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Book Review: Model Mentor by Colonel Gaurav Vashishtha

Model Mentor is an exclusive book for fashion model aspirants. It navigates them through a complex process so that they can achieve their dream of becoming a supermodel or any format model without falling in the traps of scams, hassles, hesitation, and politics. The semblance of the fashion industry looks glamorous, easy-to-approach, and inviting. However, the reality differs from as one tries to be that poster boy or girl. Colonel Gaurav Vashishtha is an ace photographer, a patriotic officer in the Indian Army, and his interest in model mentoring is apparent through this book. As of now, he’s guided many young naïve models that made to international magazines and shows. The book is divided into two parts. Firstly, he provides all the length and the breadth of fashion modeling. Secondly, he provided forms, question and answers, communication tools – as how a model can fair with people in the field and modeling agencies. This book has a specific target audience such as actors of Bol

Book Review: Cold Blooded Love by Girish Dutt Shukla

Cold Blooded Love by Girish Dutt Shukla is a riveting psychological thriller novel. Set against two bustling cities, Mumbai and Delhi, the story is told in an alternative narrative. Ms Ziva Wadhwa is the lead character that sways the scaffold of the story through her breathtaking conclusions, dark life secrets, expertise in designing, and her pursuit for a perfect happy family. As the novel kick starts, she is shifted to Delhi from Mumbai. As per the narration, she is separated from her husband Om and often connects on call with her best friend Osheen, who lives in Mumbai. In Delhi, a young couple shifts in her neighborhood. She can see them from one corner of her house – a window. They are Ovya and Aadit. One part of the narrative shows us the dark disturbing life of Ziva with her husband Om, mostly in Mumbai. That narrative isn’t page filler, it takes you to the other side of dark psychics about betrayal in relationship and friendship. In the current time, she is aloof and alone

Book Review – India's First in Science and Technology: A Journey in Images by Matiur Rahman & Tausif Ahmed Sayed

India’s contribution in the field of science & technology, medical, and biotech has been underplayed by simply glorifying Western countries scientists that invented bulb, electricity, locomotive, aircrafts, and so on. However, contemplation of scientific discoveries and innovations never careened off in India in last 120 years. Nowadays, the world knows that India only produced more than a few legendry scientists like Dr. Homi Jehangir Bhabha, Dr. Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai, and Dr. A.P.J .Abdul Kalam. Delhi based NGO – START (Search for Truth and Return to Science) – has taken a kind leap of introducing ‘First indigenous achievements’ in science & technology, biotech, and medicine of Indians. They bring on the table a list of twenty achievements, which are ‘First’ in their fields, pioneering those particular innovations and discoveries, and setting examples for the world. This book highlights the glory through twenty stories of achievements, celebrations, and fulfillment. Di

Book Review: Shree's Varah by Sandhya Borkar

Shree's Varah by Sandhya Borkar is a mystical spiritual thriller with a long cast of intriguing characters. The author has deftly intertwined all characters, their sweeps, actions, and much more through a spellbinding narrative. Equally the story also focuses on the vagaries of life and how God’s blessings compensate for loss and pain. As the novel kick starts, we see that some people from various parts of the world are heading to Krishnagari for the Festival of Shree Mela, somewhere in Maharashtra. When Abhay and Preeti reach Krishnagari for the festival after many years, contrary to their expectations, much has been changed. Vallabh is no more. He was shot dead by his enemies. Radhika – his widow – is devastated beyond a limit. She is so distraught by the tragic events in her life that she lost fait on Shree – the God. Since the novel has a spiritual streak, Shree acts a central character like banter in the backdrop. He makes sure that justice is prevailed in everyone’s life.

Book Review: Abbyradhya by Jyothi Krishna

Abbyradhya by Jyothi Krishna is a riveting short fast-paced love story. The novel offers a unique romance genre, which is free from intimacy and inclined more towards the confluence of hearts than anything else. The title is a combination of two people’s names: Abby and Aaradhya. Both are protagonists. The spellbinding tale of love begins with Aaradhya’s 27 th birthday. She is a super rich businesswoman. After an initial background sweep, Aaradhya stumbles upon Abby in the flight to New Zealand. Abby is so handsome that she secretly wishes to love and marry him. Things work out during the travel. They meet for two days in the unruffled romantic beauty of New Zealand. They love each other and looking forward to get into marriage without any hurdles as professionally both are settled: Aaradhya into business, and Abby a successful painter. The story turns into an atypical compelling read when the fate strikes its chord. Aaradhya upon reaching India finds her father dead. She is devas

Book Review: Mystical Narratives by Karishma Udit Chhatrapati

Emotional well-being is the rudimentary aspect of our life that determines our overall state and quality of happiness. One of the fringe benefits of emotional wellness is that it teaches us to accept the negative side of our life, so that we can replace it with positivity, hope, celebrations, etc. If our emotional wellness is balanced, we are capable of handling our stress and other situations that demand adaptations. However, the most difficult task in life is to handle ourself, as our feelings of mixed emotions keep us awake, perturbed, and moving. Karishma Chhatrapati’s new book Mystical Narratives aims to inspire you to an extent so that you can master the emotional wellness to see the drastic changes in life. The book is engaging, charming, and easily comprehending. It offers around 20 poems in the conversational narrative between Moonshine and Moonlight . The former is angry, disturbed, and clouded by judgment, ego, and confusion. She seeks words of wisdom from Moonlight that

Book Review: Arthur & Sarah by Amar B. Singh

Arthur & Sarah by Amar B. Singh is an extraordinary book that takes stance on infatuation, love, marriage, and what causes disharmony for a married couple. The focal conflicting point of marriage is explained with the concept of anti-gravity. According to the author, things in our life are smooth and seamless when going according to gravity. When events transform from mind to heart – the ways are in sync with gravity – smooth. And its opposite is anti-gravity – when things aren’t that smooth, falling from heart to mind. The key point to notice is that it’s our mind that stirs our decisions and smear judgment with ego. Unlike mind, heart is benign and innocent, it works without conditions. But whenever mind overwhelms, ego is bound to ruin the rudimentary scaffold of many things, and marriage is no exception. In particular, this book has two opposite genders of the planet ‘man and woman’ as its protagonist and antagonist. The book is socially vulnerable and its course of events runs

Book Review: Mahabharata Ki Jaani Anjaani Nayika by Monika Rusia

It will not be wise to say that epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana were all about men’s game – they fought, devised strategies, and bore ramifications and enjoyed glory. Women’s share in these epics was equal as men’s. This poetry collection by Monika Rusia brings forward a list of around nineteen women who directly or indirectly influenced the bedlam of the battlefield of Mahabharata. The book offers a fresh and unique narrative in Hindi, first off, it is easy to read and learn. The author first puts a short introduction and then the storytelling is carried forward via an all-explaining poem. The pattern is same for all women covered in the book. If someone has already read the mainstream Mahabharata and retellings, chances are that they are familiar with some characters. However, still there are many women who were either ignored or forgotten. The book is evident that the author has a great research on this epic, thus, she handpicked the women for our acknowledgement. A close lo

Book Review: Desiccated Land by David Lepeska

Desiccated Land by David Lepeska narrates heart-wrenching, raw, and emotive tales of the people from the world’s most troubled land – Kashmir. Often referred as the Valley, the state is compared with the likes of Switzerland on account of tourism. However, the fate of the valley is constantly grappling under the various political narratives since the independence of India. Insurgency, awkward foreign policies, broken historical lineage, too much troop presence, and unwanted bigotry intervention by Pakistan – the people of the Valley have lost the meaning of freedom. Even for basic movements, speech, and facilities like communication and internet, at times they are shut down from the mainstream world. The people of Kashmir are suffocating, their voices suppressed, their political interests are in abysmal dilemma. But the mainstream media never brings forth their wretched life and events that perturb them. For most of us all that place is dangerous to be there, to travel, and to work.

Book Review: When I Opened the Door by Abhinav Bansal

“When I Opened the Door” by Abhinav Bansal is an inspiring collection of poetry, most of the themes spiraling from the poet’s life. The book has around 50 poems, and some of them drive readers to do something good in life. Getting motivation through poetry is a pleasant way of gaining wisdom in life. The poems provide fresh perspectives on life with a gamut of lessons ranging from how to avoid drug addiction to fearlessly facing destiny to taking care of health to breaking the barriers to becoming a game changer and much more in between. The book commences with a powerful message to the youth – don’t involve in drug addiction – the poet portrays how it begins and then ruins the whole life. The next poem urges you to identify the leader in you. In fact, most of the free flowing verse poems nudge readers to take a look within them. Ironically, a close look reveals that through these poems, the author is narrating his own tale of ordeals, deals, experiences, and inspiration. Finally,