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Book Review: Supercop of Aryavrat by Mithilesh Kumar

Supercop of Aryavrat is a mythological adventurous novel, written by Mithilesh Kumar. So far, there have been many mythological novels written by a host of authors like Amish Tripathi, Devdutta Pattanaik, and Chitra Banerjee, and so on. Those all novels did good by fictionalizing the stories of gods that we Indians normally worship, and they distantly or closely remained connected to the epic sagas such as Ramayana and Mahabharata. Being fictionalized in different angles, made the stories look zesty and interesting reads. And if we talk now, it is becoming a fad among all sorts of writers to write a novel playing around the Indian mythology. One strong reason is that its periphery is immensely vast. Today we have this amazing novel 'Supercop of Aryavrat' by the author Mithilesh Kumar. This novel is based in and around the life events of Krishna. The best thing about this novel is that it is fragmented and tried covering all major and not-so-known events about Krishna.

Book Review: The Text by Claire Douglas

The Text is a kind of short crime suspense story, written by Claire Douglas. Since it has no good length, we get most of the things done premeditatedly in the background. Despite it being a short and suspense work, we get to see enough credibility without sweeps or events. That’s remarkable about the author. Talking about the story, in the main lead we see this working girl Emily. At work, her life is totally screwed up. Andrew, her boss, is way beyond the rudeness, he is indecent. Emily wished to go to Edinburgh with some of her friends. Well, her plan is at the mercy of her boss, who does not approve it. In frustration, she sends a text message to her boyfriend where she laments her boss and wishes him to be dead. Accidently, the message is sent to the workgroup – people from her office. She has nothing much better to do than reproaching her act. She hopes that one of the girls from the group reportedly shagging with Andrew does not leak out the message. Next day, A

Book Review: Yeh! Hai India by Anuj Tikku

Recently, I was browsing a very famous Bollywood song online: Yeh Mera India song download. However, I did not get the song but instead saw this book cover page Yeh! Hai India. Upon further exploring, I found that the book is written by a popular Bollywood face – Anuj Tikku. Since I know the author and his travel blog. I picked up the book from Kindle. Like many of his other books, this too was simple in writing and takes the readers to various places. It is a book with a lot of travel stories. The author stitched this book after his India tour. He explored around 22 states and more. So, for someone who is less into travelling, this book means treasure of experiences and information. There is a lot to see and read in the book. The author has inserted pictures and given detailing about his tour plan and pricing and agents and of course hurdles. The book kicks off with Benaras, indeed this charming religious city is the gem in the Indian tourism. While reading I got scared by t

Book Review: Either Or Else Nor by Varun Gupta

‘Either Or Else Nor’ is not that book which anybody can savour so easily. You got to be persevering and have a ken for depths. For readers that love exploring something not so easily available, yet relevant to their life, must pick up this novella. The length of the novella is just over 100 pages, however, it psychologically stretches like a trilogy put together. If not the entire story, but some or other part, in snatches, is relatable to everyone. We as people who in the glorious days of youth and revel of adulthood fall prey to love, lust, infatuation, crush, and of course in the back of our mind we have hedonistic desires on which we try to build ourselves so that we can triumph every obstacle. This is common – with that age. However, when we face the reality or falter or get rejected, things begin to alter. With time we learn to accept. Something similar or more than that is found in this novella. Through the nameless characters, the author sweeps into our minds, as

Book Review: A Chest’s Tale (The Mystery Crackers Book 1) by Jinal Shailesh Doshi

Mystery thrillers are more fun to read when they are short and action-packed. One such riveting novella is ‘A Chest’s Tale’ by Jinal Shailesh Doshi. It is the first book in the series of ‘The Mystery Crackers’. In fact for the better understanding of other novels that followed in the series, this one is a must-read, it will make up for the backdrop automatically. As the story opens up, we see a host of characters, who gradually get into the story and become critical at one point of time. The novella is placed against the beautiful backdrop of a small town called Jhiljila – this town has everything that fulfills a city’s requirement, such as bazaar, police, military, museums, etc. Anyway, back to the story, the town recently was affected by the heavy flood. Prash and Nish are twin brothers. Their father, Mr. Viraj Dattani, is a scientist. Their friend Hriday’s father Yogesh Parikh is an antique merchant. In short, Mr. Parikh stumbles upon a chest that looked extraordinary

Book Review: Men Are From Earth Women Are From Earth by Rimple

This is the second time that I read Rimple Sanchla. Her first book, ‘Handwritten Letters in the Bookstore,’ was a gentle love story, that novel was also poignant in exploring the lost days of 90s. Being a 90s kid, I loved that book’s content and connections. Since the first novel was captivating, thus expectations from the author rose up when I picked up her second book, ‘Men Are From Earth, Women Are From Earth’ . To be honest, the content and storyline of the book were different and previously unheard by me. Since I read more of fiction, well this novel seemed like a blend of fiction, documentary, and psychology in one. From a narrative’s point of view, there runs two stories, kind of parallel. One is of Rohan, he is one of the characters from the protagonists’ elite. The second story runs through the book or say diary of Rhea – she leads the story most of the time. Well, not to mention the third character Siddhartha. He fills the gap between Rohan and Rhea. Soon getti

Book Review: Shankara – The Mansarovar Odyssey – by Anuj Tikku

Shankara is a short fascinating account about the author’s Mansarovar journey. He took this journey in a group with Satguru Jaggi Vasudev. The book takes the readers through some countries where the pilgrims had to be routed for the complete religious journey. If you have read The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho , you would be able to relate it precisely. Mansarovar Yatra is considered the most sacred journey for Indians. Many Indians want to get into this journey every year, but not all get the chance, since this Yatra requires physical fitness with no chronic disease and not many people are allowed to attend it due to treacherous and harsh climatic conditions. The process of getting selected for the Yatra is rather tough, than any other nomadic journey. The author has highlighted the steps in a lucid way – quite informative for the people planning. Also, in the first chapter, he stated that UV rays get thinner because of high altitude, no sunscreen means burning skin. Second