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Book Review: Love in Search of Peace by Somprokash Das

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Book Review: Silver Lining by Kamal Shah

Silver Lining by Kamal Shah is a heartfelt insightful book that narrates the struggles of a patient and then an entrepreneur’s journey. Broadly seen, the book has two narratives. First the author’s personal battle against chronic kidney failure disease, and secondly how he sets up Nephroplus, India’s leading dialysis provider healthcare company. It all started at a tender age for Kamal Shah. In 1997 when he was a young promising student, all set for higher studies in the USA. But little did he know that fate has stored something else for him. Between his preparations to the USA, he suffered from a typical Haemolytic Uremic Syndrome (A HUS) , sort of kidney failure. Since then his life was never the same. He went through a kidney transplant, donated by his mother, but that wasn’t successful. As the book chugs ahead, he talks about famous hospitals and doctors of Hyderabad and their medical treatment history. Of course the book is written from a patient’s point of view, filled with a

Book Review: His Lingering Perfume by Sarah D

This is a short sweet fast-paced romance about two introvert young lovers. They are nameless, rich, not spoilt, yet their quest is to find themselves worthy of love of each other. The secret lover of a teenage girl comes to meet her often through a covert route…they kiss and cuddle and foreplay passionately but never cross that barrier of physical intimacy maybe because they value their love that way…without making it fully. Thus, a punch line ‘a Raw Story of Awkward Love’ fits best in the plot as they both could have explored various boys and girls given their status quo. However, they chose one another over the worldly fulfillment. Their love is pure, and they keep it undefiled by maintaining being celibate. Often lovers are seen getting chaotic in the heat of unbridled desires, but they were different like mermaids…beautifully charming but away from that taboo thing of our worlds. As a reader you would not only appreciate but also feel affectionate for their epoch of love journe

Book Review: The Boar Hunt by V.M. Devadas

Originally written in Malayalam as Pannivetta by V.M. Devadas, and translated in English by Prabha Zacharias. The novel – the Boar Hunt – is a terrific read backdropped against the serene beauty of 1980s Kochi. The scaffold of the novel deals with gangsters and mafias and local dons. In particular the novel is staged against a set of gangsters who ruled Kochi in 1980s. There are no proper protagonists and antagonists. The storyline has a self-actuating pace and it is controlled and steered by a Jewish Russian lady named Grusha. She is sent by some unknown company to conduct a Russian Roulette for six gangsters. She in person meets all through her cab driver Musafir, who once was part of the mafia mechanism. Musafir, Albert, Lothar, Mustafa, Arumukhan, Getto, Raul, Satheeshan…are some prominent gangsters, their stories run silently throughout the book. In addition to these, Bappu is another powerful character who repents his Karmic deeds when confronted by Grusha. But he should be joi

Book Review: In God's Country, Karwar by Vijay Medtia

In God's Country, Karwar by Vijay Medtia kicks off with a bang with a murder of one prominent lawyer in the seaside town Karwar. It takes readers into the troubled house of Uma Verma, the wife of deceased lawyer. She didn’t have a good life with him. She was accused of having a secret lover that could have killed her husband. But that’s not the final story of accusations. You would love how Vijay Medtia give pieces of the origin for what is happening in Karwar. As the inspector Arjun takes the case in his hand with a personal care for Uma, the story begins unfolding with its own threads of nostalgia of youth and old memories of friendship and past haunting of three: Uma, Vinod, and Arjun. Before the dust could settle down for a proper investigation, the town is disturbed by two more murders, related to same field…maybe related to property. Uma, Arjun, and Vinod have had a long relationship etched in the history of Karwar. It was more like a friendship bond over love triangle. V

Book Review: The Brown Sunshine by Arvind Rishi

The Brown Sunshine by Arvind Rishi is a psychological thriller that masterfully weaves together a bouquet of tropes, creating a slow-burning, forbidden romance and a narrative that lays its emphasis on past haunting, broken lives consumed by darkness, mental invalidity through an utterly intriguing male character with a brooding peculiarity. With multiple points of views, Arvind’s narrative resonates with readers as it unfolds the poignant inward journey of Anthony Biswas, a forensic pathologist, who is often involved in cadaver anatomy that is actually a trigger point for him than the job. The timeline of the novel shuttles between many characters and places…stretches from 2014 to 2022. It starts with school days at Subhash Chandra Vidyalaya, Jamshedpur. Biswas has many friends at school, and some grew closed eventually with their combined misadventures and deeds. The storyline has sweeps, but mainly alternates between more than two timelines, past and present. Given the unstable

Book Review: Chocolate Planet by Dhruv Nalla

Chocolate Planet by Dhruv Nalla is a short engrossing children's book. It has been derived from sheer imagination. The story is backstopped against earth and other planets in the space. Two naughty kids Dhruv and Pragi, brother and sister, get into a space ship of their father. With the help of a robotic system, they fly in the space knowing nothing about landing and navigation. As they get lost in the space, they are as excited as sacred. The space depicted here is different from the real astronomy. The kids come across many a type of planets with peculiar ambience. Finally as they land on a Chocolate Planet, they go crazy seeing rivers and land of chocolate, the kids try to grab hold of chocolate boxes but they are interrupted by the police and taken away in a prison. On the other side, their parents are worried and get to know that the kids have flown away in space. The father being a space scientist takes necessary initiatives to save the kids from any untoward happening. J