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Book Review: The Railway Children by E. Nesbit

Three siblings live happily in a well-decorated big house in London. When they go to school, their mother writes stories for when they return she reads the same to them. Their father, who works in a Foreign Office, also loves them. One day two men come and take their father with them. And soon their father is imprisoned on the charges of spying.    As the things turn untoward for them, the three children along with their mother shift to a countryside house in Yorkshire. Their new home is musty and has three chimneys; also father is away since the responsibility of taking care of the children ultimately falls on the mother. She writes stories for magazines and newspapers editors, sometimes they get rejected and many a time if they are selected their mother treats them with special buns. The house is nearby a railway station and due to financial constraints children do not attend school anymore. Hence, to while away their time they have befriended the station master and