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Author Highlight: Famous BJP Spokesperson Sanju Verma Discusses her New Book ‘Truth & Dare – The Modi Dynamic’ and Stories from her Life

We are back with another author interview. Well, today, we just not have an author but also a dynamic, multi-faceted and a popular TV personality, where she actively participates as BJP spokesperson. Recently, she has written a brilliant book on Modinomics. In this interview, she talks about her book, ‘Truth & Dare – The Modi Dynamic’ and some interesting facts about the current political facts. Stay on...while we chat with her.

What would you like to convey through this documentary kind of book on Modinomics?

The main aim is not to simply convey the message of Modinomics to the present-day generation or the millennials and neo-millennials, also to make sure that there is an all-inclusive book that captures all the achievements of the Modi government in last five years. Someone had to tell the motivating story of Modinomics, which is a model that is both unique and revolutionary in its approach. Therefore, I decided, that someone had to be me – as I am an economist and an ardent admirer of Modi’s ability to transform vision into reality.

How did you know that BJP will win over 300+ seats in Loksabha Election 2019?

As I have mentioned in the book well before the elections and exit polls, it came exactly true. Since I have been studying PM Modi for last 7 – 8 years, I knew that people of India have immense faith on him. Also, BJP did good work in last five years. No corruption case…you see.

Why is that you have taken harsh stance against Congress, Sonia and Rahul with Amethi model, and on Mamta Banerjee?

To show the people of India as how under the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, our country suffered for many decades. For example, while it has taken us just a few years to leap frog from a 2 trillion dollar to almost a 3 trillion dollar economy in terms of nominal GDP, having overtaken France in 2018 and set to overthrow Great Britain from the 5th position in 2019, it took us almost 60 painfully long years to become a trillion dollar economy and the reason is very simple – Nehruvian Socialism allowed us to be chained to ideas that were so outdated and the ridiculous bit is, Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi are still chained to the poor Nehruvian legacy.

As for Mamata, I have put up raw data, how West Bengal under her, has moved from bad to worse in terms of communal violence and why she can never ever be the Prime Minister, given her fascist display of political goondaism, that she has chosen to be associated with. The political section of the book would have been incomplete without giving readers a well-rounded view of the various factors that are at work, in the current political structure and why the so called “Mahagathbandhan” is just a dreadful cry and nothing more in particular.

Will this book help NRI understand the work of Modi-led dispensation?

Yes, NRIs who are always away from the country, and have little to do with India can identify with the inspirational paradigm shift that the Modi-Shah duo have ushered in, with respect to deliverables and good governance. This is a basic aspiration in any democratic society.

What’s special for Amit Shah in this book?

This book traces the meteoric rise of BJP as the largest political organization in the world under the unbeatable Amit Shah. The book is a classic case study for those who love contemporary socio-political issues and themes that have the ability to bring about change for the better. The second part of the book is dedicated to Amit Shah – his political legacy and contribution in nation building. But still I think I have to pen down one more book to cover the political achievements of Amit Shah and his contribution.

How can this book help college and university students?

The target audience is not just book lovers or colleges and universities which should take lessons on a governance based development model which Modinomics support, but every Indian citizen at home and abroad who takes pride in the idea of a progressive and transformative India.

Do you think this book should be considered by anti-Modi media channels to study how Modinomics is working for India’s development, especially the dream to make India a 5 Trillion dollar economy?

Yes, if they pick up this book and go through the reports and data, they will turn the anti-Modi show down for sure. It’s high time they should accept the truth that Modinomics is way good for India.


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