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Book Review: Framandi Alliance by Rashid Ahmed

Framandi Alliance by Rashid Ahmed is an engrossing science fiction novel that is purely based on space activities and its allied ambience like extraterrestrials, anomalous space objects, colonization, and interstellar travel and so on. Before the main story could commence, the author introduces us to a secret organization working for space related issues named Lysi in Europe post the Second World War and dominantly during the cold war. So anything related to space exploration or cosmic missions, it is due to this organization. As you chug ahead with the story, you will meet two twin transhumans Jón and Ásta, they are sort of protagonists. They are assigned to intercept and study AL-I, the medium sized asteroid like object, discovered approaching north of the solar system's ecliptic. It stopped in the way. Looks unique but its sudden and erratic behavior could pose danger to Earth. The twins reach at Alfhol space station behind the moon. From here the most part of the story begins

Book Review: The Man from Nowhere by Saurav Dutt

The Man from Nowhere by Saurav Dutt is a prolific novella about racial abuse, mental suffering, and identity crises and other traumas that possibly a human being can go through in one epoch of life. The premise of the story is not only funny but also engaging because of its peculiar characters. The story features a recluse man who lives at a famous address in Los Angeles, California. The address is 37 Crescent Drive, Hollywood Hills. There is one home built on stilts. Its architecture is amusing but the man who lives in it is highly befuddling. According to his neighbors, he hardly came out in last three or four years.  He is not in good terms with his wife named China, with whom he lived for twenty years. Now the woman seeks divorce. The man (mainly nameless) takes it otherwise, in fact, he is too weird to be understood properly. As the story chugs ahead, you will find it odd that he wants to see himself dying. He wants to design his death way. More than anything else, the people ar

Book Review – A New Political Ethos: Panacea for Robust Societies by Kanagiri SN Prasad

A New Political Ethos: Panacea for Robust Societies by Kanagiri SN Prasad is an interesting political non-fiction book. Right at the beginning the book introduces readers to the national and regional political parties of India. The book is easy to read and understand for all sorts of readers. The expanse of the book stretches from short introductions to history to problem-solving aspects and many in between.  For every party, the author presented first its history, backdrop and the position in the contemporary times. The book commences with the political parties of India where we get introduced to many known and old and new parties like Congress, BJP, CPI, CPIM, The AIMIM, YSR, TDP and much more. Initially, the author puts more focus on South Indian political parties, especially from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. So, the readers not acquainted with South’s political parties and allies, can definitely gain new perspectives from this book. It also studies the backdrop, rise, and fall

Book Review: Trial & Errors by Ramu Upadhaya

Trial & Errors by Ramu Upadhaya is as philosophical and riveting as other books by him. It is noted that his books take firm stance on its subjects by spanning tales by fictionalizing the characters and their allied circumstances. Similarly the book Trial & Errors takes a dig into corruption, brain drain, office politics, and much more. The book offers a lot of insights into the mechanism and idiosyncrasies of corruption through two brilliant yet pragmatic characters Brawn and Burner.   As the author states that corruption is a hydra-headed monster. It is true, though the novel is set in Assam and nearing North-Eastern states’ plight, but it concerns the voice of entire country. It’s evident that the growth of our country is marred by corruption. It’s like blood in the veins, be it government or independent, it’s a blood-sucking worm. Corruption is like one person’s gain is to loss of another man’s saving. The book is full of short stories and subtle references that re-iter

Book Review: Ends are Beginnings by Sangeeta Gupta

Ends are Beginnings by Sangeeta Gupta is a marvelous collection of poetry that revolves around ways of life, twin soul, motivation, rediscovery of life and much more. In the collection there are three poems on ‘Beginnings’ that explore the streaks of rediscovery of life, as a matter of fact these poems lay emphasis on living life at your own terms and coming out of the comfort zone, when it’s ended a new beginning resurfaces like a sun rise. In total there are 51 poems that broadly revolve around life-oriented themes, feeling of poet, introspection, reclaiming life, and the twin soul. In many of Sangeeta’s poems twin soul is a recurring theme, through this she often speaks to herself, and fosters her self-belief. Yet the collection also holds some abstract poems like based on Man, and an ode to the painter Van Gogh and so on. Sangeeta Gupta touches the diversity of an artist, her poems like Artists Think, A Blank Paper or Canvas, and I Keep you as a Poem are evident of the same. On

Book Review: Rays of Reverie by Rosy and Jones

Rays of Reverie is a contemplative collection of poems written by Rosy and Jones. The book offers around 50 wonderful and readable poems. The book is divided into two parts; each poet’s poems are segmented. Rosy has a good share of poems than Jones. Broadly putting, both poets tried to seek the essence of life through their poems. In fact, this is the major theme in the collection. Yet the book is not only limited to this, it rather also covers abstractness and wandering state of mind of both poets. All the poems are easy-to-read; however, they are slightly difficult in deciphering the meaning. Rosy’s segment is light and one can predict the nature of poems and meanings from it…but Jones’ section was quite subtle and nudges readers for substantial cogitation. The voice of both poets differs, though not heavily. The collection commences with Poet’s Touch , in this poem Rosy muses at the ocean of opportunities that this world throws at us. She is optimistic about her existence in the

Book Review: Unravel Relationship Algorithms by Vikas Harikumar and Divya Vikas Amarnath and Amarnath Pallath

Relationship management is a significant part of our corporate life but we do not heed at it. As we think relationship equations can occur only at personal or social levels. This is one subject that deserves long discussion beyond the common avenues of the human vista. The resource on this subject is hardly available, be it offline and online. Well, today we have a book on offer that sheds light on this topic through quotes, references, stories, and much more. It is an extensive book that tries to encapsulate as much as possible in just twelve chapters.   The book is special with its semblance, intensity, and offerings. One sole reason is that it is written by three industry leaders Vikas Harikumar and Divya Vikas Amarnath and Amarnath Pallath i.e. they are the authors of the book. As the tagline says ‘a mindbook for professionals’, it indeed is. It pours out what is lying hidden in the corporate ambience. Just like in our personal and social lives, relationship management is also ne