds a queer charm in its staggering narrative. This is also a coming of an age novel, where the protagonists grow and travel with passage of time, i.e. from childhood to adult age and beyond. It puts up an engaging family drama with the lead character Kasim’s quest alive for his perfect soul mate.

Other than the love story, the novel is also poignant in revoking the reminisces of old days such as one’s growing days in a joint family and college days fun and so on. The story features Kasim and Sumera. They both are associated to Bada Ghar (big house) and somewhat cousins to each other. Sumera is hardly two years elder to him, but Kasim falls in love with her. The author has used flashback technique to shuttle between the timelines, with credible back stories and sweeps.
Well, somehow Kasim manages …

Book Review: Just Be There by Gayatri Shankar

Just Be There by Gayatri Shankar is a riveting contemporary family fiction. One has no control over vagaries of life, things happen that are destined to go that way. However, amidst all heat and chaos, an individual, no matter what age s/he is at, seeks support and acceptance without prejudice. Once a renowned personality said that in life only two things matter most for happiness – family and career. 
This is a simple story of some simple people who believe in family bonding throughout all phases; however, like millions of other families on the earth, they do have their own share of pain and suffering. Their small day-to-day struggles and hesitations sow the seeds of distrust and keep them distanced from each other.

In the family Abhay Singh is the senior most people, followed by a couple Vikram and his wife Anjali. They silently live in Mumbai. Around a year back, the family was in high spirits and doing quite good. But the premature demise of Sandhya leaves them bereaved of love a…

Book Review: Long Live the Sullied by Gaurav Sharma

Long Live the Sullied by Gaurav Sharma is as good and as promising as the first book ‘God of the Sullied’. These two books make up the complete ‘The Sullied Warrior Duology’. Those who have read the first book now can’t wait to pick up the second one. And those who have picked up ‘Long Live the Sullied’ by chance need to go back and read ‘God of the Sullied’, as both books are inseparable. In both the novels, characters are almost same – however their action and priorities differ from one time to another. Pundir is at the forefront of this novel, though the story never forgets Eklavya, he remains in the backdrop like banter.

Just like the first book, this one too has been narrated by a multiple voices. This time much focus has been given to Mahapurohit and Pundir and a few teachers of Gurukul, where Eklavya and Pundir studied together. After the basic tenure of three years, Eklavya returns his home and never returns to the mountain Gurukul. But Pundir returns thinking Eklavya would b…

Author Highlight: Subodh Sharma Discusses his New Novel ‘Reminisce of the Lost Land’ and Stories from his Life

We are delighted to welcome a very promising novelist Subodh Sharma for a brief Q & A session at our website about his recent Amazon Bestseller novel ‘Reminisce of the Lost Land’.

In this Q & A session, he will be talking about his writing aspirations, inclination towards offbeat fiction, and much more. Stay on...while we chat with him.
Welcome to our audience…Subodh. Here people are excited to know about your book. You can tell us in short? Louise is dealing with her personal struggle. She completes her assignment as a film maker, and returns back home. It gave her a new, but personal achievement. Her visit to this new place and her stay in the ancient fort set in her some new experiences. At a later stage of her life, there is a reminisce of the place which she could not visit again, specially the time spent, and her interactions she had with the people and the royal family made her emotional. Hence the stories emerged. How did you feel when you this novel became Amazon Bes…

Book Review: God of the Sullied by Gaurav Sharma

God of the Sullied by Gaurav Sharma is a different, yet riveting, mythological fiction. This is the first book in the series of The Sullied Warrior Duology. The second book in the series is ‘Long Live the Sullied’. Both books are extremely connected by sharing almost the same settings, backdrop, set of characters – however circumstances are different.

In this novel God of the Sullied, Eklavya is the protagonist. The story revolves around his birth and his destiny which takes him up to the throne of an Indian state called Rudraputra, though a fictional town. In broader outlook, the story is more of a journey of a cursed boy till he becomes the king of Rudraputra who fights the devil of Kali Yuga.
The novel is set in 9th century India, probably a time when it’s predicted that the spread of Kali was going to sweep the entire world under its influence. From Satyuga to Kalyuga, the change was evident throughout the story. The novel houses a peculiar set of characters, they differ from one…