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Book Review: The Unlikely Spy by Daniel Silva

Set during the Second World War, the main theme of the book is to bamboozle Hitler for the D-Day invasion plans. Whether the Germans should approach Normandy or Calais for the France invasion? So, basically it is a war-fiction. Peter Jordan, an American engineer, arrives in the wartime Britain for the construction of an artificial harbour and also becomes the important part of the top secrets related to D-Day. Then there is very intelligent man Alfred Vicary, a British academic, also a good friend of Winston Churchill who introduces him to MI5 (the British Counterintelligence Operations). As the war is on, Abwehr, a spy network of Germans, is very much active in the Britain. Alfred Vicary devises a plan in which Abwehr will keep receiving the information about the Britain’s moves but the information relayed will not be truth. It will be rather fabricated, so as to deceive their spy network. However, the real worry is to dig out the sleeping agents of Germany as they are mor