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Book Review: The Perfect Knot by Dr. Neha Rai

The Perfect Knot by Dr. Neha Rai by is an engrossing intense romantic thriller. The novel features the story of Abhinav Shastri, who falls in love with Sanchi. It’s staged against Ahmadabad, Varanasi and a few more Indian cities. The novel can be remembered for its dramatic and intriguing characters like Sanchi, Kavisha, and Abhinav. They all are young, college goers. Abhinav and Kavisha are from the same family, kind of cousin brother and sister. Kavisha runs poetic engagements at various places where she features poets in Ahmadabad, while Abhinav studies in Surat in an engineering college. Both characters are unhappy by their family. Abhinav has had very tragic and dull childhood due to his father and Mausi, which is his stepmother now. In one of the poetic events, Abhinav is smitten by the beauty of Sanchi. He along with his friend Akash searches her. They succeed with the help of Kavisha. These guys are creatively inclined, like Sanchi is a song writer, Abhinav has a band and s

Book Review: They Were My Heroes by Mohul Bhowmick

They Were My Heroes by Mohul Bhowmick is a delightful collection of hundred poems that revs heart. These poems are subtle, sublime, aesthetic, and put a show of fervent passion in the poet’s voice. The collection is simply superb and rich with all the literary essence. Hundred poems, divided into five sections, Mohul takes us through the full circle of life, ebbing on the tides of travel memories, tribute, friendship, love, and musings of life. The first section ‘Travel Capers’ takes us through the memory lane of places visited by the poet. He sheds light on the exquisite culture and customs of places like Nepal, South India, Chandigarh, Western Ghats, and so on. Mohul makes this section highly readable by his keen observation of places and people. Next section, In Tribute – refers to people in his life. They are not just the by passers, they shaped him. He misses them, pays tribute to his coach Anil Mittal, and expresses gratitude to his family and others on the cricket field. In

Book Review: Sense of a Quiet by Deepak Kripal

Sense of a Quiet by Deepak Kripal is an Indian fiction novel that features three characters that looked inextricable from each other due to their circumstances. Financially they are strong characters but it’s their personal dilemma, clashes and situations that turn them up against one another. The novel subtly highlights the working and reaction of our society when a man is trapped by his episodic demons and adversaries. Milind and Diya are doctors in Haridwar. Diya comes from a bit higher family. She fell in love with Milind since college days. They look happy from outside but deep inside there is something unspeakable gap that disturbs them, above all Diya’s mother doesn’t favour Milind. The real problem begins sizzling when Rohan – their common friend – comes to stay with them. Milind was happy to receive him but Diya never likes him. Also Rohan was not that decent guy. He was on the verge of divorce with his wife. This novel takes a jibe at the comfort zone and space among co