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Book Review: They Go To Sleep by Saugata Chakraborty

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Author Highlight: Deepak Thomas Discusses his New Book ‘The Epic of Kautilya’ and Stories from his Life

We are back with another author interview. Today, with us, we have Deepak Thomas – the author of ‘The Epic of Kautilya’. In this interview, Deepak talks about his writing aspirations, the route to getting his book published, and his inclination towards fantasy genre. Stay on...while we chat with him.
What inspired you to write this book? Any tales to tell? I have always wanted to write a story that had the scale of Lord of the Rings and colourful characters like anime.Many ideas had come and gone but it was Kautilya and her story which pushed me past the tipping point.
The setting came first. The world takes its inspiration from Indian mythology but at the same time, it is steeped in its own lore. Here the magic is real and small actions can have huge consequences and there is so much yet to be discovered.
The idea of the young general Kautilya occurred to me later. This was while I was at IIM Calcutta. I was watching the movie Red Cliff when I realized not a lot of war stories are …

Press Release: ‘Done With Her’ is a Terrific Murder Mystery by the Debut Author Chirasree Bose

Mumbai (April 8, 219) – Debut author Chirasree Bose’s first novel ‘Done With Her’ – a murder mystery – is out in the market, available in both formats: Kindle and Paperback.

“It is a terrific murder mystery – it has been a rarity where the motive becomes the cynosure – chaser, killer, avenger, victim, even the protagonist.”
About the Book: Like most of the great crime thrillers, when the story starts, it doesn’t make much sense to the readers, things are in vague. Nothing is clear. That’s goes like a cardinal rule for crime and suspense thriller novels – if you don’t believe refer to Colin Dexter or Daniel Silva. The story’s backdrop is simple but as it advances with a slew of intriguing characters, the intensity becomes unavoidable. People with affinity for crime and suspense novels will surely find it as delightful read, all the more, it’s a short novel. One of the Unique Selling Points of the book is that it’s fast-paced, imagine a book of about 50 pages, but still it stretches up t…

Author Highlight: Priya Das Discusses her New Book ‘Fly With Me’ and Stories from her Life

We are back with another author interview. Today, with us, we have Priya – the author of ‘Fly With Me’. In this interview, Priya talks about her writing aspirations and the route to getting her book published, and her love for romance genre. Stay on...while we chat with her.
What inspired you to write this book? Any tales to tell… I had a ligament surgery. I was in bed for 3 months. Couldn’t go to college and had to skip a year. Reading was the only thing that gave me any peace at that point of time. And then there was a contest in a national newspaper where people were asked to write dedications for their mothers for a Mother’s Day feature. I wrote something and sent it across. And I came first and got loads of prizes. That’s when my mom said I should try and write something for myself. And since I am always reading, she thought I could be a writer as well. That’s when I thought of giving it a go. I was sitting at home and wallowing in self-pity. I had nothing else to do. So, I wrot…

Book Review: Fly With Me by Priya Das

‘Fly With Me’ by Priya Das is a fascinating contemporary fiction about a young girl who goes emotionally astray because of love. Is love dangerous in life? Does it bring perilous effects on someone’s mind and heart over a period of time? This short novel tries to answer these questions through the voice of Snigdha – the protagonist. While reading this short novel, you may feel that love isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and at the same time Indian society isn’t receptive towards it.

As the novel starts, we see that Snigdha is a silent lecturer in a college and leads a monotonous life. Using the flashback technique, the author takes us into her past life. In college, where she has had immense passion for dance and falls for a guy named Abir Sen. In fact, they both were brilliant at dancing. Dancing was Snigdha’s passion. But why did she leave it and for what reasons?
Technically, she was in love with Abir or say vice versa. However, things didn’t go as per their imagination and they were d…

Book Review: Old Man at the Bridge by Ernest Hemingway

Old Man at the Bridge by Ernest Hemingway is a short story staged against war-torn Spain. The time is of Spanish Civil War, around Second World War. Like in many other short stories of Hemingway, death during war time is prominent in this story as well. A soldier passes by an old bridge to go back to a village to see whether the enemy army is following his army or not? The Spanish Civil War was fought between Fascist and Republican. The soldier is from Republican Party. While crossing the bridge, the soldier notices many people crossing the bridge, in fact fleeing the village because of ensuing war. He spots an old man sitting by the road on the bridge. When the soldier comes back, he finds the old man still there, whereas all people have left the place. The old man is lonely, dusty, and tired.

Seeing the miserable state of the old man, the soldier initiates conversation with him. The old man says that he is the last man to leave his village because he cares for his animals that cons…

Poem Summary: Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley

Ozymandias is a short poem of fourteen lines written by Percy Bysshe Shelley. The concurrent theme of the poem is that nothing remains intact and same forever in this world. Even the brightest of metal, one day decays with passage of time. The throne name of Egyptian King Ramesses is Ozymandias. It was his dearest desire to preserve himself forever by building a huge statue that he thought would never tumble down.

Stanza 1: I met a traveller from an antique land Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand, Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown, And wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command, Tell that its sculptor well those passions read Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things, The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed;
Summary: The poet narrates the poem through the eyes of a traveler who seems to have come back from a remote and far-away land, referring to Egypt. The traveler recollects what he saw there in the desert…