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Book Review: Photikchand...Golpoguli by Orpheus Rayswarnadhir

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Book Review: Green Allegiants by Ananda Thumrugoti

Eleven year old Durga holds the cynosure in the novel ‘Green Allegiants’ penned down by Ananda Thumrugoti. Staged against Hyderabad in India, and for some time in Germany, the novel has teen characters that literally save the world falling in the hands of villains situated abroad. Durga, Janice, Keith, Abhik attend same school. Durga has historical roots to clans of Vijayanagaram; however, her parents are scientist with much fame in the botany field. She has been kept in curtains, she is a like a princess, an heir of a princely state…but nothing sort of kingdom and battles are listed in this novel. This is as contemporary as any other modern-day thriller novel. Nevertheless, it differs with its skeins; it deals with intricacies of botany. The plants, their species make a lot of the banter in the book. It gives wonderful knowledge about plants that can change the fate of the world, especially with medicinal groundbreaking inventions. Durga gets in trouble when her parents meet with

Book Review: A River of Thoughts by Prayish

A River of Thoughts by Prayish is a masterful exploration of the beauty of hidden silent thoughts and conflicts within the seemingly mundane rhythms of life. The nature of the book is ingrained in riverine scaffold. The author has kept the course of the book silent, philosophical, and metaphorically like river. As human life is divided in some stages, so does the course of a river…upper…middle…lower. Drawing parallel from the courses of river, the author paints human existence in similar pattern. As river keeps moving towards its destination of sea, at times it is silently chugging ahead, sometimes creating upheaval and roar but ultimately its inner course remain hidden and out of sight to normal existence. The author points out that human life courses ahead like troughs and crests of a river, never uneven. The first phase of human life witnesses maximum conflicts and intersection of tenacity, as while growing we all tend to define what we are learning and how that is correct and imp

Book Review: Vanilla Loves and Dusky Lives by Kritika G Soin

Love does not stay the way it begins. Love is a theme in our lives bigger than all hedonistic comforts. Love can change people for any cause; they may tread on good deeds or turn evil to satiate their inner anger. Despite all, love remains as complicated and intriguing as the evolution of human race. Kritika Soin, in her new book, which is apparently based on dichotomy of love, explores the good and the bad temperament of love. The book is a collection of ten short stories bifurcated by the title: Vanilla Loves and Dusky Lives . Vanilla Loves portrays non-conformist yet acceptable tales of love with characters that transcend beyond their ordinary reach to have eked out share of love for themselves. Well, you like it or not, it depends on your manifestation of love. On the contrary counter side are Dusky Lives stories, as the title suggests they take us in the realms of darkness, the darkness of hearts...people vulturing on women and young girls for carnal desires amidst their perso

Book Review: Global Citizens' Manifesto by eShan

The author eShan is an IT industry veteran and a naturalized citizen of Singapore. He has been closely watching the republic structure of the Lion City for many years. From the outer fa├žade, Singapore looks like a sound representative of republic and functional democracy, but a close look reveals that its operating system has corrupted. Since its independence in 1965, the country has not yet seen any other ruling party except PAP (People's Action Party). It makes sense that after 58 years of rule, the party has captured over the quintessential fabric of the country’s republic. Singapore is a developed economy, peace prevails there, and it houses elected representatives – yet political diversity is missing from the soul of the democracy. In 2023 the commotion around president elections questioned the ethical mechanism of PAP’s manifesto – is it republic friendly party or heading towards electoral dictatorship. Republics and democracies are being implemented across the world. The a

Book Review: The Refugee by Nikhil Khasnabish

The cover page of the book is not only meaningful but also tells a narrative that unfolds inside the pages. In true sense, ‘The Refugee’ by Nikhil Khasnabish is a poignant tale that resonates with immigrants coming to India, the novel takes a look at under what circumstances they come, and yet their search for their native motherland and family members keep haunting them. Gunen Sarkar is the lead character of the novel. A poor farmer kind of guy living in a village in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), with his wife Meghna, and a small son. Right since the novel the tension builds, as Gunen belongs to Hindu minority in that country which is dominated by Muslims. In search of his cow and then coming in touch with gypsies his life takes downward turns. But little did he know soon a riot will upend his life in a most harrowing way. As a result, they are forced to flee towards India. As while crossing the river journey, Gunen’s life takes a throwback of memories and unwanted events that follo

Book Review: Amongst the Believers by Kochery C Shibu

Amongst the Believers by Kochery C Shibu is a hardcore espionage thriller staged against India, Pakistan, war-torn Afghanistan and Ukrain, and few more geographical locations. Right since the first page the novel is atmospheric and engaging. Three Indian characters are thrown in a world of danger, power, corrupt, wealth, and espionage web as they start on their unique danger-filled journey for different reasons. From the Indian side, these are the main characters: Nanda, Khusru, and Rekha. The author has sketched out a detailed bio of the each Indian character. Nanda is from Kerala, charged with murder cases. He is saved and sent on a mission to destroy a family of army elites. This act will safeguard his family in India. As the story chugs ahead, his character comes out more of a sleeping agent of RAW, with long goals. Khusru is a terrorist in Kashmir. He went goes against his men. He has no fixed settlement. He kidnaps Rekha, a doctor. Both enjoy the stay and fall in love. When Rekha