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Ruskin Bond Books: 30 Popular Books by Ruskin Bond

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Book Review: Romi and the Wildfire by Ruskin Bond

Romi and the Wildfire is a beautifully written novella by Ruskin Bond which, at the first thought, delves deep into the problem of wildfire that causes havoc in the mountains. While reading this story, you will come to know how disasters like wildfire or forest fire takes a toll on the life of hilly people along with animals and birds. During wildfire in the mountains, people shift from one place to another but animals are rendered homeless and for this reason they come out in the open, in the territories of humans, and then it all imbalances the ecosystem.

Coming to the main story – it opens with Romi, a young boy of around eleven or twelve, who has come to another village to obtain some important medical pills for his ailing father. It is the same village where he comes every day for his school, since his own village is limited to primary grade.
It is already evening. Prem, his friend and also classmate, points to the jungle fire in the east. He insists Romi not to go through the j…

Book Review: Love among the Bookshelves by Ruskin Bond

If you ever wanted to know why we read books, then go nowhere and stick to this book. Let us take it a bit forward: people read books, especially literature and comics and biographies, for some or another reason. Only a handful of people get into books for the sake of pleasure. In case you are an ardent Ruskin Bond fan, by reading this book, you will get to know why he loved reading books and how those books influenced his life on the whole.

Every writer has to be a reader first and Ruskin was no exception to this proposition. Ruskin became a compulsive reader since an early age because he was born into that era when sources of distraction and entertainment were limited unlike today where we can sit before the TV set all day or browse the Internet untiringly all day and night.
To read and understand this book, first off you must know Ruskin’s history. Ruskin was born in 1933 in Kasuali of the British India. Since then he never came down to the plains – even today he stays in the hill…

Book Review: An Obedient Father by Akhil Sharma

What is it like to have a bad father? Especially to a girl child? An Obedient Father by Akhil Sharma is not what you think; rather it is a tale of an unimpressive father or man who doesn’t realize the difference between the passivity of a crime and fulfilling his unbridled carnal desires.

Akhil Sharma’s debut novel – An Obedient Father – takes us to the squalid streets of Delhi and to the time when the country was about to see a major upheaval in its political structure. The main character of the novel is Ram Karan, a lackluster human being. He works in the educational department of government in Delhi. Though he is a government employee but his main illegitimate job is to work as a moneyman for his boss Mr. Roshan Gupta. The duo set the political tension as the story advances from dimly-lit gloomy rooms to political arena.
He lives in a small flat with his widowed daughter Anita and granddaughter Asha. His wife Radha died some years ago and all his brothers live in a village named

Book Review: The Enemy by Pearl S. Buck

‘The Enemy’ is a long story by Pearl S. Buck. Since the setting of the story is of WW-II, in Japan, so it’s apparently a war-fiction story. However, one of the consistent themes of the story is humanity and the call of the duty.

Dr Sadao Hoki is a renowned surgeon of Japan. He lives near a coast with his family – though it is a war-time but he is happy and leading a luxurious life. Most of doctors and surgeons in Japan are with the troops due to the ongoing war. Dr Sadao is a terrific surgeon and he is so skillful that he can save any patient quite convincingly. For this reason, Dr Sadao is made to stay back, so that he can tend the ailing needs of the old army General, who was known for brutality in his youth.
One night Dr Sadao and his wife Hana find a white man being washed ashore. The man was badly wounded. He was hit by a bullet and later got injured by rocky shore. He was a man from the navy. Since Japan and America are at war, taking that man inside his home for treatment mean…

Book Review: The Beggar by Anton Chekhov

Can your advice change a beggar’s life? Well, this story – The Beggar by Anton Chekhov – is about a young man who by choice becomes a beggar but the good thing is that he comes out of it somehow. The story opens with the advocate Sergei in the market with his cook. A young beggar is asking for alms from him – the beggar is saying that he was a schoolteacher but lost his place there because of internal politics.

Sergei focuses on the beggar and catches his lie. Sergei had met this beggar earlier and that time the beggar posed himself as a student. When confronted, the beggar confesses to his lie and says that people wouldn’t believe him that he was a singer in Russian Choir but expelled from there for drunkenness. Sergei offers him work in his wood shed. The beggar out of shame and fake pride takes up the work. Because of drunkenness, he is staggering and reluctant for work. Olga, the cook, takes him to the wood shed and handles him a billet of wood for chopping. After the work, the b…

Book Review: Iswaran the Storyteller by R. K. Laxman

‘Iswaran the Storyteller’ is a short story written by R. K. Laxman. The story features two important characters: Mahendra and his cook Iswaran. Iswaran is an avid reader, thus he is also a great storyteller. He has a unique way of narrating incidents and anecdotes.

Mahendra works for a supervising firm. He is a junior supervisor there. His job is to move from one construction site to another, like coal mining, railway brides, office buildings and so on. Recently, he has been told to shift to a site where a chemical company is to be built. Because of a moving job, from one site to another, Mahendra has used to the ways of life and expects no good form of luxury in his life. He lives in shacks or small huts, well above all this he has a fixed cook with him always, and he is none other than Iswaran.
Iswaran is quite a talented person when it comes to finding vegetables and ingredients out of nowhere. Also, he is a wonderful cook. After Mahendra leaves for work, Iswaran cleans the living…