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Author Highlight: Samair Discusses his New Book ‘Lost’ and Stories from his Life

We are back with another author interview. Today, with us, we have Samair – the author of ‘Lost’. In this interview, he talks about his writing aspirations, inclination toward contemporary Indian literature, and the route to getting his book published. Stay on...while we chat with him.

What inspired you to write this book? Any tales to tell…

I wanted to write since 5 years. I was doing my final year MBA and one day it was raining. I was at the house sipping tea and cigarette and I just wanted to start and suddenly a story stuck me. I had just done my SIP presentation and felt a little bit worn, lost.  It was something unique.  Lost as a word is common to mostly everyone I have met. I thought of writing a novel on this notorious word.

What made you to write a novel based on Love as a theme, and that too with a pen name?

Pen Name because Aishwaray Singh Rajput, doesn’t stuck the right cord. There was another name, my nick name- Arth. But I wanted a name which was close and related to me. So, my insta handle came for help.


The handle is: iamasr22. When you rearrange iamasr you get samair, which means good friend, accidentally. In Lost, I am a person who is a mutual friend to both Kiara and Utkarsh. It was meant to be.

Love as a theme is not chance but a choice. I wanted to see the reactions of people and test or brush up my writing skills. In love themed novels, a little bit mistake here and there is neglected. My second novel is based on a mafia background and I plan to explore other genres in future as well.

What message would you like to convey through this book?

The message is very simple. To get the very best out of a person, true love is required. True love guides you to your destiny and it can help you fight everything and everyone. Win your battle through it. Trust it. The things do fall into place.

Did you find any difficulties in doing research for the novel?

Not per say, it was fairly a moderately difficult novel. My project which might be of two books, overall apart from ‘Heroine’, is very difficult. I am doing a lot of research for this one, really. Although the book has fairly given me a idea to publication journey which is good.

Who is your favourite character from the novel – why?

I am my favorite character. Mai apni favourite hun- Just as poo. Hahahahah….

Jokes apart, I think Rahul obviously, he is a character which can be imagined in a phantom of ways by the readers, is he gullible?, is he fat?, is he thin? Is he romantic? Is he sapiosexual? He is basically a mystery and the way reader imagines it, shows a perspective of reader itself.

I think he is the one which is actually the reader of the novel. I like him a lot. Hope readers get the clue.

How did you find the writing chord, or were you a born writer?

I think with my childhood and teen, I have always been intrigued by stories. I love them. I try to make life and rejoice it as much so that the story gets better.

I always liked talking to myself. In fact I think it’s my favorite past time. In engineering, I got to face some harsh realities because of some emotional disturbances. I fell in love, I fought addiction, I scored in academics, I lost my mother, I failed in academics, I got out of love, all these filled me with a plethora of emotions, channeling them was my destiny and that’s when I believe I thought I was a writer.

The self-analysis, self-learning, and spiritual awakening- that state of woke, also made me firm that writing is the only way. This is the world needs from me. This is the IKIGAI. 

How do you handle the response of this book, especially from your friends and relatives and readers?

The response has been generous and breathtaking. With readers of age 60+ to 19, people have got the essence clearly which is what matters. What is to be conveyed has been reaching to the readers is a bliss. Getting to know the story then, from each readers perspective is what makes me feel good. The readers are waiting for the second one, knowing my writing style, and that too a mafia book is heart touching.

What are some of your favourite novels and authors?

I am a typical reader, explorer. I like different genres of book. I have to be honest and tell you, I haven’t read a lot since 3 years, so as to not get sub consciously trapped. Rich Dad, Poor Dad/ Eleven Minutes/ Alchemist/ Harry Potter / GOT / before I go to sleep.

Paolo Coelho is someone I cherish. Many other legends of the field are my idols. JK Rowling, G. RR. Martin. Mein Kampf is one novel which I want to read.

What was your biggest learning experience throughout the publishing process?

The process is time taking. I mean you have to really pull on your efforts, at each step to deliver that story in a presentable manner. Editing, copyrights, etc. are some of the few parts of this process. Post publishing, marketing and awareness is a must.

The biggest learning would be, there are half a million authors who submit their works in a matter of months. There is a lot of choice for the readers and not many of them are good enough. We need to have more people into this art. Readers need to be open and writers need to be daring.

Looking back, what did you do right that helped you break in as a writer? 

Two things: The Marketing eye & The leap.

The day I got the idea and message to be conveyed clear in my mind, I looked for a story which would get the eyes of the readers. As you can see, all chapters start from letter, ‘L’, which I thought was a novice idea. This built up my confidence.

I have schizophrenia, which is a mental disorder in which you hear voices, hallucinate and can’t speak or focus. They acted more of a strength than weakness. I had faith in me and channeled this voices and my habit of making random stories, into something concrete like this book, LOST.

Any best piece of writing advice from your side that we haven’t discussed?

I think the advice that I would suggest which is suggested in LOST as well is that you should follow your dreams and passion with utmost focus and dedication. Fate and destiny are two different things.
For destined and passion able writers, my advice is to never give up and write as much as you can. Practice the habit of writing daily. Different genre and their grasp would only make you a better writer.

Where do you write from? Do you go to some specific place, like beachside or into the hills?

I have written LOST in my room, all bundled up and closed. However, I do get a lot of peace in front of beaches which help me clear my mind from unwanted thoughts. Hills are more of an adventurous atmosphere. I basically write at my own desire and yes for some calmness I go out and try to find it wherever I can, may it be hills or oceans. I don’t like mind blocking.

When is the next work coming? Or any future books that you would like to discuss now?

The next work is coming in Indian Summer 2020. It’s a mafia book and titled, “Heroine”. Apart from that I am also working and researching on a third book which would be a fantasy, plus futuristic take on the present world.

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  1. Very nice interview of SAMAIR author of LOST, expressing himself in honest words makes him very close to readers. writing depends upon writer's personality. Life is a battle , to win it, "we have to use true love for taking best out of anybody" says his view.
    All the best SAMAIR, for mfia HEROIN many more touching novels in future.



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