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Author Highlight: Chandan Sen Gupta Discusses his New Book ‘Unforeseen’ and Stories from his Life

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Author Highlight: Suraj Laxminarayanan Discusses his First Book ‘Elephants in the Room’ and Stories from his Life

We are back with another author interview. Today, with us, we have Suraj – the author of ‘Elephants in the Room’. In this interview, Suraj talks about his writing aspirations, and the route to getting his book published. Stay on...while we chat with him.
What motivates you to write? The biggest motivation comes from the knowledge that a book has the magical power of transporting people to a different world and allowing them to forget themselves in it. The opportunity of attempting to do the same with my own book becomes exciting as well as a responsibility. Also, it is necessary to have a story that I myself enjoy and believe in.
I have been interested in self-help books and the psychology of crime. Crime movies and mysteries always appeal to me. The unexpected twists and turns in the books I read and the movies I watch fascinate me. Hence, writing crime related subjects is always interesting. How do you handle the response of this book, especially from your friends and colleagues…

Book Review: One Plot Many Stories by Sarath Babu

Sarath Babu is one of the prominent lifestyle bloggers in India. He blogs about many topics; however he, is, on top of the line, famous for book reviews. Recently, he came up with his first book, a collection of short stories named One Plot Many Stories. The book is very short, around twenty-seven pages and consists of fourteen very short and yet unique stories. All of his stories have same characters, namely John and David. They are in every story, sometimes as father and son duo, at times as friends and so on. People looking for extremely short and light read may grab this book from Amazon Kindle, as of now only e-book is available.

The book is a multi-themed, ranging from human morality to friendships to betrayal and many in between. There is one particular story where David and John are friends where David has a lottery selling shop and John purchases lottery from his shop almost every day. During Christmas time as the prize money was Rs. One Crore, John buys a few tickets. Next …

Author Highlight: Khayaal Patel Discusses his New Book ‘Tarikshir’ and Stories from his Life

We are back with another author interview. Today, with us, we have Khayaal Patel – the author of ‘Tarikshir’. In this interview, Khayaal talks about his writing aspirations, the route to getting his book published, and his inclination towards fantasy novels. Stay on...while we chat with him. 
What motivates you to write and how long have you been writing? The readers motivate me to write, I’ll keep writing as long as there’s someone reading the stuff I write. The first draft for Tarikshir was written way back in 2010. Between then and long, I’ve managed to write four other books in the interim. All of them varying genres, and hopefully they should be published soon. How did you feel when your book got published? Relieved. It was a long time coming. Now it’s just hoping that the readers love reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Are you a prolific storyteller or story listener? What are some of your favourite novels and authors? Rene Goscinny and Herge were and always will be…

Book Review: Panther’s Moon by Ruskin Bond

Panther’s Moon is a great read about a wounded panther’s plight. The story takes place, as usual, in the Himalayan village of India named Manjari. It’s a tiny village with only five houses and from this small village only one boy named Bisnu, who lives with his widowed mother and elder sister Pooja, goes to school which is located five miles away. He also takes care of his family by doing little bit farming. His day to day activities include getting up early so that he can reach his school at time, which is at a distance of five miles. He has to cross a stream, wound up and down the mountains and pass through a dark forest where he is often welcomed by monkeys.

We see Bisnu and his dog Sheru. They both go together wherever they go. The village where Bisnu goes for education is bigger and connected to town and it has a bus stop, market, hospital and of course his school. Man-eater leopards or tigers often make common news for the people of hill. But this time, the leopard is different…

Author Highlight: Sameera Kotta Discusses her New Book ‘Beyond What Meets the Eye’ and Stories from her Life

We are back with another author interview. Today, with us, we have Sameera – the author of ‘Beyond What Meets the Eye’. In this interview, Sameera talks about her writing aspirations, and the route to getting her book published. Stay on...while we chat with her.
What motivates you to write? Nothing gives me more fuel to write than my job. It's so easy to be passionate about being a doctor, and there's just so much to write about! No wonder there are so many TV shows on doctors. I also find injustice very unsettling and I hate the saying, “life isn't fair.” Life should be fair! And that's what motivates me to write. How do you handle the response of this book, especially from your friends and colleagues? I probably wouldn't have finished the book if it weren't for my friends and colleagues. The kind of support and encouragement I've gotten from all of them is overwhelming. For the most part, though, I've received so much praise from my friends and colle…

Book Review: Beyond What Meets the Eye by Sameera Kotta

Beyond What Meets the Eye by Sameera Kotta is a dark contemporary novel that revolves around the murky fates of orphans. At times you may feel that the world’s happiness feeds on others misfortunes. Here, we see Majnu as the protagonist. He is an orphan. He doesn’t know anything about his parents or ancestral history. He exists and he has to make some value off his existence. Like we mostly heard, he too felt victimized at the orphanage where he was being initially raised, but later he runs away with one of his friend Bunty, who dies owning to poor living standard. It was Bunty’s death that defines the fate of Majnu.

Next we see Majnu is a medical student. He gets into a medical college and surprisingly good at studies. At college, he gets acquainted with a charming girl named Soumya, who hails from rich background. They go around but things do not work the way Majnu had planned. Out of nowhere, he purposes Soumya but to his chagrin she rejects him. Majnu takes an introspection of hi…