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Book Review: Forever She (Tales of Otherworldly Love & Passion) by Amitav Ganguly

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Book Review: Parody by Ramu Upadhaya

Parody by Ramu Upadhaya is another terrific offering on the layers of the society. Like his earlier novels that are based on people’s juggernaut entwined within their society, state, and country – this one also follows the same footsteps. Parody in an open affront refers to imitation, or mimicking and aping the others with the change of circumstances. The novel has a few named characters that are always in the centre like Joe, Jim, Dumez, and Doly. The undertone of the novel explores the evolution of changes in the society through the characters. The novel is poignant in capturing the evaluative and critical mood of the state and country that is depended on its mass. Broadly putting, this novel brings out the pitfalls of the making of a state by focusing coverage on topics like customs, culture, disparity, pride, and much more. If you have read other books of the author, you will get that hunch that in Ramu’s books, the building of the society from rudimentary aspects takes place

Book Review: Punyam by Ritesh Gupta

Indian mythology is a repository of fantastic tales. No matter how many times you read and listen to tales from the Holy Scriptures like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Puranas, and Upanishads – their compelling and intriguing storytelling aspects take you to a different level. Punyam means good karma or merit. The book Punyam is a collection of twenty-five short stories from scriptures like Puranas, Upanishads, Ramayana, and Mahabharata. The book takes a dive into the greatness of the characters in the form of highly elevated spirits, gods, demi-gods, and saints. Through the stories, you can come to know the level of dedication and sacrifice and righteousness our mythological ancestors have had to lead their life. It is a very delightful read, all stories are positive, and impart a sense of lesson, morale enhancement, spiritual rejig, and so on. Stories are divided as per the sources. If you have read Ramayana and Mahabharata, some of the stories may sound like a revisit. However, the stor

Cover Reveal – Kindling (Prequel to Rage of the Immortals) by Kanika

Before they were enemies, they were brothers. If Cifer had his way, he would protect Atom forever. He would let himself be cut down if it meant that Atom would be safe. Atom is the centre of Cifer’s universe. But he is not a child anymore and Cifer needs to let him find his way, or suffer the consequences. Nightmare enters Cifer’s service to repay her debt. She encounters Atom, the dashing King of Heaven, and they become inseparable. The lonely Pfeline and the hurting liege of Heaven find comfort in each other. But Atom cannot give her more. His body and his soul mean nothing if his heart belongs to another… Atom can’t help loving whom he loves, but he’ll be damned if he utters a word to her about it. His love is not only unrequited; it’s forbidden too. He would die a thousand deaths before he acts on it. But when his beloved is threatened by a dangerous enemy, how far will he go to protect her? This is NOT a love story. This is a story about Love. …about how cruel Love can

Book Review: Immersed in West Africa by Terry Lister

The title says a lot. Let me explain it in a few words. Terry Lister is a regular solo traveler who has so far tasted cultural aroma of over 96 countries, including 22 in Africa. His latest book is a travel experience which he gained while being in five West African countries namely Senegal, Mauritania, The Gambia, Guinea and Guinea Bissau. All these countries are located in the west of Africa. He travelled there like a normal man, with difficulties that a local could face. However, whatever he lists down in this diary-like travelogue is interesting and for sure stir a streak of curiosity in people who either enjoy armchair adventure or so far not tasted the soil of any African Country. I found the book highly rich with his personal accounts of people, soil, climate, dealing with corrupt officials and locals who demanded extra money, and so on. Terry begins his journey with Senegal, which also remains his base point. In this country he visits many historical monuments and places that

Book Review – Pentias: Master of the Elemental Jewels by Karthika Sajeev

Karthika Sajeev is becoming famous for her Pentias series. Previously in the series, the first book was Pentias: The True Bond. In this novel, we saw how Pentias (five friends) are formed. So, if you have read the first book in the series, quite obvious you will be familiar with the characters: Aahan, Aarav, Dhyan, Farhan, and Harshi. Second book in the series is Pentias: Master of the Elemental Jewels , it can be read as an independent novel as well. It’s a light fantasy thriller for children, but even hardcore fantasy readers will fall for it. The novel looks like a complete fantasy thriller with many charming aspects such as brilliant storytelling, backdrop, pace, and much more. What’s in the story? The lead character is Aahan, his younger brother Aarav and other friends are always with him but he is the cynosure of the novel. When Aahan turns 15, on his birthday he is disturbed by a recurring nightmare related to that haunting mansion of Mrs. Laurel’s. The haunting story is cov

Book Review: Daughter of Luharu by Monica Sudhir Gupta

Daughter of Luharu by Monica Sudhir Gupta is a riveting novel that narrates the tale of forlorn fate of women during pre and post independence. The novel is poignant in capturing their pain and tribulation among the patriarchal Indian society. No matter what the women’s contribution is towards a home or nation, they are always treated deplorably. In this novel, we see similar situation where the protagonist Roheeni fights and stands first for herself, then for her daughter and others. Her stance for voice and justice is worth watching and highly appreciative. The story begins with eight-year-old Roheeni living in a fictional town Luharu, in North India. The time is before independence. Her father is a rich businessman who hardly has time for her because she is a girl and her mother passed away when she was born. Soon, she is married off to Vishnu Das in a nearby village Chiriya at the age of eight. The first issue that the novel highlights is the child marriage. At her father-in-la