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Book Review: Heart Strings by Dr. Sushma Rani Sangam

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Book Review: Satya: ...Tuhara Saath Hi Shashvath Hai by Satyendra Singh Apurna

Satya is a riveting Hindi romance novel, written by Satyendra Singh Apurna. The tagline of the novel means ‘your company is incredibly reliable and true’ (Tuhara Saath Hi Shashvath Hai). As the novel opens up, we see Shobha and Aniruddha in Agra somewhat in a denial mode. The bone of contention is that Shobha and Aniruddha were friends since an early age and later fell for each other. One of the strong reasons is that they share a common big house, under different parents. However, they are too early to decide the future of their love story. It becomes clear that Aniruddha’s parents may not accept Shobha as a new family member.

Hold on…the story has just begun. The time they are talking about marriage and future is just immediately after their school. Thus, in pursuit of good education, both departs, and choose different ways. They are from Agra.
Before Shobha could be seen back in the story, the author takes us to an engineering college in Pantnagar. And there the lead of the novel…

Book Review: Sher Singh and the Hot-Water Bottle by Ruskin Bond

Sher Singh and the Hot-Water Bottle by Ruskin Bond is a very interesting short story placed, as usual, against his favourite backdrop–foothills of the Himalaya. This story, spiraled from his own experience, is placed against the emergency time imposed by then PM Indira Gandhi. It’s around 1979-80, the mood in Landour, a small place in Mussoorie, was little gloomy owing to impose bans on liquor shops. Ruskin lives there in a small cottage that leaks so often. It’s winter and without liquor it was getting difficult for people to keep themselves warm and cozy.

One morning a known milkman of the area Sher Singh noticed the somber mood of Ruskin. Next day, Sher Singh asked a bottle of warm water from him. Ruskin gives him only one. Sher Singh, other than being a milkman, also begins preparing local liquor using some castor oil and turnips. It came out something frenzy. As it unfolds, people whosoever consumed it begin acting in clumsy ways, so much so that a retired judge fell in love wit…

Book Review: The Burning School by Sandesh Raj

The Burning School by Sandesh Raj is a beautifully etched novel but somewhere it makes us uncomfortable about the current crises of Kashmir. Going by the title, it indicates a lot, yet at the same time stirs inquisitiveness to delve deep into the mainstream story. The story is about Kashmir, however, this time the lead characters are not from Kashmir. This rarely happens in a Kashmir-bound novel. The novel runs up to 400 pages and comfortably builds its backdrop and idiosyncrasies of the characters.

Kashmir is the land where there are more issues than most of us think of. At the facade, it’s terrorism that the world sees. Only novels like this will take us close to the reality. It’s apt to say words are powerful, mightier than a sword.
The story chugs ahead like an express train, along with taking its mini and subplots collectively. It starts at one point and ends at somewhere totally unexpected loop. The story is about Naved, a young and ambitious man in his mid twenties. He is an I…

Book Review: Arya Dharma by Bollachettira Dhyan Appachu

Arya Dharma is a work of non-fiction by Bollachettira Dhyan Appachu, the book runs over 600 pages. It tries to settle down the dust on one of the most pressing issues the world facing nowadays – conflict of interests due to different religions. The whole world is prejudiced and fighting to prove their mastery and superiority with respect to their religions. The author Dhyan takes a sneak into the matter and comes up with a presumably solution – Arya Dharma.

This book is all about Arya Dharma: what does it signify, where does it belong, and what sort of prosperity it can bring to the world. But in the process, the author seemed like vented his anger towards the Western society, he invented something like FUKUS – it means inclusion of France, United Kingdom, and the USA. FUKUS is the full form of these three countries. Based on his experience and research, he is of the opinion that today world is declining, the moral values, compassion, humanity and all due to FUKUS system. In this sys…

Book Review: Love, Murder, and Ambition by Vidhi Chauhan

I stumbled upon this book on Kindle while looking for some short reads in the genres of crime, murder, suspense, etc.  Its cover page grabbed my attention and when I found that it’s even less than 100 pages, without a second blink, I have had it in my TBR list. Let me tell you that it’s been penned down by a new author, in fact, this being her debut work. I have always believed that first-time authors put brilliant efforts in their debut work, and here Vidhi Chauhan, based in Singapore, proved it quite elegantly.

It's a murder mystery, placed against the fast-paced, yet ambitious, multi-cosmos backdrop of Bangalore. It has been woven using a few decent yet brutally smart characters. The man in the light is Mahesh. His background is something like: confident, smart, manipulative, and have weakness for women's beauty. The story is mainly about the corporate world. Before getting married to a Bengali girl Anupamma, he was with Shobhna, his office colleague. Sobhna was in love wi…

Book Review: The 9 Colours of Vibrant Women by Ramya R. Moorthy

I have known the author since her first book 'A Journey in Search of Happiness' – a it was a bang on book to my quest of being happy over roaming for being successful. Now this book, The 9 Colours of Vibrant Women is another great offering to boost up the morale of women across the world. This book in particular details about the colours and its allied values in women's lives. Every colour indicates some or other virtue or trait, for example purple colour suggests Creative, Grandeur, and Wisdom.

The author explains the colour traits and virtues to her growing daughter Anila after she is being devastated getting to know the shocking story of Nirbhaya, who happens to be a girl from her neighborhood. If you have read the previous book in the series, you will be then familiar with the mother daughter duo, Shivani and Anila. Mother Shivani wants to instill 9 colours of vibrant women in her daughter Anila. For that, she chooses the occasion of Navratri, so that she could get on…