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Book Review: Edith’s Story by Edith Van Hessen

Edith Van Hessen was born in 1925, in a prosperous Dutch Jewish family. Edith’s story is a non-fiction book and the narrative springs up from the dairy which she used to maintain during her teenage years and letters she wrote and received during the wartime when Nazis were clamping hard on the Jews of Holland. In 1939, she was a popular, 14-year-old, high-school student. Then her life was perfect – sporting events, trips with friends, crush on boys, etc. However when the Hitler-led Nazis invaded Holland, she could not apprehend the future would be dented. For this reason, she is somewhat considered stupid as she could not see the approaching danger for herself and her family. Nazis didn’t round up the Jews of Holland all at once, it was done in a process, step by step, they were expelled from schools, stopped to meet non-Jewish people, and later on were made to transport, on plausible excuses, to concentration camps.  Though her father had excellent connection