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Author Highlight: Mishthi Arun Discusses her New Novel ‘Seeking Greens: The Lost Trident’ and Stories from her Life

We are delighted to welcome a promising novelist Mishthi Arun for a brief Q & A session at our website about her recent Amazon Bestseller novel ‘Seeking Greens: The Lost Trident’.

In this Q & A session, she will be talking about her writing aspirations, inclination towards historical fiction, and the route to getting her novel published. Stay on...while we chat with her.

How did you feel when you became an Amazon Bestseller Author for this novel?

Well to reach to Amazon Bestseller was a long journey. I am not talking in terms of time of publishing to reaching on to top of the list. But getting it written and publishing was long process. I am a dedicated wife and mother of two precious daughters and a daughter in law before writer. Their priority have always been my priority. So all I get the time to write is very little. And sticking to any project for long time and steadily moving ahead needs lots of patience and courage. And seeing you one day after long efforts at bestseller is like reward for that long patience. It gives you immense satisfaction that people are really liking your work and appreciating it.

Are you a passionate student or researcher of history or historical fiction lover?

Well yes I am a history lover. It actually you can say is a passing from my father. He has very deep knowledge of history. He always use to tell us the stories of history that created my interest in history.

What inspired to write this novel?

One day I was just surfing on internet. And like I said I have interest in History, so an article about Indus Valley Civilization drew my attention. Though the article was about the latest research and recent diggings of the civilization, I was curious how did such a huge civilization actually extinct? And I was surprised till now there is no evidence about it but are many assumptions about it. And it gave an idea to write a story on it. But what I wanted was it should be based on the real facts and tricks used during those days. So I started researching the civilizations more. The other half of the novel takes you to Mesopotamia Civilization. I researched and studied both the civilization in detail before writing the novel

What are you working on – next book?

Seeking Greens is the first part of the series “The Lost Trident”. Currently I am working on its sequel: “ The Unending Blues”. Soon it will be published.

Would you mind telling about your Hindi work – shayari and other literature?

Hindi poetry is something that I am doing from my school days. During debates and declamations competitions our entire family use to sit together to make quotation or poem on the mentioned title. Few books that have my poetry, Shayeries, Gazals have been published. You can check few of it on my Facebook Page Mishthi Magestics ( 
Soon, I am going to start a YouTube channel for it.

How do you see yourself as an evolving author?

Well I see my writing as a highway of my life. All I can say is I never want to cross this highway ever rather will love to keep on walking on it entire of my life.

How do you handle the response from your friends and family and closed ones? To whom do you give actual credit for this success?

The response is overwhelming. My family and friends are happy for me and are excited for upcoming sequel. Actual credit goes to my soul mate Arun. He is there to handle my anxiety, my work load, my stress and everything. He is my treasure of encouragement, support and confidence.

What was the toughest thing while getting your book published?

Seeking for publishers and then communicating with them was the toughest of all. As a general rule dependency on other is always difficult than doing yourself. I still think the sector is quite confusing for beginner and nobody is actually there to guide how to take initiative.

Is there any character that you like most from your book?

The book basically is based on the fact that to achieve anything in life a person need to have all the three angles of life well balanced that is Spiritual, Physical, and Mental. There are three characters in the book and each lead to one of this attribute. But the mission could be only accomplished if the proper combination of the three is achieved. So all the three lead characters that is Shivendu (the mental factor), Abhinivesh (the physical factor), and Aagneya (the spiritual factor) are equally important and favourite.

Who are your favourite historical fiction writers? Do you like to be one of them?

I really would like to confess here, I have never read any historical fiction before. I do have read many other books like The Alchemist, or books that have positive approach towards life but not a historical fiction before. And I think this had given me a huge advantage and I am getting compliments as a very fresh style of writing.

Connect with Mishthi Arun

YouTube: Mishthi Arun
Twitter: Mishthi Arun


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