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Book Review: Grow Rich Selling Groceries by Pradeep Cp

Books written by industry expert are often better than self-help and highly proclaimed people. These books provide case studies straight from the field and are full of wisdom. Today, with us, is one such book – Grow Rich Selling Groceries by Pradeep Cp published by BookMedia.

Since the advent of online apps and websites, selling groceries online has been a fad, if not across the country, but especially in metro cities. The author Pradeep Cp has written this book to solve the most common yet very important aspect – how to make big profits. The competition in this business is stiff and inventory is perishable. But still there are supermarkets and stores that make huge profits. Well, those who are already in this business and those who want to start with a grocery business offline or online, can definitely learn a lot from this book. The knowledge and cases shared in this book are spiraled from his personal experience.

The major takeaways in the book are:

  • How to start a retail store
  • Running a store in systematic way
  • How to make store more profitable
  • Entering into online grocery business

The above mentioned are sort of four chapters in the book. But every chapter is a detailed explanation in itself. The author touched many points that might be unknown to existing merchants and aspiring ones. For instance, he has given details on Trial balance, Balance sheet, exclusive coverage on SOP, pricing methods, discount policies, tips to attract customers, loyalty bonus, dumping, damage, stock, and other plenty of things that matter in the business.

It is a short book, around 90 pages, full of knowledge, wisdom, experiences, and some worksheets for practice. Written in very simple language, a must pick book for business class or someone who is in the quest of guidance in the grocery business.

Buy your copy from Amazon.


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