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Book Review: The 10K Bug by Abhay Adil

The 10K Bug by Abhay Adil is a short riveting science fiction. To write such a sci-fi novel, one needs to be highly imaginative and must hold a futuristic stance. And this novel has that punch. While reading you will come across new landscape, queer beliefs, a set of strange characters, and technology that is uncommon today.

As the story kicks off, we see inter-galactic civilization. Remember Elon Musk and his company SpaceX. He often puts that he wants to make inter-planetary travel a common hobby for masses. In this novel, you will find humans and robots living together in the era of inter-galaxy civilization. But as a matter of fact, wherever you find humans, you will see the differences – so does here. There is a conflict between humans and robots. Arck is one such council of humans that demand total freedom from robots.

As the story chugs on, you see that there are common issues faced by all such as storage of big data, etc. Well, the biggest problem is inevitable. The year is 9999, and soon it will be the year 10,000. In a council meeting, it comes as the current date format on their galaxy is 4 digit, once the year is over in some months, what will be the new format for the 5 digit date format. It worries all, if this issue didn’t get fixed, the data will get lost and robots may expire on their own.  

There are some people who wish to have a solution for the year 10K. However, the villainous outfit Arck is high with anti-robot propaganda and behave otherwise. Coming to the characters of the novella, since the start we see Issac, a robot; and Linda, she is a human. They are more than friends. Some sources reveal that the solution to the problem lies in a far of planet called earth, as it too faced the similar situation with a bug called Y2K many years ago.

Now the race against the time begins. They move out of their planet Teraitist-b, with the help of Elon, a rocket pilot. Somehow they all reach Earth – they find it strange, beautiful, barren, and full of trash. Linda and Issac begin their search. They come across the Godfather of Knowledge who seems to possess all the knowledge about the earth and many technologies, however, there was a technology called Blockchain which he could not grasped. He is not much of help to that robot and Linda. Now the rest of the story is how they find the solution on earth and what all possible problems grapple their search. It’s strange to know that the solution to the lives of inter-galactic civilization lay on Earth. 

In the backdrop runs many aspects about the lives of humans and robots that will thrill you to the core, especially the war between the supporters of Gadha Prasad and the hero of Alliance. If one wants to know how AI can master all spheres of human life, this is the novel to be picked up soon. Like most of the fantasy fictions, the author succeeded in creating all together a different life events and landscapes and ambience for the readers. All in all, the novel is too high on imagination.


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