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Book Review: My Sleepless Nights by Manohar Grandhi

My Sleepless Nights is an account of the author from sleepless nights to relaxed days. The book takes readers on a journey of a man (the author himself) who first develops insomnia and then overcomes it. The account is brutally honest and yet informative. To sleep late is a trend nowadays owing to sedentary lifestyle and 24/7 profession and so on. The author gets into insomnia by reading books and it kept on increasing for other reasons as well. He compares the fear of insomnia with a sowing of a plant. According to the book one loses the battle against insomnia because one sows the seed of worry and fear in mindset. So in a very evident manner, the book shows how to shift the mindset to gain victory over insomnia. Manohar explains how he went to get into full-fledged insomnia from just reading books. Other than the author’s struggle against the sleepless nights, the book features some good stories on consistency, persistence, dedication, and so on. The Chinese Bamboo story is of g

Book Review: Shalom Namaste by Nurani S Ravi

Shalom Namaste by Nurani S. Ravi is an interesting novel that takes stance on social and economic offenders of India that have fled the country to avoid persecution. The novel is slightly a political thriller with some other auxiliary themes such as adventure, espionage, drama, nationalism, etc. It is a novel that has, in particular, no fixed lead character. It is rather based on circumstances. To understand the novel, the readers should be aware of political situation of India and its stance on fugitives who left the country by taking huge loans from banks. However, the novel is not all about bad bank loans, it also deals with some other offenders as well. PMO, NSA, CIS, CSS – all prepare a list of 50 offenders – who have dented the reputation of the country by some or other way. They need to be traced and if possible wanted back in India. But that’s not possible. Thus, higher officials pick up 5 people who have some serious charges against them such as fraudulent activities with

Book Review: Everything Started as Nothing by Bhaskar Majumdar

As far as I know startup wisdom is not available easily and right since 2010, startup ecosystem in India has seen tremendous entries. But little did many know that not even 1 percent startups were successful. There could be many reasons behind success and failure. But even today, winning a startup battle is something a herculean tasks. So, what goes in the startup battle? I think no one can tell better than the person from a venture capital field. Yes, I am talking about the author of the book Bhaskar Majumdar. He has written the book (Everything Started as Nothing) to guide new and struggling entrepreneurs.   The book is full of wisdom from his personal life, the companies he initiated, funds he made for other startup guys, and much more. He literally puts the cases studies of many Indian and abroad startup persons in the book. It is head on concepts like types of funding, hiring, life after funding, how to chose a cofounder or CEO, what goes in the spirit of startup, and how to e

Book Review: Raptor Rising by Anjali Joshi

Raptor Rising by Anjali Joshi is a slightly dark psychological crime thriller, published by Rupa Publication. Mostly set against the Indian backdrop, this 215 pages novel offers a different read for crime genre readers. Regular readers will have a gala-gala time with this novel, while naïve ones may need time to get totally under its skin. Probably, the author recognized its intriguing storyline, thus narrated the story in short chapters. This makes the reading quite easy and focused. The story opens in Lakshadweep Island where a crew is shooting for the superstar Zameer Khan. The story lingers there for some time but moves on when the actor goes missing. Suspense begins filling the story since beginning, especially through that stunt woman Rumana. Soon a video goes viral showing Zameer Khan being killed by a shadowy killer. It becomes evident right at the beginning that the killer is some lady. After Zameer, a few more murders take place in somewhat identical way. It is a work of

Book Review – A Higher Conversation: Another Way to Be Human by Neil David Chan

A Higher Conversation: Another Way to Be Human by Neil David Chan is a blend of philosophical and spiritual approach, doling out too much info on self-knowledge and care through the conversation with the soul. The quest in the book is to speak to soul to feel aspects that tend to lag behind when we consider only our body and mind. Over and again, Neil reminds us that to lead a meaningful life we have to consider body, mind, and soul in tandem. If they are not together, it is called broken relationship with oneself. Our body and mind gives us experience but soul gives us feelings. Soul is a metaphysical thing – it is not visible to us – thus we do not consider it when making decisions. On the other hand, body is a physical entity, plus it’s guided by mind (which is another metaphysical thing), hence we are always inclined towards body-mind combination. In fact, the combination should be like body, mind, and soul. Most of the concepts in the book are explained with regard to physical

Book Review: The Venus World by Hywel Richard Pinto

The Venus World by Hywel Richard Pinto is a part fantasy thriller and part dystopian set in future i.e. 2100. It is a fast-paced novel with around 200 pages, the author’s simple and lucid narration makes the book easy to read and understand and follow the characters (though it has a long cast of characters). This is a kind of novel with no particular protagonist but there are too many antagonists. In fact, the conflicting situation runs like banter in the backdrop. Talking about the story, it has been depicted that in 2025 some catastrophic incident wiped the population of men. Post that the earth is being ruled by women only. Men are rare and they are used as sex toys or slaves or at times for reproduction. The world without men is itself contrasting to sound but the premise of the book is way engaging than one could think of. The whole world is divided into 6 regions. One queen rules over many countries but they are still identified by one country. For instance, the queen Rani rule

Book Review: The Winter Song by Saurav Dutt

The Winter Song by Saurav Dutt is a brilliant slow burn novel that seeks the fragility of human relationships after death of loved ones. The novel is part melancholic drama, part memoir, and of course spiritual journey of a man who sees his life wasted under the aegis of hollow ideologies. Unlike romance or contemporary novels, this one is way different in its pace and approach. It crawls at a slow speed and demands patience from the readers. Those who have read Mr. Dutt in ‘Dear Mr. Bachchan’ or ‘The Butterfly Room’ – will find this novel way offbeat than its usual charm. The novel is mainly about family drama, value, allegiance, faith, love in marriage – but surprisingly the author did all with a fewer characters. The writing style is sober and subtle. Set in the Himalayan region of North India, the novel introduces us to John Perera – a man from different religion and culture – but settled in the snow and mist of Shimla with his love of life, his wife Asima. Mostly emotionally d

Book Review: Productivity Promoter by Dax Bamania

Productivity Promoter by Dax Bamania is an interesting and light read business management sort of book. It aims to help people and leaders across the world with parameters related to productivity. In detail, the book offers eight great topics, if read and implemented properly, chances are 100 percent result or drastic improvement. The book length is around 118 pages, however, its expanse is vast and it encompasses many tips, suggestions, references, motivational content and stories simply to serve people. Reading this book means getting into the ways of improving productivity of team or businesses. This book is being sponsored by Tigi HR – this company is headed by the author himself. So, most of the useful content in this book is directly spiraled from his professional life. In nutshell, the book promotes productivity, as also evident from its title. Author Dax Bamania is a renowned entrepreneur, associated with many fields – his works is recognized by many leading industrialist a

Book Review: Glint of Broken Lights by Deepak Muniraju

The best thing about a short story collection is that it can be unconventional in nature yet interesting to read. Like a novel or non-fiction, it doesn’t impose an order of reading; one can read from any side. This can be fully exploited when the collection is not interconnected. Recently, I read ‘Glint of Broken Lights’ by Deepak Muniraju – falling under the similar lines – this book of short story collection was way riveting and engaging to its genre. The stories it offers are purely built on sheer imagination backed by historical and cultural and contemporary research. It is an amazing collection to read and savour: it is unique and blends various genres into one. There is something X factor about the stories. The author first delves deep and then writes stories so meticulously and expertly that the range of predictability is never seen in the book. Initial stories are lengthy and engaging. To start the collection, the author lays strong emphasis on the power of love and underly