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Book Review: In the Flickering of an Eye by Neelam Chandra Saxena

Divided by clan taboos, united by the vagaries of fate, Neelam Chandra Saxena is back with bang.  In the Flickering of an Eye, Vinay and Manju: the lovers from ordinary landscape endure an extraordinary love tale. Vinay, a shy teenager, holds a competitive rivalry against the much-hyped, tomboyish girl Manju. However, things between both begin changing following a cuddle up during a torrential rain. When Manju deliberately looses a volleyball game to save the thinning dignity of Vinay, he finds himself in love with her.  Though they both hail from simple and mediocre families and are also closely tied by means of neighbourhood goodwill, ritual exchanges, and family friendship; but their love story is not going to be simple, well-staged and easily convinced. Since they belong to the same Gotra (clan), subsequently their love affair cannot head for a successful marriage. That is the only hurdle. Nevertheless, they continue their affair despite knowing the risk. Lovers of the

Book Review: True Story of Kanakapala by Raja Rao

True Story of Kanakapala by Raja Rao reads like a folk tale and conjures up a world of superstitions and faith. Wherein Kanakapala – a huge three-striped cobra – acts as an agent of justice and protects the virtuous and punishes the vile and wicked, convincingly explains the role of snake. The story is woven around three generations. Rangappa, being left alone and orphan, accepts to be a pontifical Brahmin and cherished a strong and staunch desire to have the Darshana of Kashi Vishweshwara. Hence, he refuses girl after girl with enough dowry. Being a pontifical Brahmin he is given enough dakshina which he saves in a sealed sacred copper pot. When the pot is full, he sets out on a pilgrimage to the holy city Kashi. On the way he is offered rice and money, and even he is given the clothes by many. One day he arrives on the banks of river Hemavathy and after the evening ablutions and meditation decides to sojourn there only for the night. The moon comes in all splendor and everyth