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Book Review: Million Muskmelons by Parag Suresh Mahajan

Books based on personalities have the charm and the ability to influence masses for inspiration and new learning. Be it a cricketer, business person, politician, artist – we all get to see books on them, at times told through other person’s narrative, or most of the time in a biography form. It is a trend that is picking up across the globe. On similar lines, we have a book based on Elon Musk. You must have heard the name. If not, well then you must have come across digital payment platforms like PayPal, or electric car-maker Tesla, or SpaceX.

Yes, this fascinating book has been spiraled around Elon Musk. Most of us, entrepreneurs, and leaders have been doing research on Elon Musk’s gigantic success. Can you imagine, he is a billionaire? He rose from a very humble background? The way he rose from nobody to heights of eminence, now has become a subject for the rest of the world. People study him, there are case studies on him that are discussed in the universities and much more.

Coming to the book, the title is Million Muskmelons. The title is derived from when the author’s daughter innocently started pronouncing Elon Musk as Muskmelon. They both are fans of him. Inspired by the same, the author titled the book as Million Muskmelons. The crux of the book is, what if there are millions of Elon Musk like people in the world. Then, what will be the fate and face of the humanity and this world, which is hell-bent on destroying it.

The author has repeatedly focused that Elon Musk transcends all barriers to make this world a livable place. For instance, when GM’s concept of launching electric cars crashed, Musk filled it with Tesla. He is the CEO of Tesla and under his captaincy, their world-famous electric car Roadster hit the roads, and even today it’s a matter of condescension for the world. This is an electric car. Imagine cars and vehicles running on electricity, there will be no much pollution, the world will be a clean and good place for all.

Similarly, it was Elon Musk who helped found PayPal for online banking transactions. Then, we have this SpaceX – first private company to work in the space. Also, don’t forget one fact that Elon Musk is of the opinion that one day AI (Artificial Intelligence) will supersede humans. He is gearing up for that issue as well through his ventures into secret AI companies. The more you say about this living legend, less it is. Because of him the world has seen Hyperloop transit system. One is running in Dubai. The train-like tube will travel in vacuum at the speed of sound – imagine the feat.

Clearly, there are many crowns over Elon Musk’s head. The book is not just about his achievements, it also covers his grooming and school days in South Africa, where he was born, and later why did he move to Canada. How were his parents, family rapport with brothers and all? What all difficulties he faced in achieving so much in life. What’s his plan for Mars? Did he say that he would like to die at Mars? Did he really found Tesla or PayPal – what myths surround him? Importantly, what are the secrets that push him for such terrific growth and fame in life? All answers with data are given in the book. Pick up this, especially, if you are lost for a drive in your life, or want to follow somebody for motivation. Great book from all angles – a must-read for the masses.

Like the previous book of the author – Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – this book too is so exact with points and information that one cannot take it lightly. Go for it.


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