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Book Review: The Sicilian by Mario Puzo

When the book opens, the time is 1950, and the people of Sicily Island are living in destitution and dying of starvation. They have no proper access to food. They buy food from the black market because mafias for their personal gain influence the legal distribution system. Michael Corleone is on an exile in Italy. But his time is about to end and he may go back to America soon. But as per his father, Vito Corleone’s agreement with Don Croce Malo, the boss of all mafias in Sicily, Michael Corleone is given a task to send Salvatore Guiliano to America and also to take hold of the testament prepared by Salvatore Guiliano, as the testament is critical and capable of tarnishing the image of many prominent politicians of Italy and will also dent the influence of Don Croce Malo. Salvatore Guiliano, also known as Turi, a celebrated bandit and hero to the Sicilian people, refuses to escape to America unless his pregnant fiancĂ©e, Justina, reaches there safely and sends posit