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Book Review: See Glass by Ido Graf

See Glass by Ido Graf is a fascinating novel with covering themes like war fiction, political thriller, spy espionage thriller, light romance, and historical fiction. The scope of the novel is so vast that you can like or dislike any character or any part of the story. The novel shuttles between past and present, and all characters from both times are highly intriguing and robust to their roles. Right at the beginning, there is mention of French Legionnaire and then we see a piece of history of 1945 where two senior SS Nazi officers trying their best to flee the country as they knew Nazi was almost over. This lays the foundation of the further story. Anyway coming back to the story fronts, we first see a Swiss citizen Oscar living in England is murdered. Adam, his special body guard and also a member of French Legion, picks up Rebecca and runs for safety. Rebecca is Oscar’s granddaughter. She has a diary of the old man that narrates his story of fate and involvement in Nazi during the

Book Review: The Lion in Your Heart by R. C. Chizhov (Illustration by Anil Yap)

The Lion in Your Heart by R. C. Chizhov is a wonderful short children's book that tries to instill some moral values to its young readers. The story is about Dennis. He moves to a new home, in a new room. At first night, he thinks that an owl is sitting at the window. He is scared and unable to sleep, thus, he calls out for his mother. Mommy says that there is no one in his room except a lion. How? Next, the story is about the lion that everyone has in their hearts. Through examples of storm and sea, miracles and courage, Dennis gets the point of being stronger from inside. The way the author presented the concept of self-belief and being bold in all circumstances is captivating. The concept of the inside lion is materialized perfectly. The book is short to read and one can also enjoy its lovely and colourful illustrations. It is captivating right since its first page, whether Kindle or paperback it is a heartwarming story of a little boy who is learning to be stronger and co

Book Review: Ek Sukumaria ka Ant by Janardan

Ek Sukumaria ka Ant by Janardan is a riveting Hindi title that contains four long stories. The book is poignant in depicting the hedonistic themes that are prevalent in the world, especially in our morals and tenacity. Through these stories the author tried to concern the voices of people caught in the circle of fate and doom and circumstances. It is not necessary that only poor people are trapped in the victim cycle, the author covered characters from all class. Also one prominent theme is that the world acts as a stage for many aspects and chores. It’s clear from the first story Rangmanch, where we got to see the reconciliation of two lovers that was staged by their family and friends. In the next story of Lifafa, the author portrayed the grim realities of corruption that runs in our administration and political system. The man tries to get a transfer but his efforts were becoming futile as the envelope he was giving wasn’t properly channelized and it lacked the weightage of mone

Book Review: Life through the Mirrors by Prativa Mahanta

Life through the Mirrors by Prativa Mahanta is a wonderful sublime collection of poems. The book offers over 20 poems of different themes and some motivational quotes right in the beginning. Though most of the poems are long, yet they sound rhyming and seems purely built on the emotions of heart of the poet. There is subtle anguish, appeal, concern in many poems. While exploring the self, the book also takes a stance on many societal barriers and norms that try to define our lives in futility. This makes the collection a bit dark. Despite all, the book is readable and relatable to one’s heart that dreams even after getting hurt at many junctures. The USP of the book is that it builds an air of motivation and imagination through words. The title is apt and it epitomizes the world where we live, it is like a mirror, what we do that we see. The first poem, ‘Thoughts riding the Air’, voices the inner voice of the poet who is determined to do something in life, she is way ambitious that