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Book Review: Shape Your Life by Changing Perspective by Siddhesh Dongare

Do you feel your life is limited by ossified beliefs and perspectives that you gathered over the years while being groomed at school, attending college, and having grappling experiences at jobs. Is it tough to change our thinking pattern and take a new route filled with amazing and realistic perspectives? Well, not anymore. Siddhesh Dongare’s book – Shape Your Life by Changing Perspective – is a classic in self-help category. The book’s scaffold is built around the nature and changing of perspectives with the help of lens of personas and amazing short stories from various walks of life. The book solely focuses on bringing change in our perspectives by considering a range of aspects like spirituality, relationships, adversity, empathy, creativity, and so on. Though a self-help book…yet it is free from the banality of do that and avoid that. The brilliant part of its learning is done through a large cast of characters that appear from time and again and make us understand their take on

Book Review: Conquer Your Impulses by Catherine Jacob

In a world where success, happiness, goals, and peace of life seems elusive all the time due to our hedonistic approach and impulses, an young author from India, Catherine Jacob, decodes a secret mantra to control the backstage aspects that control and steer our overall well being and objectives of life. Her book ‘Conquer Your Impulses’ is a valuable resource on self-control, self-discovery, and self-discipline. The core focus of the book builds the scaffold of the book around self-control. In nutshell, she opines that it is the impromptu and the unbridled impulses that ruin our long term goals of life. Being impulsive is a curse, if not sin. Our self-control, self-respect, and self-discipline are staggered by impulse. Segmented in nine chapters, the book dissects the elements of self-control step by step. The first chapter is about definitions and value of practicing self-control in life and how it benefits one in achieving goals. With examples of King Midas, references from Quran, In

Book Review – Telgi: A Reporter's Diary by Sanjay Singh

Telgi: A Reporter's Diary by Sanjay Singh is a masterpiece in the investigative journal genre. Though non-fiction mainly, yet it goes like a fictional narrative of two protagonists that remain in the book like banter. The young reporter with NDTV Sanjay Singh, and the subject Abdul Karim Telgi. The book is based on true events. As most of us know the stamp paper scam of Abdul Karim Telgi was worth 30,000 crores in late 90s of India. The book starts with proper introduction of lives of these two personalities. Sanjay Singh had to depart from Star News...well before he could join the new venture NDTV.  But he had to make an entry with a bang. He needed a case to expose that can shot his news channel and him in the limelight. Sanjay Singh was already a rising journalist then, well acquainted with the Mumbai police networking. As he got into the research on the Telgi case, which was unnoticed up till now, we came to know about the destitute background of Abdul Karim, born and brought u