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Book Review: Our Trees Still Grow in Dehra by Ruskin Bond

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Author Highlight: Rajesh Iyer Discusses his New Book ‘Spinner of the Twisted Tale’ and Stories from his Life

We are back with another author interview. Today, with us, we have Rajesh – the author of ‘Spinner of the Twisted Tale’. In this interview, Rajesh talks about his writing aspirations, the route to getting his book published, and his inclination towards storytelling. Stay on...while we chat with him.
What motivates you to write and how long have you been writing? I’ve been writing for over two decades now; as a scriptwriter for TV series, newspaper and magazine articles, a few films scripts that are under production, apart from three novels and two children’s story books. Besides being an editor and having commissioned over 500 books (mostly children’s), I was thankfully always surrounded by stories.
To answer about motivation, well to me stories mean much more than mere entertainment. That is something the protagonist Nalini feels and professes in this latest book. They are the life force; an unseen connect that binds everything together. So, logically, when you’re surrounded by stor…

Ruskin Bond Poem: What Can We Give Our Children

Through this short poem Ruskin appeals to all of us, parents and adult ones, to give proper education, knowledge and honour and many more valuable aspects to our children. If moral values and right ways of life aren’t properly taught to children, the future of our race may go bleak. Read this simple short poem and you will get to know the valuable lessons this cute old writer is talking about.

One prominent theme of this poem is that right moral values are better than gold.
What can we give our children? Knowledge, yes, and honour too, And strength of character And the gift of laughter. What gold do we give our children? The gold of a sunny childhood, Open spaces, a home that binds Us to the common good… These simple things Are greater than the gold of kings.
By Ruskin Bond

Book Review: Spinner of the Twisted Tale by Rajesh M. Iyer

Stories carry far-fetching influence on humans. Whether we are listening to them intently or they fall upon us out of somewhere, erratic specks of visualization and inquisitiveness begin itching in the cask of our subconscious. Hence it is rightly said that stories are inevitable to human race – you cannot ignore them – stories can open or shrink your world depending upon its narration.

Rajesh Iyer introduces us to the life of a prolific storyteller, Nalini, whose long life is filled with storytelling sessions for a cast of audiences. Her stories are daring intrigue, witty, ironical; and at times filled with dark moments. After Nalini was born, unlike other babies in her family, her first word was Kadhai – in Tamil it meant story. However, some of her relatives counteracted it with Kazhutai, which meant donkey in Tamil. As she grows up, she begins narrating stories of amusing irony and great significance. Since the novel has its roots to pre-independence days, you can say that time s…

Author Highlight: Kavya Discusses her New Book ‘Somewhere in a Song’ and Stories from her Life

We are back with another author interview. Today, with us, we have Kavya – the author of ‘Somewhere in a Song’. In this interview, Kavya talks about her writing aspirations, the route to getting her book published, and her inclination towards psychological thrillers. Stay on...while we chat with her. 
What motivates you to write? This might sound strange. Music motivates me to write. If I love a particular song, immediately a story will form in my mind. I would feel inspired and start plotting the story. Sometimes, an entire soundtrack (especially A.R. Rahman’s albums) will bring in some ideas for my stories. No wonder my book ‘Somewhere in a Song’ revolves around a song. What were your feelings after publishing this book? I felt euphoric. Since this story had two themes that were close to my heart, getting it published was really blissful. Why did you choose to write a psychological novel based around a song? I didn’t mean to categorize the story as psychological. It somehow fell …

Book Review: You Cannot Have all the Answers and Other Stories by Deepa Agarwal

Well certainly as the title suggest that in our life we cannot have all the answers no matter how hard we try or go berserk with inquisitiveness. This situation is quite pragmatic in life and on the similar lines we have this book by Deepa Agarwal - You Cannot Have all the Answers and Other Stories – a collection of fifteen unique, engaging, and a bit dark tales which features female protagonists in each story. In short the stories are placed around females, mostly all ages.

While reading this book, you may come across various stories about women that take place in our societies, though may not every day, but somewhere for sure. The book has very intense theme, some people may take it as dark, because here we see how women get trapped by the time clock and circumstances that force them to either accept this life with full womanhood or go ahead as a rebel. A close look reveals that it is the duty and compassion towards family and society that binds a woman into rite of passages, on th…

Ruskin Bond Poem: Lines Written on a Sleepless Night

Lines Written on a Sleepless Night is a very funny poem by Ruskin Bond. He wrote this poem when he was about to turn seventy. On the night before his 70th birthday, he just couldn’t sleep. Why? The urge to write something was disturbing him. So he got up and penned down this humourus poem and went to sleep.

The poem is bit satirical in nature. Ruskin discusses the things that he can’t do and the things that he can do easily. Read the poem given below and you will see that he was foolish with worldly or tech-related things but hopeful with creativity. The poem is simple and in rhythm, like Ruskin Bond books and short stories, his poems are, too, full of simplicity and mirth.
I’m unfamiliar with statistics, I wouldn’t know what to do With a book on Mathematics Or a girl of ninety-two.
I really can’t tell the difference Between a man from Kalamazoo And the kind of endangered species That you only find in a zoo.
I’m hopeless at Nuclear Physics- Don’t ask me to make you a bomb- But if you woul…