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Book Review: Arihant Resurrected by Shubhan Balvally

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Book Review: Understanding Tomas Gosta Transtromer by Baiju Krishnan

Understanding Tomas Gosta Transtromer is a short research book for literature students mainly. This is written by Baiju Krishnan, who is currently pursuing a Ph.D in English from Dravidian University, Kuppam, India. Tomas Gosta Transtromer was a Swedish poet. He had won Nobel Prize for literature in 2011. The book is short yet informative and provides a flitting glance on the work of the poet. Other than introduction and preface, it includes three chapters that provide most of the information about Tomas Gosta Transtromer. Chapter one deals with introduction about Tomas Gosta Transtromer. It discusses his life events and birth and early phases of life. The second chapter is slightly long and delves deep in his work. It discusses the critical journey through the works of Nobel Laureate Tomas Gosta Transtromer. The third chapter shares bits of knowledge and mystical understanding. In the end, many professors praised this book for its approach and wealth of knowledge it contains.  

Book Review: Bad Boy Bloggers: Four Stories of Technology Disruptors by Anuj Tikku

Anuj Tikku, a Bollywood actor turned writer, is always into the headlines for writing head-turning books. Recently, he came up with Bad Boy Bloggers: Four Stories of Technology Disruptors. This is a short book, more of a research material than a non-fiction. Well, in its essence it is about 4 bloggers. Three bloggers are from abroad, while Tikku has mentioned himself as the 4 th blogger. The insight of the book tells that in some or other way these bloggers have disrupted the conventional way of living or perspectives of life. Other than Anuj, in the book, these three bloggers are Julian Assange from Australia, Alexi Navalny from Russia, and Mark Manson from America. Julian Assange runs WikiLeaks, he shows videos and other stuff that puts any government in an embarrassed state. Similarly, Alexi Navalnny is against the Russian government, he is also banned from his country. And the third one is Mark Mansion, who wrote the book ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck’. Clearly, these

Book Review: T is for 2020 + 1 by Trishangni Sharma

The year 2020 was a quite a queer year for the entire human race. Right since its beginning the signs of Covid pandemic begin scratching the lines that could change the world where we live in. It was a tough year, many lost lives, some lost loved ones, and people also lost time and money, even hope. Social distancing and lockdown and so on forced people for a solitude that not only harrowed their souls but also turned them gloomy about their future. However, the race of poets didn’t give up. They utilized their solitude into something hopeful poetry. As the pandemic racing against time, I have been getting to see a lot of books that were written during the lockdown and try raising hope for all human beings. On discussion today is T is for 2020 + 1 by Trishangni Sharma. How did this book came into existence? Well its tagline says it all – the solitude of 2020 turned into poetry . A ravishing book of 365 poetry, prose, free lines, and verses and everything that the author could pen d

Book Review: The Greatest Game by Greg Rajaram

The Greatest Game by Greg Rajaram is a different-level novel with multi characters and point of views. The novel starts something as primitive historical, later on treads the path of philosophy. The book is divided into two parts. Undoubtedly, the first part is riveting and promises a great story. However, a close look reveals that it tries transporting readers to that time of Adam and Eve or more specifically to the roots of human race. There we have Devi and Shivaji. Devi is fascinated by the tree where a silver apple hangs. It tempts her. She can have all the knowledge and walk around the earth. Shivaji knows the trick. He warns her to stay away but as it was done in the human race history, Devi gets the silver apple. Subsequently, the ‘price game’ starts. For everything, humans need to pay the price, be it knowledge or intelligence. Later on, their sons divide and go on forming the kingdoms. The story in the part one forms the roots of the book. It ascends a lineage of human beha

Book Review: Murdrum by Dr. Sohil Makwana

Murdrum by Dr. Sohil Makwana is a fascinating crime thriller with blending of murder mystery, bio punk, forensic thriller and a few more subgenres. The novel is written by a doctor, thus, he has leveraged his medical knowledge and other expertise to make the novel really captivating and moving. At the story, we see that Komal tries hard to get into CBI. But as luck turns around, she majorly works in a forensic lab and plays around data of DNA and all. There is a serial killer out on the lose, probably no one has seen it. Also to maintain a right sense of suspense, the author referred that person as Mysterious Hoodie. The killer targets pregnant women. But why? One needs to pick up the book for internal details. Komal has a hunch about the killer, she tries to make it acquaint with her seniors in the CBI, but all in vain as she is just an intern for them. How will she then chase the killer? Will her study of forensic and DNA reporting help her grabbing the killer. Other than Komal a

Book Review: Words of the Heart by Bhagyashri Kuber Patrikar

Words of the Heart by Bhagyashri Kuber Patrikar is a riveting collection of quotes, poems, and prose. All combined into one book, this book is something that came straight out of the author’s heart. As in the beginning, it is given that the author has been writing since her college days, and this book is the compilation of some of her work. Overall, there are 36 pieces of literature. The USP of the book is that it is written in three languages: English, Hindi, and Marathi. Just some 40 pages, this book is a great content which people can share on their social media profiles for better interaction with the audience. As the title suggests ‘Words of the Heart,’ it is evident that someone has written words that came into her heart at various circumstances or at life events. The book mainly inspires readers to live a mega life over mediocrity. In some of the prose, the author showered love and respect for her immediate family members like child, father, or husband. The book starts with