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Book Review: The Mystic Lawfirm by Shyambala

The Mystic Lawfirm by Shyambala is nothing less than a legal thriller. Possibly, it may take you to the charm of John Grisham thriller novels. Well, this short novel is unique and innovative in its entire essence and crust. Broadly putting this novel deals with heavenly or after-life cases. There is hell police, courtroom drama, proper investigation, and Yamraj’s death-snaring sentences – it’s a fun read in the first place. Though most of the characters in the novel are immortals, yet the storyline is staged against Mumbai. Radha is a young woman looking for a job. She gets one in a law firm. Soon, it turns out as she entered in an illusion and some nightmare grappled her life. So strangely that she has to work with souls from heaven. In clear words with dead people for dead people! The novel puts a unique proposition that every soul has to clear off all its cases to enter in the heaven. Some cases needs to be investigated properly. Radha gets the case of Mr Anu, who almost acts like

Book Review: The Superflare by Andrew G. Berger

The Superflare novel pushes me to believe that the world in the future may be controlled by machines enabled by AI. Being a person who plays by data for predictive analysis, this novel perfectly suited my intuition. I fear AI robots and bots may grip the lives of our future generations as in the novel Julia and her friends suffer. The entire theme of the novel is dystopian and apocalyptic. But before that they were divided, living separate in their own zones, some were technologically advanced and some were free from weapons and digital services. As I read, the EMP rendered everything useless in the Clean City, people had no choice but to come out and find a route for their lives. The most affected ones are the City people, considered themselves god of technology. However, little did they realize that Tron – the super AI machine – took over them post EMP crises? The story has many PoVs, it has to be as it has mini worlds on the planet that confront each other when everything goes d

Book Review –2040: The Battle for Life by Sanjay Mittal

2040: The Battle for Life by Sanjay Mittal is an interesting novel that intrinsically explores the self-destruction traits of the human race. The book asks a question – can the people of earth live peacefully without causing trouble on the name of religions, ideologies, prejudice, and commercial interests and so on. And it tries to answer in an imminent future, not so far from today – 2040. The novel features Rohit as a protagonist. He runs and manages a news media channel – MwM. Other characters like Priyanka, Aditi, Shiva, and a few more are part of his life and profession. The story moves ahead in a controlled pace, with all these characters to play role as per the situations and circumstances. Since the lead guy is a newsperson, the novel has optimum scope of philosophical debate on a gamut of topics. However, the broad theme of the novel dives in the issues related to nuclear and bio terror crises. The world is divided with Nato and the USA and their allies on one side, and terr

Book Review: My Comeback Trail by Sqn Ldr Manish Kumar

My Comeback Trail by Manish Kumar is a superbly written memoir about his life as a soldier in the Indian Air Force. However, the narrative follows an order, as the autography is being told. The chapters are short and readable; the story sways from one phase to another effortlessly. Manish hailed from a well-to-do family, his father had huge influence on him. He was a retired judge and served the Indian army during the Indo-Pak war in 1965. From the family point of view, all was good. After Sainik School education, he joined the NDA, and became a pilot in the Indian Air Force. He loved flying. However, life wasn’t a cakewalk for him at his base. If you read the book carefully, besides the life-changing events, you will find that the author was a victim of internal prejudice and envy. He was doing well at his level. But some of his seniors didn’t like him. Thus, from time and again, he was harassed and comments were made at him, stirring a bout of self-doubt. For instance, once a sen

Book Review: The Mystery of the Phoenix by Jigisha Singh

Charm, thrill, and innocence – it can only be found in children’s books. Even more if it’s written by a young mind! The Mystery of the Phoenix by Jigisha Singh is a way lovely book, for children, by a child author. She is a fifth grader. The story of the book takes reader on a magical journey that is filled with suspense, drama, wizards, elves, witches, supernatural elements, and so on. The lead character is a little girl named Iris. She attends Alastrian School of Wizardry on Mount Aden. Her school will surprise readers; it isn’t a normal like ours. There the students are learning higher forms of magic and wizardry. The setting of the book is altogether in a new world. Transmutation, flying classes, magical forces and that amusing naturopathy class, where the kids learn to make potion for cure by leveraging the powers of Mizzet flowers. If the combination goes wrong it either turns poisonous or blows up. Iris makes some friends in her school house Fenix. She and four come to know ab

Book Review: Agent A by Arjun Singh Rathore

Agent A by Arjun Singh Rathore is a remarkable short novel published on Bribooks platform. The book has mixed genres of sci-fi, crime thriller, and detective drama and so on. The story moves like a properly edited and arranged movie. The author Arjun captured the nuisances of agents brilliantly that work for secret missions. He added right amount of imagination and creativity so that the story keeps driving itself without giving any clue of interpretation and predictability. If this book is converted into a full-fledged novel, for sure it’s going to be a bestseller. A thirteen-year-old student named Arjun is taken by CBI. He has been selected to work as an agent in some secret missions. When Arjun is groomed and laced with tech tools for work, it looks quite impressive. It explains that nowadays children are well acquainted with modern ways of communication and other gadgets. The soul of the novel shuttles between contemporary and futuristic fiction. So, what’s the storyline? Arjun

Book Review: Operation SOS by Viraj Singh Rathore

Often children’s books are fun to read and invite readers to mollycoddle themselves by escaping the mundane reality of the world. Operation SOS by Viraj Singh Rathore is a beautifully written book that can shrug off burdens and reset your mind and heart for fresh perspectives in life. The book is though short but it feels like a saga on space drama that its story ensues at it keeps chugging ahead and changing the narratives and backdrops. It starts with folklore and ends on saving the human race. There are many undertones in the story, some fictional…and a few real ones. The world is facing a death threat from a falling asteroid. Elon Musk’s SPACEX and Blue Origin of Jeff Bezos must act to counter it. Soon NASA and SPACEX vows to eradicate the asteroid in the space! At this juncture, the author leveraged the freedom of creativity, thus, instead of astronauts he introduces four great men from the Indian Army. They will handle the spaceship and take the assignment. The team consist

Book Review: The Three and It by Shobhit Malekar

Children books are super fun to read, as they are light, filled with fabulous adventure and vivid imagination. The Three and It by Shobhit Malekar is a young detective children’s novel. The façade of the story introduces us to three friends: Sid, Isha, and Rishi – from the same school, living in the same neighborhood. While bicycling around the neighborhood, their attention is arrested by a wanted poster. As they chug ahead, they find the ‘wanted man’ walking with a gunny bag in his hand. They follow him. Sid wanted to figure more about the man. Little did they realize that they are deep in the forest…and its night time? Something happens to Isha, she is not herself. That scares Sid and Rishi, leaving her back, they ran faster in the wood. They seek shelter in a cottage and find that the man dies and a jelly-like structure pops out of his mind. They call it parasite and believe that it gets in the human body to live. That thing is strange…curiosity better gets over them. The boys b

Book Review: A Walk in My Shoes by Ritesh Karnani

A Walk in My Shoes by Ritesh Karnani is an interesting light romance novel that routes through a medley of subthemes such as friendship, emotional heartbreaks, family bonding, betrayal, love, and many more aspirations that define the college life spell. However, the core essence of the story is romance, which is relayed through its protagonist Rounak. As the novel begins, Rounak and his cousins land up in Jaipur to pursue engineering degree. Much part of the novel sheds light on struggle of students that leave home. Rather, it comes as a package for them…they have to search paying guests, hostels, rooms and flats, and have to do all dealing and bargaining with landlords, and also have to arrange for food and hygienic restaurants. Rounak is pursuing engineering, almost for four years. He grapples with logistics issues all these years. Yet he is a brilliant student. As life embraces him in the college, Soumya becomes his best friend. They run into many errands and come out together.

Book Review: Uparwale Ki Lathi by Mayur Manjre

Uparwale Ki Lathi by Mayur Manjre is a powerful Hindi novella. The story is set in some fictional locality named Hussainpura redolent of its local flavours of culture, cuisine, every day hustle-bustle and most important its people that cross one another almost every day on the pretext of myriad chores and sometime for no reason. The title is objective, it means the stick of God, which is invisible but it can either be a blessing or cause havoc, depending upon the circumstances. Rather, it’s a famous proverb in Hindi belt audiences. The novel has a timeline of one day i.e. from morning to brumal night; however, it splendidly narrates many back stories, sweeps, and takes readers on a bitter sweet memory lane of its characters. The story may not be about an event; or bereaved of a cycle of action and drama…yet it succeeds in capturing the heart of readers. One solo reason is its rich vivid description of locality with respect to its lead character Seth Ziddilal’s presence. The author

Book Review: You Will Die by Shiv Kumar

‘You Will Die’ by Shiv Kumar is a highly engrossing thriller novel with many sub genres under its skin. The story, plotline, subplots, climax, and pace – everything is solid and substantial. The story will make you feel that you are reading something of value, of interesting entertainment…and believing that nothing is superficial. If you need to measure the quality of a thriller by its layers, this novel of Shiv Kumar will shock you with its results. It’s laced with such a profound and terrific storyline. The novel offers splendid back stories and sweet bitter sweeps of agents, spies, politicians, officers, and informants. Many might consider the novel a high-adrenaline espionage drama in the guise of a political thriller. And some reckon it just a crime thriller. Readers that are always clutched by crime thrillers will love pealing its layers leisurely, without a hesitation, without losing interest. That’s for sure! The ride is going to be insightful, tremendous, brilliant and sure

Book Review: Added Sugars – The Slow Poison by Srividya B

Added Sugars – the Slow Poison is another masterpiece on personal health and fitness from the author! This is my second book from the author. Like her previous book (20 Healthy Foods for Weight Loss), this too is great in its scope. This book brings us the knowledge of added and refined sugars in our day-to-day life. Earlier we studied about added and refined fats, this time it’s about added sugars that are prevalent in the market in canned and processed foods and beverages. Before the actual content of the book commences, we get the reasons why added sugar has become a part of our life’s deception. We are eating to die slowly. Why? Added sugar is a boon for brands to sell false dreams to our children and adults. The book pragmatically works on the negative effects that added sugars bring in our lives like slow poison. It causes fatty liver, insulin resistance, and type-2 diabetes and so on. After explaining the length and breadth of all types of sugars, the book also (on a posit