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Book Review: Bujhaye Na Bujhe by Nimish Agrawal

It looks like Nimish Agrawal brought back the sheen of Hindi literature; otherwise it looks distant and dormant. Hindi literature is a vital part of our schooling and cultural heritage and lineage but the option of publishing books easily online has resulted in spurt of English literature. So, very few are writing Hindi novels. Well, no more queer propositions…Nimish Agrawal’s debut novel Bujhaye Na Bujhe is a terrific read but only for hardcore Hindi literature lovers. This is a novel by a semblance, but as you go deep into it, it looks like a critical study of our society and its allied pillars such as love, women, social taboos, and human’s never-ending quest for some questions that have been asked since the dawn of human civilization. The novel takes us to one Ashram where the narrator reaches in search of new beginning by seeking answers to questions that lay the foundation of this world’s life. The novel is set there. In the pretext of characters, there a handful of them and

Book Review: Katil Nurse by Subhash Kumar

Subhash Kumar hails from a rural background but the way he writes stories of love and infatuation is not only groundbreaking but also heart-wrenching. He introduces the readers with the actual realism of love that grapples the life of millions of youth. After two successful books consecutively, his latest novel ‘Katil Nurse’ is an astounding work of literature that mixes reality with the subtle hint of imagination. The book looks like spiraling from real life experiences, but the author denies all the allegations. Well, in this novel, the story takes place between the girl named Nandu and Subhash, the narrator is working in Maharashtra but he belong to Madhya Pradesh. Nandu is a nurse in a private hospital. She is looking for a groom desperately. When they come across, automatically a love affair takes birth. However, the narrator doesn’t know that the girl with whom he is planning to get married and deep in love is not only fake but also maneuvering. Nandu is a clever girl. Late

Book Review: Miles Apart by Pratichi Sanaye

Miles Apart by Pratichi Sanaye is a fast-paced light romance novel. The story features love and friendship stuff of some close friends who were once closely tied during the college time. The novel has mainly two narratives i.e. Shruti and Simran. These women are the lead characters in more than one way. As the story kicks off, we see Shruti and a few more friends try finding Simran, their long lost friend from the college time. Shruti one day gets a manuscript from Simran. It meant that she is searchable. Shruti is an intriguing yet clever character. For money needs, she lives with Raghav, a spoilt son of a builder. As the story chugs ahead, it comes out that Shruti and Simran were best buddies in the college but something happens and they part ways. What was that?   That’s another story. From the male front, Ayush and Samar lead the story. When Shruti and others were travelling to Mussoorie from Mumbai, they stumble upon Ayush, who also helps them. Things take off quite fast for

Book Review: Millennial Kumar Gets Married At Last! by Lakshmi Priya

Millennial Kumar Gets Married At Last! by Lakshmi Priya is a light, fun, and relatable read about a groom’s plight in the Indian marriages. The author concerns the voice of many grooms through the lead character called Kumar. The novel deals with the profile that one has to make or maintain to get a better life partner in terms of appearance, family backdrop, dowry, earning, and so on. The story starts in a reverse order where we see the lead character Kumar is getting anxious at the Chennai Airport. But how did he reach there and why was he so unhappy and frustrated? Well, the reason was marriage. Then suddenly the book takes us to the time of 90s – kids that grew and studied during the decade of 90s could relate better with Kumar. The author takes us through his school days, college days and in that we refresh our memories. One will find out many events or peculiar and funny situations that will evoke nostalgia of our golden days. Anyway Kumar, the lead character, was never a l

Book Review: Penalty & Pardon by Ramu Upadhaya

The world is a troubled place for a sane and pious person. Based on similar lines is the Ramu Upadhaya’s latest offering “Penalty & Pardon”, a sort of fiction, of course with old-days like philosophical touch. At the fa├žade of the story, we confront with main characters like Patrick, Desmond, and Baxter. Patrick has not seen the mystical God but believes in him and is ready to dedicate all his life for godly good work that is appreciated by the angles of God. But having said that, it is not easy. The path of god! His mettle and faith will be tested by devil forces and shadows. And those devils in the story are represented by Desmond and Baxter. The title is contrasting to its essence. Penalty refers to pain and tribulation inflicted by evils to the people embraced the ways of God. And pardon refers to forgiveness bestowed on devilish forces. The novel is highly imaginative yet insightful. The author took all the efforts to show how a person’s providence is challenged by the see

Book Review: Yes Ace by Amarnath Pallath

Yes Ace by Amarnath Pallath is a superb book because it contains an ocean-like wisdom and experience from the author’s life. The author hails from the engineering backdrop, however he worked at various lengths, so the knowledge and interaction he holds within his realm is gigantic. The book is a work of non-fiction but invariably it sheds a great amount of knowledge for its readers that make them rich with the value of life and essence of time they are having on this planet. Talking about the book, foremost it’s an easy read. There are 30 essays…but a close look reveals that the book is far transcendental than just the essays. The author, in fact, shared shreds of memories and experiences from his life, the people he met and worked with or came across while traversing through a journey called LIFE. Every chapter has a name and reverberates well with the inside content. The way he explores circumstances and puts the special memories in the lane of time, it is just a matter of time h

Book Review: Maximum Person by G B Prabhat

Maximum Person by G B Prabhat is a powerful self-help book that sheds light on quality of life which can be achieved by incorporating industrial quality management strategies and tips and much more. The book is about progressive and productive and peaceful society – how we can make it by materializing the concept of Maximum Person i.e. MAX–P. The author is a veteran of the corporate world, where he must have stumbled upon scores of methods and tricks and tips for the sake of betterment of productivity and quality management and control. He puts his wisdom in this book so as millions of people can benefit by making their life full of quality. The intention of MAX–P is to derive QoL (Quality of Life). The book is well-segmented into four parts, and with eight chapters. It’s highly appreciating that the author presented summary of the each chapter in the end, it just makes easy for the readers to recollect what they tried to grasp earlier. The book’s main focus is to develop and bui