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Poem Summary: Lovers Observed by Ruskin Bond

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Book Review: Truth & Dare – The Modi Dynamic by Sanju Verma

Post the Loksabha Elections 2014, many books have been written on our current Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi (popularly known as Modiji and NaMo). His popularity is always on the rise, owing to his great work done for the country since the 2014 Loksabha elections. Well, the point is that many books that have been talking about him ‘in and out’, do not feature his work credibility in facts and stats, or say with proper detailing and depth. Those books were read by millions, but somehow sounded shallow, and wanted to take the advantage of ‘Modi Wave.’

Well, today we are discussing a book that came just two months before the Loksabha Elections 2019. It not only predicted that Modi-led BJP would be back in the power with over 300 seats but also highlighted the work done by Modi dispensation in last 4 to 5 years. Its name is ‘Truth & Dare – The Modi Dynamic’ by Sanju Verma.
The book is divided into two parts. Part 1 – Modinomics Unplugged, and Part 2 – The Meteoric Rise of t…

Book Review: Ivory Gleam by Dr. Priya Dolma Tamang

In years come a poetry collection that actuates you to feel everything, but somehow you feel trapped and fretted. The more you delve deeper into the world of poet, the thicker the misery dawns upon you with a burden of an amusing longing. It is not an adrenaline rush, rather a queer feeling, and we are sure that you won’t get that with any randomly picked up poetry. To match your trance, today we have got Ivory Gleam by Dr. Priya Dolma Tamang – a collection of poems as pure and fresh as mountain snow.

The brilliance of poetess Priya shines throughout the book, and probably if she kept writing such stuff, she will be the shining star in the world poetry arena. Anyway, back in the book, it is an amazing book, as you know the title – Ivory Gleam – is like unveiling the blinds off the unbridled desires of human beings. To any extent, the title is apt and it means that people we come across often or dealt with every day or with whom we fall in love at some point of life are all shells. Th…

Author Highlight: Dr. Priya Dolma Tamang Discusses her New Book ‘Ivory Gleam’ and Stories from her Life

We are back with another author interview. Today, with us, we have Priya Tamang – the author of ‘Ivory Gleam’. Here, she talks about her journey as a writer from a young age and her latest collection Ivory Gleam. She also offers some great insights and tips into writing and editing poetry.
What attracted to you poetry? As it's a trend among new young writers to write more about love and college stories?What makes you take a different path?Poetry chose me, not the other way round. Ironically, this was more of a fortunate happenstance than a coordinated event. As I ventured into online sharing of my ramblings, I never had the audacity to term them "poetry". I wrote, initially, as a release of pent-up emotional mismatches; later, to romanticize ideas that caught my attention. What widely got circulated as "poems" were my half-baked attempts at linguistic experimentation. You must have read many poets and their poetry - so does their work influence your poetry?It w…

Book Review: The Girl with a Secret Crush by Sudha Nair

The Girl with a Secret Crush by Sudha Nair is a very short novel, about thirty-two pages, available only on Kindle. The purpose of this book is to present readers with short and crisp, yet interesting, romance story. With the help of Kindle publishing, the trend of publishing short and effective novella-like stories is taking the right direction. Much famous name is Preeti Shenoy. Well, coming to this story, we see it is a story of Malini, first.

She is quite alone in life, works with a small publishing house, and loves her cat. No friends, no boyfriends, no social life, no other drama life. She has this plain life. But she loves the novels of a very famous author Vikram Mathur. She even loves him secretly, and Vikram has no air about it.
Well one day, the equation changes when her senior goes on vacation and she picks up the call of Vikram, who was furious at her senior. Soon, she is sent to meet Vikram to suggest him something with his novel’s characters - he was facing a writer…

Book Review: A Night Walk Home by Ruskin Bond

A Night Walk Home by Ruskin Bond is a beautifully written short story that talks about the night ambience which the narrator often experiences in Landour – a small place in Mussoorie. Also, the story is very informative as it tells as how a night can be spent in the mountains, like the foothills of the Himalayas.

The theme of nature and wildlife conservation is too strong and Ruskin has used various animals and birds to depict his conviction for saving from any sort of trouble. The story is of one night when the narrator was walking back home midnight in the mountains. One can relate more with his experiences by going through the following excerpts:
"No night is so dark as it seems. Here in Landour, on the first range of the Himalayas, I have grown accustomed to the night's brightness - moonlight, starlight, lamplight, firelight! Even fireflies light up the darkness."
Clearly, the narrator loves night as he does not reckon it with darkness, rather he finds light in many …

Book Review: Not a Different Story by AmyReads

Ever since we were kids, we loved watching movies and serials on family drama and tragedies. However, these kinds of stories are rare to find in the novels nowadays – you can find in Munshi Premchand’s novels – in the likes of Sevasadan, Nirmala, Godan, etc. But that was a different time and era.

Literature on social tragedies is often too high on intensity that at times the readers find it tough to cope up with, but on the other hand side, it reflects the grim realities of our society and the world we live in. How people are responsible and what all social factors are there to shape the overall course of simple people. Some mean and arrogant people do something heinous and villainous, and the repercussions of their sins chaperon some simple and innocent-hearted people. The world then feels like a place of different zone, somewhat hellish.
Well, if we can keep aside this pontification, we have a novel by a debutante to discuss. It’s ‘Not a Different Story’ by AmyReads. As the title s…