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Book Review: She Walks, She Leads by Gunjan Jain

‘She Walks, She Leads’by Gunjan Jain features true stories of 24 women from India. The book holds a special limelight not because it is full of celebrities but it takes toil to rev up reminisces of childhood, nubile romance, family and tradition talks, life aspirations along with how well they fared to achieve their set goals. The writer must have put in lot of efforts in research because the protagonists hail from various and diverse fields, rather than one. Also, to cover the profiles extensively, the book has been segmented field wise i.e. from altruism to corporate to sports and everything in between. Whether you are reading love tale of Nita & Mukesh Ambani or the struggle saga of a Manipuri girl Mary Kom, the narration oscillates from pains to gains, missed to hit points but the exploration never boils down to dull tempo. A story covered well is riveted through all angles: personal, from the close allies, etc. Therefore the author has put in special efforts to suppl