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Book Review: The Unexpected Trail by Nisha B Thakur

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Book Review: Young Detective by Sumita Bose

Young Detective by Sumita Bose offers a wonderful reading session of fun, interaction, and learning. This book offers twelve light detective stories for children, students, and their parents. Each story is short, unique, and ends on a cliffhanger position. Readers have to solve the ending of the mystery. For that Sumita puts a question at the end of each chapter. For instance, the first story is about a sculptor theft. The detective questions a few close by people and he finds the culprit. A little thinking and rereading the story twice may give you the clues and answers. However, if you failed to do so or, want to crosscheck your answer – an answer key is given at the back of the book. Since during school days most of the detective stories are build around thefts and petty crimes without bloodshed such as kidnapping, cheating in exams and games, and so on. Sumita has particularly taken care of this. The most impressive story about kidnapping is ‘The Kidnapped Businessman’. You w

Book Review: One Summer in Poleru by Nanda Rajanala

One Summer in Poleru by Nanda Rajanala is an enchanting novel that blends crime & suspense and murder mystery into one. Staged against a fictional village named Poleru in South India, where the vernacular language is Telugu, the novel takes a stance on evil vs. good deeds. At large in the world, people are so greedy and corrupt that their personal motives take precedence over destitute people’s privileges and basic rights. But some fights for rights are epic, and this novel is about one such good story. The novel puts forth the fight of some school children against the powerful corrupt political figures and government officials. On the name of development, authorities have decided to demolish a very old government school where students from poor and suppressed families study. This doesn’t go well with Renu, the protagonist. She is a seventh grade student. At the beginning of one summer vacation, this sad news perturbs her. The school holds historical value, as it was build since

Book Review: Selling from Your Comfort Zone by Stacey Hall

Selling from Your Comfort Zone by Stacey Hall is a highly powerful and resourceful book on sales. The book is useful for marketers, sales persons, corporate people, business development folks, CEOs, and many more that have to indulge into sales for sustenance and growth. This book is different from any stereotype training material or sales development structure. Ironically, it lays focus on the power of alignment marketing by leveraging comfort zone and core values. Often sales people are instructed to follow certain rules, monotonous scripts, and are told to come out of their comfort zones to make sales. They need to take pain to make sales! However, Stacey Hall has discovered a successful formula for sales. (Alignment + Belief × Consistency = Sales, Satisfaction, and Success). Segmented in 5 parts, the book unfolds the chart of guidance step by step. The first segment calls for retrospection, where you need to check yourself with your comfort zone such as your limit, flexibility,

Book Review: A New Day Dawns by Terry Lister

Terry Lister is an amazing brave solo traveler from Bermuda. I have known him through two books as of now. When I first read his book Immersed in West Africa, I was startled to find his unusual journeying through the world’s most rough and ruthless countries i.e. West Africa. I felt sad for him reading his difficult life as a traveler through those countries…but with this book, which is again on four more West African countries, I am sure he has affinity for challenging and uncharted territories. Terry has created a lot of stir with his experience on West African countries among the western reading communities, travelers, and nomads. Being from India, I hardly hear anyone visiting West Africa. It’s like unheard places on the earth. You need to be like them to be there, to manage them, to adjust in their rickety and overcrowded mini buses and cars, and avoiding being scammed all the time. Facilities in West African countries are below average but a solo traveler like Terry enjoys th

Book Review: The Whistling Schoolboy by Ruskin Bond

The Whistling Schoolboy by Ruskin Bond is a slightly short ghost story on a phantom bicycle rider. Set in much familiar landscape, Mussoorie. The narrator is taking a late evening walk on a lonely road. It was a bright moonlit night. All sorts of trees like oak, pins, deodars, etc. were creaking, as craving for some company.   In Ruskin Bond stories, you will never find a story going ahead without trees at his side. The narrator is walking in the silence of night. In fact, night walking is popular in Ruskin Bond stories when he is to tell a twisting ghost story. He remembers an old song from his childhood days: We three, We’re not a crowd; We’re not even company My echo, My shadow, And me…   Soon on the stroll, a crumbling cemetery comes in his sight. It needed an immediate repair. Some of the graves were open with bones and rotting skulls. The narrator picks up one skull but it breaks down as it was made of dust. He gives a concerning thought to the cemetery. Suddenl

Book Review: Rippling Waters of Solitude by Ameya Bondre

Breaking the stereotype and transcendental in its essence, Ameya Bondre’s poems are silent expressions of situations, reminisces, memories, commotion, and sense of loss. But solitude persists all along – that is the biggest theme in the collection. The author metaphors his emotions with ripples, that never agitates, always flowing and flitting by silently. The first poem 'Calm' reflects the periphery of a calm mind, it’s like an ocean, boundaryless but uncertain like its tides that never come back. A very nice enchanting opening poem, easy-to-read, and soothing to mind. Enhances the mood… Second poem is a lipogram. A crowd of people busy in their chores and chitter-chatter, the poet is searching the meaning of life by observing others lives. Searching and Whirring are perfect examples of noises in the mind. There is everything but it will not let the mind rest. Hollowness is eternal in a brooding mind. Those Days, Home, Ticking...are some poems that exclusively builds a