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Book Review – CIU: Criminals in Uniform by Sanjay Singh and Rakesh Trivedi

Fiction is a powerful tool that is often used by journalism people to narrate the real events precisely without unmasking the real cast of heroes and villains. It’s real but runs like an alternative piece of history. On the similar lines, is the novel (CIU: Criminals in Uniform) by the duo crime writers Sanjay Singh and Rakesh Trivedi. A terrific page turner Hindi crime thriller spiraled out of real life situations. Other than armed forces, in India there are many agencies that work internally in the service of the country. But the question is, who is monitoring the veracity of their work, are they honest and rectified every moment? You will not get a direct answer, however, journalism has the courage to expose them. And it had happened many a time in many Indian states. This book highlights the wrong doings of some black sheep that work in the system of Indian agencies like CIU, ATS, IB, NIA, etc. In particular it is about API Yatin Sathe of CIU. The story is based on true events;

Book Review – Porus: In the Shadows of Betrayals by Roopesh Tiwari

Porus by Roopesh Tiwari is an amazing intense historical retelling. The author leveraged on his master research skills and powered imagination to bring alive the king Purushottam’s timeline in 4th century BC. In short known as Porus, he was a volcano of talent, combat skills, an able-bodied warrior, and an ambitious personality overall. The novel is lengthy, has many narrative openings. However, its core focus is to portray the transformation of Porus from an unknown rebel to an outlaw living in the jungle to seeking revenge from Ugrasen, Magadha King’s brother. The storyline has vast geopolitical timeline, it not only narrates the events that turned in favor of Porus, but also introduces kings and shahs from Macedon and Persia. On one side the story is very much Indian, on the other front Alexander and Shah Darius paving their way to engrave a name for themselves in the history. Darius’ story is full of betrayals; he killed many including his close kin and friends to claim the kin

Book Review: Restructuring Class Room Education by Kanagiri SN Prasad and K Sai Kishore

Kanagiri SN Prasad is an eminent educationist from Telangana state, India. His articles and analysis of education system in India has been featuring in several news sources and magazines from time and again. He works towards reforming the education system of our country that has been constant since the British days. With time, it ought to be changed. In his newly released book, ‘Restructuring Class Room Education,’ he talks about various elemental aspects of our education system that awaits restructuring i.e. what is needed to be done to promote the chances of holistic education across all class of students, irrespective of their family and income background. The book fosters the development and importance of true education. The book is segmented into three sections. However, its prima facie coverage is NEP 2020 that is National Education Policy. For this topic, K Sai Kishore joins hand with Kanagiri SN Prasad. They both share a lot of insights into NEP that is functional since 196

Book Review – Krishna Series: The Beginning by Kapil Dabur

Before we move ahead with the review, let’s understand Kapil Dabur’s new novel’s title. ‘The Beginning’ is the first book in Krishna Series. There have been many retellings from the epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana. The market has seen the upward trend from Amish Tripathi to Kavita Kane to now Kapil Dabur. This novel is exquisitely built…from narration to pace to placing of characters. You will love the gradual divulgence of characters and their idiosyncrasies. Majorly, this novel covers the events and time period before the birth of Krishna in Mahajanpad. More or less, the story stages the backdrop for Krishna and Kansa. The underlying fact is that in Mahajanpad, states are divided on the creed of Bhairavs vs. Vaishnavs. The former clan is cunning and outwardly devoted to Lord Rudra, who orients the karmic law of the world. However, Vaishnavs are true devote of Vishnu i.e. lord Rama. Both have clashing ideologies. However, to get benefit from trade and commerce, they have worked

Book Review: Diary of a Successful Loser by Mohan K

Diary of a Successful Loser by Mohan K is a good thought-provoking book that can help you in overcoming the obstacles in personal and professional life. But remember, it is not a straight info-laden self-help book. It’s rather a stealth-help book, which means you got to know about issues and then solutions through the real incidents from the author’s life. A ‘technique’ way different from the banality of self-help books that overstuff philosophy and others quotes for every situation. The USP of Mohan’s book is that it doesn’t overstuff you with anyone’s blind philosophy, instead the author puts his own views. Segmented into 5 chapters, Mohan narrates his tale of life that grappled with quirks of fate, career ups and down, setbacks, heartbreaks, self-expectations and more. A close look reveals that he was quite successful with his time…yet he being so humble that he chose to label himself as a successful loser. The title is contrasting but that’s okay. The book commences with a cont

Book Review – Krishna Deva Raya: The Boy Who Would be King by Abhijeeth Hiliyana

‘The Boy Who Would be King’ is the first book in the Krishna Deva Raya series, traditionally published, written by Abhijeeth Hiliyana. It’s a historical fiction staged against the medieval period of South India. The novel narrates the rise of a young man named Krishna to a prominent position during the Vijayanagar Samrajya’s hey days to fall due to internal conspiracies and conflicts and invasion from outsiders. Krishna is a son of Mahasenapathi Narasa Nayaka in the sovereignty of Emperor Saluva Narasimha. As the story commences, Krishna and his brother Vira head to Gersoppa region. It’s on the verge of falling under the attacks from Bahmani forces that are operational from Goa. The Bahmanis have assigned Bahadur Khan to seize Gersoppa. If they lose Gersoppa, it means losing the entire Vijayanagar Samrajya. Some pages in the story and it become evident that the Vijayanagar Samrajya was rebuilt delicately and Bahmani is their biggest external enemy. As soon as the leadership of Kr

Book Review: Ashrams of India Volume 1 by the Bronte Company Limited

Produced by the Bronte Company Limited, ‘Ashrams of India Volume 1’  presents a useful resource guide for the people and travelers that are looking forward to visit or connect with ashrams and places of worships such as synagogues, churches, temples, mosques, and divine caves and so on in India. ‘Ashrams of India’ is a bulky book that has compiled information about 500 places across 18 states, of which mostly are ashrams in India, especially of Hindu faith. However, the book is not wholly dedicated to Hindu ashrams and the gurus that have their centuries-old lineage for their disciples and followers, rather the book also focuses on special highlighted places of worships in some of the states such as Goa, Kerala, and Sikkim. Of course, it’s a prevalent fact that India is a country of myriad gods and gurus, as a result it’s abundant with ashrams that are in existence since many centuries. However, there are some places that hold historical relevance with regard to other faiths that c