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Book Review: Man Ki Parchhai by Punit Mishra

Poetry is the best medium to express a gamut of emotions without causing any commotion and concern in the ambience. It’s the magic of words that not only work but also pierce, inspire, and ignite hearts. Hindi literature and its allied poetry hold the soul of our country and have been binding people’s heart for over a century now. No matter how many times you read Hindi poetry, it always looks less. In its pure essence, it’s sublimely pleasant and juicy. Punit Mishra’s book of Hindi poetry, Ghazal and Nazms is heart-touching, impressive, and soul stirring. The title ‘Man Ki Parchhai’ is spectacular. It literally means shadow of the heart. So true to its meaning, this lovely collection brings a medley of over 100 poems, ghazals, and nazms that show the concerned musings of a poet. The book’s quality of content is exquisite, at times some of the words sound highly tough but a simple Google search will make you back in the reading tandem. The book is rich with many themes galloping arou

Book Review: The Ten Commandments of Evil by Vignesh Sivasankar

The Ten Commandments of Evil by Vignesh Sivasankar is a page-turning horror fiction that grabs attention as soon as you get started with the first story and it keep engrossed till you finished with the last story. I have read many horror books by Indian authors and watched a few web series but nothing like this. Surprisingly, this is the first book by the author and he blew my mind with detailed stories in simple and lucid narration. His way of presenting and twisting stories is not only impressive but also imaginative with a tinge of dark fantasy. The book offers 10 stories that are about evil's version. The author says right at the beginning that being in a marketing field, he traveled a lot, thus, he got a chance to know all these stories from the people who were part of that. Nearly all the stories are intense and terrific. The first story is about that Bengali couple who are blessed by twins during pregnancy but little did they know that it brought demonic curse to them. The

Book Review: UPSC Quotes Handbook by Piyush Rohankar, DANICS

Since school days I am fascinated by quotes, I can keep reading for hours. It gives me a special sort of thrill and I feel that these are somehow based and related to my life situations. So, that is the power of quotes. During my academic years, I often used quotes and proverbs in answers to sound impressive and better than others. But I didn’t know that this trick is also used by UPSC CE candidates. UPSC Quotes Handbook by Piyush Rohankar, DANICS, is a one such a good book of quotes, which students preparing for UPSC CE can use effectively. The author highlighted the importance of quotes in critical exams of UPSC. Imagine thousands of students writing similar answers to a set of given questions. Now look at it from the examiner’s point of view, he/she may feel and find banality in all answers. So, here comes the role of quotes – if you introduce or compliment your answer with quotes – it clearly refreshes the examiner and pushes your profile at a next level. Even in interviews, if

Book Review: Love Science by Surajit Roy

Love Science by Surajit Roy explains the psychology of attraction. Attraction means falling in love, feeling infatuation towards someone, having a healthy relationship among spouses. This book is a short read but its intensity and level of analysis is at par with some really good book of psychology of human heart. Without wasting time, let’s discuss its USP and key takeaways. The book is build on five topics – The Foundation of Love, Evolution of Love in Different Age Groups, The Signs of an Extramarital Affair, The Biochemistry of Love, Everyday Realization of Love, When Love Goes Amiss. First topic takes us to those aspects that keep the love going smooth. We all, at some point of time, look for stability in our love relationship with our partner. But what’s that stability in love? Love is not a simple emotion – it goes through a wheel of crest and trough before it comes to any realization. The author tries to explore those elements that control and modify our love equation. Henc

Book Review: Retaliation of the Cursed by Stephen Arthur Martin Jr.

Retaliation of the Cursed by Stephen Arthur Martin Jr. is an exhaustive analytical book on the origins of world’s religions. But its main essence is to draw comparison of many cultures and religions of the world with Hinduism. Hinduism is considered as the oldest religion on earth, however, on the other hand it’s also said that it has no trace of history. Across the world there are scores of scholars and theologists and religious enthusiasts that are still searching answers to the history of Hinduism. This book is one such attempt that tries to seek answers by studying other primitive forms of other religions. All the assumptions, theories, or concepts are well supported by vivid illustrations, copious footnotes, and bibliography. Stephen has presented a lot of similarities between many religions. And he seems curious to come to some level where he can compare the religions with same roots. He succeeded many a time but only true followers can make it out whether he was right or it wa

Book Review: The Adversary by Maurício Limeira

The Adversary by Maurício Limeira is a riveting crime thriller with snatches of dark themes in it. The novel is staged against Rio de Janeiro. It was originally written in Portuguese but is translated in English for global reach. The protagonist of the novel is Zeca, a journalist. He is seeking revenge for the killers of his girlfriend Natalia, who was assaulted and killed by a gang in a restaurant. Her death made Zeca depressive and he cursed himself for not able to protect her. Thus, to dole out the justice to himself and to his dead girlfriend, he seeks the services of a professional killer. He wants that killer to find and identify the people who attacked in a group on them. And from here begins his precarious journey. For that purpose he stumbles across Casimir – a way renowned professional killer. From the initial research of Zeca, it comes out that Casimir has blood lust and he presides in the shadow of some black or occult magic. He was invincible in his profession, as many

Book Review: The Lady with the Magic Lamp by Dr. Aswathy Rajan & Manju K Manohar

The Lady with the Magic Lamp is a very fascinating and inspiring semi-autobiographical book on Dr Rajammal written by two authors Dr. Aswathy Rajan & Manju K Manohar. The book recounts the life experiences and achievements of its cynosure Dr Rajammal. Her life story is inspiration to millions of people across the world. The way she rose to a position of eminence through hard work and education is nothing less than a tale in itself. The book is divided into two parts. The first part talks about her life, and the second part houses praises and letters from her students and people who got influenced by her. Towards the end of the book, you will also see media blitz and pictures of her with relatives and of events. In each chapter, you will find points to ponder, that are nothing but straight takeaways from the book.    Dr Rajammal (also known as Raji) was born in Kethorai village in Nilgiris. She hailed from Badaga community, which was conservative towards girls’ education and c

Book Review: What Every Indian Should Know Before Investing by Vinod Pottayil

Money, finance, investment, ROI are not just words that we keep hearing every day, rater it’s our life. They govern our happiness, overall lifestyle, status quo, and much more. Hardly there is any person on the earth who doesn’t want to grow financially in life. Financial freedom and success is a huge aspect of Indians life. But the dark truth is that they are underequipped and lacks knowledge about it. Thus, people land up making either haste decisions or get into investments that make them unhappy and worried. Well this book ‘What Every Indian Should Know before Investing’ by Vinod Pottayil brings an explicit approach towards investing insights for Indians. This is quite an exhaustive book with around 21 chapters. First and last 3 chapters in the book are necessary for all Indians who believe in any sort of investment. It looks like that the author knows the basic dilemma of Indians, thus, he started the book with basic concepts of investment and terms. In the very first chapter,

Book Review: Revelation by Ramu Upadhaya

Revelation by Ramu Upadhaya is true to its title and veracity. Like most of his earlier novels that are garbed under fictitious nature but sheds light on the silhouettes of our contemporary society, which remains existent but hidden. Going by the title, this book, which is claimed to be a fiction, but it’s in true way a part fiction, a narrative and strong commentary on political issues of our country through a character named Undier. Ramu Upadhaya is a man of serious thoughts and concerns his voice about the malfunction of society through his philosophical characters in his books. This time he introduces Undier – likely from North East – but he has given a fictional name to the backdrop of the novel. The guy Undier hails from a lower middle-class family. In the initial chapters he is known for his temerity towards his people and culture and territory. But he lands up in political puddle, and in any democracy politics is fueled by personal greed and motifs. Little did he know that bu

5 Poetry Books by Indian Authors to Consider Adding to Your Summer Reading

Summer is happy time. Vacations from school and colleges…no vile harsh winters to worry you. With nothing much to do in the scorching heat outside, it’s always a good idea to busy yourself with light poetry books over hardcore bulky novels. No restrictions from academics, this is the best time to explore your genuine interest with poetry books. Here are 5 poetry books by Indian authors to consider adding to your summer reading list. 1) Bells of Consciousness by Kumari Mini Yadav: A refreshing read! A capable book of short poems that can ignite a sense of spiritual and mental wellness in your life. Each poem is assisted by a Guru saying and then a vivid illustration. The essence of the poems is far-reaching than your anticipation. This poetry will reinstate your faith in divine and cosmic power. If your life has ever been on tenterhooks, and you found yourself low on self-light, this book is for you. Rise and resurrect everything.   2) Melange by Dr Prakriti L Thapa: Based