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Book Review: Silent Fires by Poojitha G Prasad

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Book Review: Niranjan the Bomb Buster by Major General Bipin Bakshi and Rishi Kumar

Niranjan the Bomb Buster by Major General Bipin Bakshi and Rishi Kumar is a riveting graphic comic on Lt. Col. Niranjan, who was an NSG commando. The comic is based on a real life story. This book highlights his role in successfully carrying out the Pathankot Airbase Operation. The story is of 1 st January 2016 when NSG team got information of Pakistan sponsored terrorist attack at the Pathankot Airbase. The team led by Lt. Col. Niranjan heads to Pathankot. There the army and police have to neutralize the rats (terrorists) and after that NSG will sanitize the area by defusing the explosives attached to the terrorists. Lt. Col. Niranjan is the head of Bomb Disposal Squad (BDS). The AIF and Army kills almost all terrorists, and then Lt. Col. Niranjan takes his team ahead to clear the area of explosives, grenades, bombs, etc. Keeping others behind, Lt. Col. Niranjan leads the way. He single-handedly clears strapped explosives from many dead terrorists. It was a risky task, as most of

Book Review: Signposts by Tapan Ghosh

Like a lamppost, signpost is also a fascinating sight. There is something unspeakable charm about signposts whenever we come across while walking or driving. In simple words signposts guide us, they show the directions to lost wanderers, they signal something. As a traveler one has to understand them to get on the right path. They show us the way. Getting of its physical aspect, in the book Signposts: Life simplified in 100 quotes by Tapan Ghosh, we come across wisdom that try guiding us. It is a book of 100 quotes. The cover page of the book is completely enticing, with a sublime view of mountains with a signpost pole showing directions at three sides. The signposts also assist the content inside. The inside galley of the book is as captivating as its cover page.   The size of the book is handy – one can keep it anywhere, even while travelling. It is not a book on moral lecturing through some random quotes. In fact, the quotes in the book seem to have been spiraled from the author

Book Review: The Flower Pot Sayings by Suresh Thripunithura

The Flower Pot Sayings by Suresh Thripunithura is a sublime collection of over 30 poems with beautiful pictures. Being a pictorial poetry book, the book spellbound the heart of readers. And those who love nature and cannot live without it will find it as a treat. From the title one could guess that the book is built around flowers and nature dominantly. The poet is of the opinion that flowers and plants around us teach us something about life and its phenomena. It is not a direct collection, the meanings are lying hidden, from the nature and flowers and plants one can get a better view of life. For instance, the Garden Berries poem is evident of nature's way of starting and ending the process in a subtle way. The garden is an epitome of change that nature does. In the poem, Welcome Rain plants welcome rain with glow. All the poems are easy to read and if one reads twice, meaning of each poem gets understood. The poet has presented many a type of flowers in the book and from e

Book Review: Peacock Landing by Suresh Thripunithura

Peacock Landing by Suresh Thripunithura is a short pictorial book of 30+ poems. The book is filled with amazing short juicy poems with brilliant pictures on a gamut of themes. The poet allured various omens and emotions and desolate events of life through peacock sightseeing. What does a peacock sight indicate? The poet keeping that in mind takes the readers on a tour where they are confronted with an array of life events…some are dark, a few ones are tragic…but major ones are about pain of separation and memories of yesteryears. As one chugs ahead with the book, readers will be thrilled to find that the author writes his heart out. He seems to have observed the life closely on matters of solitude, loneliness, wounds of memories, pain of separation in love. The collection is bit random, but it grips the readers with its impactful poetry. It is one such collection that challenges the audience to decipher the meaning and in that they are going to find sheer fun. Peacock feather is th

Book Review: My Sleepless Nights by Manohar Grandhi

My Sleepless Nights is an account of the author from sleepless nights to relaxed days. The book takes readers on a journey of a man (the author himself) who first develops insomnia and then overcomes it. The account is brutally honest and yet informative. To sleep late is a trend nowadays owing to sedentary lifestyle and 24/7 profession and so on. The author gets into insomnia by reading books and it kept on increasing for other reasons as well. He compares the fear of insomnia with a sowing of a plant. According to the book one loses the battle against insomnia because one sows the seed of worry and fear in mindset. So in a very evident manner, the book shows how to shift the mindset to gain victory over insomnia. Manohar explains how he went to get into full-fledged insomnia from just reading books. Other than the author’s struggle against the sleepless nights, the book features some good stories on consistency, persistence, dedication, and so on. The Chinese Bamboo story is of g

Book Review: Shalom Namaste by Nurani S Ravi

Shalom Namaste by Nurani S. Ravi is an interesting novel that takes stance on social and economic offenders of India that have fled the country to avoid persecution. The novel is slightly a political thriller with some other auxiliary themes such as adventure, espionage, drama, nationalism, etc. It is a novel that has, in particular, no fixed lead character. It is rather based on circumstances. To understand the novel, the readers should be aware of political situation of India and its stance on fugitives who left the country by taking huge loans from banks. However, the novel is not all about bad bank loans, it also deals with some other offenders as well. PMO, NSA, CIS, CSS – all prepare a list of 50 offenders – who have dented the reputation of the country by some or other way. They need to be traced and if possible wanted back in India. But that’s not possible. Thus, higher officials pick up 5 people who have some serious charges against them such as fraudulent activities with