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Book Review: She Stood by Me by Tarun Vikash

“She Stood by Me” is a contemporary romance fiction, written by Tarun Vikash. The novel is poignant in expressing a message that love is just not a relationship, rather it is more than a relationship and a feeling that is beyond comprehension. There come and goes millions of romance cum love stories in the market, but the kind of chirpiness and liveliness this novel contains is rare to find.

The story commences with Abhi and Aparna. Both are students, looking forward to crack some exams, and for the same they attend the same coaching class in Patna. In the initial chapters, we also see other important yet auxiliary characters like Manish, Nidhi, parents, sisters, dads, and so on. All may not have a direct effect on the storyline, but some or other way catalytic to the overall plot. Abhi and Aparna have a liking for each other and begin seeing each other since very early. The way they manage to date without phones and other smart facilities is really charming. That time the culture of mobile phones was not in abundance, there was no way for web chats; on the other hand Abhi would wait for the calls on landline or on his mobile without getting noticed by his mother and two sisters. Funny yet so relatable! But still great love stories are built in the devoid of patronage and luxuries.

The novel is written in casual and conversational way which keeps it pragmatic and grounded. All the events throughout the course of the novel seem credible and the way their story sizzles from mere an affair into deep love is worth praise. The story keeps going and readers will be settled in less time than they would have anticipated.

The author has kept the story balanced…there is fun, thrill, pranks, romantic talks, family pressure, sets of tragedy, and fate-testing circumstances. As the story chugs ahead the lives of Abhi and Aparna takes separate routes, first for studies, and then for jobs. Will they be like early years i.e. just out of school and preparing for IIT exams in Patna? How can time change the lives and feelings of people for each other? Will they meet or destined to be lost in the milling crowd of the world owing to their hedonistic desire? Like most of the recorded love stories in the history, what kind of test will they be undergone? Okay! Enough questions! The story does not stop though at times it goes into a compromising and predictable mode.

After mid way, the author has put in readers in loop by throwing sub-themes and climaxes from time to time. The best suspense part is when both, Abhi and Aparna, are in Bangalore. It is just not a plain love story – to make any love story success there are obstacles like peer pressure, family values, money, status, and relatives taunts, and so on. By including all these aspects from time and again, the author has delivered a near perfect romance novel which is full of wit, humour, melancholy, drama, and action.

This is the debut work of the author, but it didn’t look like. The writing and narration along with the pace of the novel, all elements make it a riveting read. No wonders, just upon its releasing the novel became the Amazon Bestseller. Tarun Vikash looks a promising talent, and he is going to stay here. Overall, for romance readers, this novel is no lesser than a treat. Highly recommended!


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