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Book Review: Gold Mine by Wilbur Smith

In Johannesburg, Kitchenerville Fields is a dirty place yet full of prospects of gold. Here, a packet of some wealthy men, truly obsessed with business, aim to influence the market and political landscape and for that they can accommodate to any scope. For them their real pride is profit making business, above anything else. Rod Ironsides is promoted as the general manager of the Sonder Ditch, the largest famous gold mine in Kitchenerville Fields, but in return he is asked to stick to blind obedience of his boss, Manfred Steyner. So far life has been tough for Rod, apparently after a pathetic divorce, nevertheless he has penchant for bar clubs and one-night stands. Yes, but the offer of Sonder Ditch is a lifetime opportunity for him. On the other hand, a behind-the-scene conspiracy is laid out to immolate the lives of thousands of miners. The killing of thousands of miners would pave way for Menfred’s personal profits. Manfred Steyner is mentally ill, thus, orders Rod and h