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Book Review: The House of Christina by Ben Haas

"Once we buy this place, we’re committed once and for all to Austria. And that frightens me.” Thus, Christina Helmer voiced her forebodings when, one spring morning in 1923, she first viewed the great manor house and vineyards in the heart of the Vienna Woods. Her husband, General Kurt Helmer, confidently dismissed such fears, arranged for the house to be bought and named in Christina’s honour - the House of Christina. Thirteen years later, when Ben Haas’s powerful new story begins to unfold, Christina is dead but all she once feared has now become very much approaching. Adolf Hitler rules Germany and now threatens Austria. At the great house, the widowed general is looked after by his ravishing daughter Christa - who is a fantastic hostess to their many friends and visitors. Prominent among these are three suitors – an American novelist Lan Condon, and two Austrians, one a Jewish banker and other a rising Nazi. During the terrifying years that follow, these three v

Book Review: Life of Pi by Yann Martel

Piscine Molitor Patel, nicknamed as Pi because people find his name a bit lengthy and tough to pronounce, lives in Pondicherry with his family, who own a zoo. It is around 1970’s when the political situation of Pondicherry begins changing. Thus, his father comes out with an option of migrating to Canada and selling some of their animals in the North America. But at the same time, Pi is caught by the quest of religions, spirituality, and God. While speeding up his efforts, he seeks chances to meet people from different religions, and in a hope of finding a resolute answer he starts following religions like Christianity, Hinduism and Islam. The family boards the Japanese cargo ship with some of the animals. Midway their voyage, the ship falls in the grip of storm, Pi is little excited to see the storm, and hence he comes out at the dock of the ship. Next, he is thrown onto a lifeboat. The ship sinks down with no survivor except Pi – and to accompany him on the lifeboat are a

Book Review: The Godfather by Mario Puzo

The novel ‘The Godfather’ by Mario Puzo shot into fame immediately after it got published in 1969. It was a disruptive novel that profoundly revealed the underbelly of the American mafia world, and also set stage for many mafia novels and movies in Hollywood. The novel was soon made into a motion picture with an equal aplomb and finesse. The story is about Vito Corleone and his youngest son Michael. Well, most of the novel is based on Vito, his actions, and sweeps from Italy. Though the story remains in America for most of the time, but, at the same time, it keeps a sense of attachment with Italy. Mid way you will get to know that a silent, teenage boy has been pushed off to America from Sicily in the aftermath of his father’s murder. The boy eventually becomes ‘Vito’ Corleone – the Mafia, the Godfather of New York. Don says – a man can have only one destiny in his life. Thus, he defines seekers’ roles and acts as an element of protection for them. The plot has m