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Book Review: DareDreamers by Kartik Sharma & Ravi ‘Nirmal’ Sharma

DareDreamers by Kartik Sharma and Ravi ‘Nirmal’ Sharma starts with Rasiq, an IIT and IIM graduate, who initially is obsessed with leading the rat race. He works as an investment banker in Mumbai and receives fat salary. According to the rat race, he has everything he could think of i.e. growing financially strong, sheds off the education loan, buys a luxury cruise bike, lives in a posh flat in Mumbai, and also has a girlfriend named Ruchika, and most importantly his parents are happy with him.

The other side of the coin is that in achieving this he lost himself. His relationship with Ruchika goes sour because of lack of time for her. Also, in between to the current time, runs a story of France. He went to France for three months on a cultural exchange program when he was a student in IIT Delhi. That tour instilled a change within him but probably he didn’t know it or kept it suppressed because of the rat race. So far, you guys believed that this is a story of Rasiq, he is the protagonist, and the novel is nothing but a contemporary fiction.

Well, it’s time to change the equation. Rasiq is strong, no doubt, but equally reflective too. Leaving job in Mumbai, he comes back home to Delhi. He thinks of starting his own business. He meets Nick, his batch mate from IIT, who not only looks crazy but also invents crazy gadgets. One day he meets with an accident so serious that he comes up with an idea of providing safety and rescue services to the victims trapped in various adverse situations, mainly road accidents.

Here onwards, five more fleshed out and interesting characters join Rasiq. Here goes the list: Halka, a strong bodybuilder. Natasha, an acclaimed stuntwoman in Bollywood. MD Vyom, a medical practitioner. Arjun, a sharp shooter. Nick, the crazy inventor. They all form a team, rather a start-up for carrying out security and operations. Since they all are dreamers, thus the name of the team is DareDreamers.

From this point, the novel transforms into adventurous tone. It takes time and test of their perseverance until they get their first assignment after struggling for many months. Well after that they pull off one after another incredible rescue operations, like Hollywood stars i.e. extricating persons from the heap of elephant dung by using monkeys, saving school children from a bus about to go berserk in Mussoorie, saving a beautiful girl from a sinkhole caused by the earthquake in Gurgaon and so on. While DareDreamers is mostly an adventurous novel at heart, it is also about team-spirit and perseverance people need to show in the start-up ecosystem.

As the list of their incredible rescue operations increases, their popularity rises. People begin labeling them as ‘Super Six’. However, greater achievements do not sound veracious without going through obstacles. So, here come the villains of the story. Rakeysh Aurora, the owner of G-force security firm, a billion dollar company, begins feeling envious of them. The USP of DareDreamers is that they use helicopters, along with ambulances, for rescue operations which enable them to reach the accident site in minimum time.

Rakeysh Aurora feels so insecure about DareDreamers’ success that he happens to come across Narad Money, reputation destruction specialist. Narad with his lethal tactics sounds jokingly dangerous. It is Narad that assures Rakeysh that he will do anything to crush down the new guys in the city. Without giving away much, we can say that new challenges await them. Will Rasiq and his team come out of the mess created by the villains?

It is clear that the book is not only about corporate culture or start-up issues; it transcends all mediocre ideology and eventually gets on the route of unpredictability and uncertainties. Well-written and well-edited, the story has its own charm and moves at a brisk pace. DareDreamers is easily a 5-star read.

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