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Book Review: You Will Die by Shiv Kumar

‘You Will Die’ by Shiv Kumar is a highly engrossing thriller novel with many sub genres under its skin. The story, plotline, subplots, climax, and pace – everything is solid and substantial. The story will make you feel that you are reading something of value, of interesting entertainment…and believing that nothing is superficial. If you need to measure the quality of a thriller by its layers, this novel of Shiv Kumar will shock you with its results. It’s laced with such a profound and terrific storyline.

The novel offers splendid back stories and sweet bitter sweeps of agents, spies, politicians, officers, and informants. Many might consider the novel a high-adrenaline espionage drama in the guise of a political thriller. And some reckon it just a crime thriller. Readers that are always clutched by crime thrillers will love pealing its layers leisurely, without a hesitation, without losing interest. That’s for sure! The ride is going to be insightful, tremendous, brilliant and sure witty at places.

On a broader theme, the novel’s story ricochets saving the life of Indian PM, Sunil Mishra from a terror group sponsored by a neighboring country. To save the PM are involved many good souls, one such is security advisor ‘Abhay Singh’. In addition to that, the novel doesn’t lag behind shedding light on the darker side of agents that work for the country. The story features four: Raghav, Jacob, Irfan, and Nazneen. They worked under Abhay Singh in a deadly mission codenamed Operation Buddha. What happens when an agent succeeds or when someone defects – is agreeably covered in the novel?

A terrorist named Abrahim with Indian roots and good history threatens to kill the prime minister. They use code words to test the patience and intelligence of PM’s savers. However, the story isn’t that simple and straight as it looked. Revenge runs deep! Who is going to head where and how? Will Abhay Singh put enough efforts to catch the culprits? How did Raghav, his ex agent, get exposed? What is that Mohanpur and Guruji and M21 virus connection? How many people are true nationalist or faking a semblance of it? The novel devastatingly portrays the black and white life of its characters.

You cannot catch one story and nail it as your final interpretation. The novel is a genuine medley of many actions and adventures happening with no respite. Yet all blends seamlessly. Overall the narration is lovingly fast-paced, with meticulously crafted storyline, making it a perfect and striking and memorable read.

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