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Book Review: The Mind Game by Devika Das

The Mind Game by Devika Das is a powerful self-help book on emotions and much more. The best part of the book is that it is clearly segmented into six important parts which makes it easy to understand and revisit whenever needed. The central theme of the book plays around ‘emotions’ – the author has slowly but brilliantly guided readers to understand and feel and control emotions. The first section itself is all about emotions: what are they…how to feel and face and protect and control them? Handling emotions is not a commodity thing, rather it requires practice and education. So, this book is bang on education. In all senses, it educates people as how they can heal themselves and self-counsel. Each chapter first begins with introduction and then some examples and finally it concludes by doling out important points. The language of the book is easy to understand that it becomes an instant learning while reading. Though all sections are important and help in controlling and managi

Book Review: The Million Dollar Powerful Personality by Dr. Kamal Murdia

The Million Dollar Powerful Personality by Dr. Kamal Murdia is an attention-grabbing self-help book that takes a powerful stance on the overall personality development. In life a lot depends on habits, attitude, thinking & behavioral patterns, looks, conversational style and so on. All these aspects need special attention and grooming and enhancement from time and again. But why? Because it’s a part of overall personality development.   Particularly today, personality plays a huge role in shaping one’s professional and personal success in life. All of us have a hero hidden in us that is capable of pulling many great feats, but it needs a bit polishing and some useful tips handy. Personality development is a stage-wise process, where one needs to heed on his/her thoughts to overall physical appearance, personal hygiene and everything in between. The more we say about personality development, the less it is. It’s like an ocean that never ends. Day in, day out, there comes score

Book Review: Based On Lies – The Whole Story by Debarshi Kanjilal

Lies and deception are two strong aspects on which a dark psychological thriller can run successfully. And here I found Debarshi Kanjilal's novel, Based on Lies–The Whole Story tense and gripping. For me, it turned out to be something at first difficult, later on as the story got under my skin I had to wake up many a night and reread various parts of the book so that I could follow what the lead Anurag wanted to express. In one statement: disturbing, dark, embarrassing, yet highly entertaining! It’s a short read of around 97 pages. The novella in particular has no leading detective personality. I blindly followed and believed Anurag Sanyal until the second part comes in the picture. The book is divided into two parts – first is Anurag Sanyal’s diary, where he has written about his feelings and crimes and of course confessions too, and the second part is where he is taken into prison for murdering Aditi. So, as a reader I was bemused when I got into second part, while r

Book Review: Jean Angel by Atul Mohite

Jean Angel by Atul Mohite is a light, riveting, and fast-paced fantasy novel with a good dose of adventure. In the novel, Jean and Angel are two different personalities. The roots of the story lie in the kingdom Zesia, where the king Robert tortures and kills people for fun. Once a saint foretells that a man who can see what others can’t will replace the king Robert. This infuriates Robert and here after he captures people found talking in the air, probably with some invisible shadows or figures. These sorts of people get killed ultimately. Tara, one of his queens, silently hates the king. When the king Robert was out, she got into an affair with a soldier named Shyam. From their affair Jean is born. For his safety from the king Robert, Shyam takes the baby to Kala Nagari, a rival of Zesia. There he hands the baby to a lady named Radha and then commits suicide. Radha grooms Jean and live happily until confronted by Tara. Jean and Tara form a bond and begin exploring stran

Book Review: On Love, Death and Other Sundry Matters by Sandesh Pathak

‘On Love, Death and Other Sundry Matters…’ by Sandesh Pathak is a powerful yet candid collection of poems. It seems like most of the poems spiraling off poet’s experiences and wisdom, yet depicts a plight of life that celebrates pain and weeps with love with an equal élan. Since the collection has robust stance on love, death and other sundry matters, inevitably an aroma of diversity builds up in the backdrop. Themes such as fear and tranquility in death, love and loss and restlessness are rivetingly concurrent in the book. Other than that there is much more but underneath runs a voice that is hard to decipher. In the short collection, the poet kept a vigilant eye on balancing the poems theme-wise, for instance Nirvana is quite a terrific poem appealing for peace while caught in the despair of death, and the longest poem is about that ejection seat of a jet fighter, since the poet hails from navy and aviation field that poem is direct from his den. Well, it has a wonderful me

Book Review: Heart Strings by Dr. Sushma Rani Sangam

Heart Strings by Dr. Sushma Rani Sangam is an intense love story, way different than today’s contemporary light-hearted romance books. The great aspect about this novel is that it takes time to identify the true strings of pure love and then ensues the fight of the protagonists Dr. Nitisha Reddy against the society. As the novel opens up, we see the family backdrop and history of Dr. Nitisha. How her father Rukmangada worked hard to move from rags to riches and his marriage tale and how and why he moved to Hyderabad. Despite all, he and his wife gave a wonderful life and education to their only child Nitisha. By profession, she is a pediatrician, and works as a medical director in one of the biggest hospitals in Hyderabad. As concerned in the novel, the biggest fear a woman fears is the choice of man for her marriage. The novel doesn’t delve deep as how and when Dr. Nitisha met and fell in love with Pradyumna, a guy working in the IT field. It’s given that both are in lov

Book Review: Satya: ...Tuhara Saath Hi Shashvath Hai by Satyendra Singh Apurna

Satya is a riveting Hindi romance novel, written by Satyendra Singh Apurna. The tagline of the novel means ‘your company is incredibly reliable and true’ ( Tuhara Saath Hi Shashvath Hai ). As the novel opens up, we see Shobha and Aniruddha in Agra somewhat in a denial mode. The bone of contention is that Shobha and Aniruddha were friends since an early age and later fell for each other. One of the strong reasons is that they share a common big house, under different parents. However, they are too early to decide the future of their love story. It becomes clear that Aniruddha’s parents may not accept Shobha as a new family member. Hold on…the story has just begun. The time they are talking about marriage and future is just immediately after their school. Thus, in pursuit of good education, both departs, and choose different ways. They are from Agra. Before Shobha could be seen back in the story, the author takes us to an engineering college in Pantnagar. And there the lead