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Book Review: Devri by Prateek Shrivastav

Devri is a literary masterpiece that evokes emotions and aesthetics of the bygone era seeded in small towns and villages. Penned down by a tech professional, the book takes readers to simplicity of small towns and villages of India and shows how life there is different, engaging, meaningful  but away from the concrete jungles of cities and buzz of traffic chaos. Devri is a fictional town created in Central India around the Vindhyachal mountain range. The author beautifully paints life of small villages and a town surrounding the backdrop cynosure: Devri. How do you look upon a small-town collection of short stories, for sure it will remind one of a railway station, fairs and festivals, nature and animals...this collection brims with every kind of literary appeasement that you might anticipate while reading it. However, the author kept two broad aspects mixed: irony and simplicity. In the story, the Interwoven Dreams , we get to know why someone wants to leave village and their heritage

Beyond the Blueprint: A Comprehensive Guide to Professional Practice, Law & Ethics for Civil Engineers by Prof. Gautam Bondyopadhyay

Every field of work and organization is obliged by a set of standard rules, ethics, and code of conduct, morality, and law practices. Abiding by laws and rules not only keeps an organization stable but also makes it morally beautifully. The life and field of civil engineers is never a wayward. They too have a guide book which keeps a vigil on them, on their morality, on their contracts, and responsibilities. Since they design heavy infrastructure like flyovers, transit ways, metro, airports - their work needs to be perfectly aligned with indispensable set of rules set by governing bodies, consultants, and acts of constitution. The book “Beyond the Blueprint” by Prof. Gautam Bondyopadhyay is an excellent resource for civil engineers and students that are looking for jobs via campus and off campus ways to look in the body of law that will define their roles and responsibilities. Divided into six modules and next followed by extensive question and answer coverage, this book will serve as

Book Review: Photikchand...Golpoguli by Orpheus Rayswarnadhir

Photikchand...Golpoguli by Orpheus Rayswarnadhir is an engrossing and moving Bengali novel mainly backdropped against Raysugada, a fictitious place and other places of Eastern India Malbhumi region. It is a titular novel; the name in the title is of the lead character – Photikchand. The lead character remains enigmatic due to his involvement in dreams and fantasy. As the novel starts, we get to know that he is fazed by tales from local folktales and mythology. He has that penchant for writing diaries and making stories. Photik falls in love with a girl and thus settles in a remote isolated place called Raysugada. Though outwardly he has no rich history of parents and no particular lineage to boast off, mainly he is like a rootless nomad. However, his character has strength, mettle, and grit. Can he overcome his fantasies of his dreamlands and live a normal life with his life partner in a new place? Well, we can find out that later as we chug ahead with the plotline. The novel’s und

Book Review: Green Allegiants by Ananda Thumrugoti

Eleven year old Durga holds the cynosure in the novel ‘Green Allegiants’ penned down by Ananda Thumrugoti. Staged against Hyderabad in India, and for some time in Germany, the novel has teen characters that literally save the world falling in the hands of villains situated abroad. Durga, Janice, Keith, Abhik attend same school. Durga has historical roots to clans of Vijayanagaram; however, her parents are scientist with much fame in the botany field. She has been kept in curtains, she is a like a princess, an heir of a princely state…but nothing sort of kingdom and battles are listed in this novel. This is as contemporary as any other modern-day thriller novel. Nevertheless, it differs with its skeins; it deals with intricacies of botany. The plants, their species make a lot of the banter in the book. It gives wonderful knowledge about plants that can change the fate of the world, especially with medicinal groundbreaking inventions. Durga gets in trouble when her parents meet with