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Book Review: Agent SHARP by Bakchod Writer

Agent SHARP by Bakchod Writer (pen name) is a layered sci-fi thriller with elements of crime noir that explores themes of abuse of power and science, racism, terrorism, personal loss, border disputes fueled by political motives and so on.

Set in a new world, new galaxy, in a far-away timeline of the year 20,018. Unlike many sci-fi novels that are either set in a totally dystopian setting or in alien worlds, this novel will keep you hooked thinking it’s grappling the issues that are as common as today.

The narrative follows the story of mainly three characters that are connected by dots of mystery, passion, need, and patriotism for their country Intauro. To make the things clear, the author right at the beginning provided an outline of the map with briefs of the cities where the major action of the story could take place. The fate of these three people i.e. Dr Zeerat, Kyani, and Saros converge in the plotline which ultimately examine humankind’s place in the cosmos and its ability to wreak systematic havoc on one another’s country.

Eclectic in thematic scope and narrative style, and with elements of crime noir and military action, Agent SHARP is a novel to watch out, deserving praise for its unique blending of fantasy into science. The lead character Saros is a young man working as a customer care executive. He has nothing much to offer to himself after losing a sister and mother in a deadly terrorist attack by Ralakat. The guy’s character gains limelight post a genetics experience on him. Out of million, he is chosen and trapped by Dr. Zeerat for SHARP serum. He is injected. It turns out successful. But why him? The reasons may befuddle you, but you got keep reading till the end. It couldn’t be a fluke.

In his milieu of life, Saros hates Humos and the terror organization Ralakat. Humos are evolved race of humans with extraordinary strength and resilience. They are powerful than humans. Dr. Zeerat aims to develop a superior human race much more powerful than regular humans in a bid to provide his contribution in eradicating the terror activities inflicted by their neighboring country Dintauro. As the action ensues, the novel still explores the darkest vagary of humans that they want to overpower others, love to capture others rightful resources for their own benefits.

Have you heard of a machine inflicting radicalized riots remotely? In future it could be possible – how – this novel brings to the table. Saros and Kyani are agents of government of Intauro and saving life of agents captured by Ralakat is the objective of their covert mission. However, they can’t estimate the risk involved in the mission being unprepared and headlong in the enemy territory. It can put their life at stake.

The novel’s story seems straight as and when Saros and Kyani gradually overcome obstacles to divulge the ulterior motives of their neighboring country. Radicalized violence and upheavals persist on the geopolitical front, and greed for resources dominates with the rise of political motives. Restless with revenge fad, just imagine…they two against the entire force of the enemy country along with terrorists. Is it possible to outwit them? Could it be possible because Saros is Agent SHARP? And it should be enough to suppress the awful allies of Ralakat for once and all.

The single thread narrative lends the required impetus to the overall story. Prominently only two characters are visible and they are more than workforce. They shine with their dedication and swiftly acclimatizing abilities. Sci-fi doesn’t mean something way extraordinary tussling between aliens and enigmatic creatures of the space, it can be a lucid read with not complications in comprehending it. By all means Agent SHARP is a credible and highly readable novel with a short powerful cast of characters and their aspirations. With time, the author took time to develop story, characters, and the end climax. Highly recommended for sci-fi fantasy thriller readers!

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