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Book Review: Last Train to Istanbul by Ayşe Kulin

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Author Highlight: Ritu Kakar Discusses her New Book ‘One Precious Moment’ and Stories from her Life

We are back with another author interview. Today, with us, we have Ritu – the author of ‘One Precious Moment’. In this interview, Ritu talks about her writing aspirations, the route to getting her book published, and her inclination towards contemporary fiction. Stay on...while we chat with her.
What motivates you to write? I have been a very avid reader and a lover for creating stories. I still remember I was 8 years when my mother got me my first collection of Moby Dick, Robinson Cruose, midnight stories, taming of the shrew. They all fascinated me more than my academic syllabus. I loved the different characters in all those books, I was fascinated with the stories and I lived each story with each changing character. But a secret that I want to share is that even at that age while I loved reading, I loved writing too. I would create essays which really impressed my teachers, so I have been a story teller since long. And now after a very long time that need, that desire to write an…

Positive Eating: A Guide to Everyday Health & Nutrition with Easy to Cook Recipes by Radhika Toshniwal

The veracity of this book falls on the credible profile of the author Radhika; yes she has over fifteen years of experience in nutrition field. Well, she is here to steer your eating habits onto a substantial and positive route. Did you see the tagline:  a guide to everyday health & nutrition with easy to cook recipes. Everyday health practices matter, right? You can brighten your day, resurrect your energy packets (just in case you suffer from laziness and so), feel good in mind and heart owning to positive eating. Yes, positive eating matters a lot. It makes difference in your life. Don’t treat your food like a moss…it is something that you need every day till your last breath. Thus, it’s better to be in company of salubrious food items.

Many laymen/folks won’t realize that this book (Positive Eating) by Radhika ma’am is an eye-opener than just a plain read about cuisines or recipes. The book explicitly opens up the case of a food item and exposes why you need it and how…what i…

Book Review: And Now We Are Twelve by Ruskin Bond

For the people interested in whereabouts of Ruskin Bond, as where he lives, with whom, is he married or living with an adopted family? Well, this short story is for you - And Now We Are Twelve – this story is about Ruskin’s cottages (he used to change quite a few) in Mussoorie and family and children associated with him since a long time.

In a nutshell this story is plot less; rather it accounts the life of Ruskin Bond since 1970 when he started building a family with family of others. Reading this short story will reveal as why Ruskin chose to stay in Mussoorie as he could have settled in England, Shimla or some other hilly place of India. The story goes like this, when Ruskin came in Mussoorie as a new entrant, he got the company of Prem, an inhabitant of hills. Prem along with his small family stayed with Ruskin in his cottages, sometimes up the hill or down in the valley, as a helper. Gradually, their understanding grew deeper. This you will read in the story From Small Beginning…

Author Highlight: Gaurav Gupta Discusses his New Book ‘College Diaries’ and Stories from his Life

We are back with another author interview. Today, with us, we have Gaurav – the author of ‘College Diaries’. In this interview, Gaurav talks about his writing aspirations, and the route to getting his book published. Stay on...while we chat with him.
What motivates you to write? Creating a difference in someone’s life or making someone smile. Or if someone can find their stories in mine or relate to it, that also gives fair bit of motivation. More my work is read, more I feel connected with this world. You remember the movie – ‘The Ring’ – In that, there is a girl Samara that just wants to be heard. My writing soul feels the same – it just wants to be read. How did you handle the response of this book, were there are any hiccups from college faculties? There haven’t been any hiccups so far. My campus faculties are fairly pleased with the book which is based on IIT Roorkee. People have liked the book so far. But what lies ahead of me is the tricky task of marketing the book so that p…

Book Review: RAFFLESIA: The Banished Princess by Gautam

‘RAFFLESIA – The Banished Princess’ by Gautam is a Bildungsroman novel. Through this book we meet Appu (Apurva Sharma) – a very silent, emotion-provoking and intense character. The book is about him. How he grows up with his parents, the kind of society he witnesses, his subaudition with some of the people outside his family, and most important how he struggles to eke out his share from the world or how he tussles to be a good fit in the hedonism of the world which is nothing but a meaningless chase for unbridled desires.

Appu is terrific. You will feel for him. He is naïve, honest, and inexperienced. His favourtie tale is RAFFLESIA – The Banished Princess. Appu liked this tale ever since he got hold of it. He had read it numerous times since his childhood. Why? There is some strange connection to his heart with this tale of a princess. Probably Appu tried to rise above all – everything – from all the hues and cries that grip the soul of a middle-class family. But did he succeed? Pro…

Book Review: Page 6 And Beyond by Hureen Saghar Gandhi

Internet technology has dramatically changed our lives i.e. the way we communicate and socialize through social media and chatting apps. It will be right to say that internet technology fuels the overall plot of this light-hearted, witty, contemporary novel.

‘Page 6 And Beyond’ by Hureen Saghar Gandhi is relatable and fun to read. The story is not much about one peculiar character or plot; rather you will get into mesmerizing experience that may pull you towards your long-lost school friends.
Well, coming to the book and its allied features. We see that there is this Page 6. People living in India must be familiar with Page 3 (Times of India) – a page for celebrity gossip and news and so on.
The name Page 6 was inspired by the Page Six gossip section of the New York Post which is a source of celebrity news, gossip, entertainment, pop culture, photos, video and more. It was a spontaneously agreed upon name when our group of five decided to take this scoop to the next level.
On the simi…