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Book Review: Still Loved…Still Missed by Mridula

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Book Review: Butterfly for a Heart by J. Jacqueline

Butterfly for a Heart by J. Jacqueline is a delightful collection of poems and prose that takes us into the various facets of life.

Life As it is… Our generations will look at us and see fools; Consumed with a materialistic mind and vulgar thought. They will erase us from their history of goodwill and place us in their history of destruction and disgrace.
The collection opens up with the above poem and it immediately casts an impression that deep inside the book there is more to savour and understand and feel within your heart.
Like many other contemporary poem collections, this book too is segmented into various aspects and the poet has placed poems accordingly. Major themes presented in the book are vagaries of life, resurrection, the value of men and women, love and lust, and dark themes like death and hollowness, and more.
Another gripping aspect in the book is its ability to hold aggressiveness with firm intensity. The poems are simple to read and understand, however, at the same tim…

Character Sketch of Suraj from the Story The Tunnel by Ruskin Bond

The short story by Ruskin Bond ‘The Tunnel’ has two main characters, in fact, there is no third human character in the story. It is rare to find a story so captivating with such limited cast of characters.

After the watchman Sundar Singh, the second character in the story is Suraj. He is a young boy – which is clear from the descriptions made throughout the story, for instance, he rides a bicycle and loves watching the passing trains. He is so much inquisitive about the watchman’s life and the train tunnel that he comes to the hut of the watchman at night to see the happening of events.
Suraj is inquisitive in behavior. He loves nature but slightly afraid of wild animals. He loves observing things, such as hearing the thundering in the tracks when the train passed and noticing the disturbance caused by the train while crossing the jungle.
He has parents, there is mention of his father in the story. Also, his father wants him to be part of his business, wants to teach him many aspects…

Author Highlight: Souvik Roy Discusses his New Book ‘Abhinash Chakraborty’ and Stories from his Life

We are back with another author interview. Today, with us, we have very young Indian author – Souvik Roy. His recently published crime thriller novel, Abhinash Chakraborty, has begun creating buzz in the town. In this interview, he talks about his writing aspirations, and the route to getting his books published, and inclination towards crime fiction, and much more. Stay on...while we chat with him.

How do you feel as an author – being so young and ambitious? How do people around you react to that? Well, I have been congratulated by my teachers and friends and even those friends who had never read a novel or any other book out of their course syllabi have also bought my book. Well, I am actually a conservative person, so I had very few friends. My juniors in school and my college seniors have also done what they could to support my enthusiasm. I’m really grateful for their support.
Well, you can’t deny the fact that reading books out of course content has become a rare habit especia…

Character Sketch of Sundar Singh from the Story ‘The Tunnel’ by Ruskin Bond

After reading the short story ‘The Tunnel’ by Ruskin Bond, you will come across two main characters of the story: Sundar Singh and Suraj.

In this post, we are going to see the character sketch of Sundar Singh. This short story, TheTunnel, is placed in the foothills of the Himalaya, where train passing is possible. Some distance from Dehradun, lies a small village, and some distance from that village, up in the hills, through the forest goes a railway line. The railway line has one tunnel.
Sundar Singh is a watchman of that tunnel. His duty is to inspect the tunnel twice a day. Two trains, one at day, second one at night passes through that tunnel. His duty is to make the tunnel clear of manageable obstacles like small stones or wild animals. For the day train, he waves a red flag if found anything objectionable in the tunnel. And at night, he waves the lamp if something is wrong in the tunnel. If everything is fine, he does nothing and relaxes in his small hut.
He is familiar with t…

Author Highlight: AmyReads Discusses his New Book ‘Not a Different Story’ and Stories from his Life

We are back with another author interview. Today, with us, we have AmyReads – the author of ‘Not a Different Story’. In this interview, he talks about his writing aspirations and the route to getting his books published. Stay on...while we chat with him.
What inspired you to write this book? Any tales to tell… The idea to write this book had caught me unawares when I was going to my college in a city bus. But I feel that the core of this book i.e. “a toxic family experience can fill you with negative attitude” had been in my mind for so long.
When I was small, I used to live with my family in a rented apartment, and the flats were such that if you spoke loud enough, people in adjacent flats could easily hear you. So, the couple next door used to fight a lot. A lot means their altercations were the constant background noise. Their children rarely interacted or played with other children and that was definitely because of the shame. One day, our landowner told them to vacate the flat s…

Book Review: Abhinash Chakraborty by Souvik Roy

Abhinash Chakraborty by Souvik Roy is a page-turner crime thriller. Though short in length, it may make you feel like as you have gone through a saga of some amusing and intriguing characters. What makes a crime thriller interesting and riveting – probably it’s the sweeps of the characters in it. So, with plain and timid character line, perhaps the crime thriller is going to be a lot predictable and boring after some time.

However, this titular novel – Abhinash Chakraborty by Souvik Roy is just an anti-thesis to predictability. One moment you are waiting for the character to appear, next moment it comes and disappears. A lot of hide and seek, on the run lives, adventure, no-hope situation – are some of the aspects that you can find in this novel, which perfectly makes it a riveting crime thriller from a very young Indian writer.
The story kicks off with a murder scene, so people may assume that now detectives are going to solve the murder case. Well, it runs out of its gamut to reach…