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Book Review: Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare by Dr. Parag Mahajan

There has always been a lot of buzz surrounding trending technologies and AI (Artificial Intelligence), according to many experts, lead the race. In fact it should be as it’s an umbrella technology, and even today its usage and definitions remain away from the realms of commonality. It gets mentioned at all privileged places, thus this trending technology is, nowadays, found in the center stage. It deserves as well, because of very logical reason - its applications are getting first preferences and soon it will be rampant in all walks of life, be it driving, entertainment, travel, healthcare, and so on.

So far many have bet that AI may gnaw the humans and allied human values and culture. It may take over humanity is a question that can be left to future when this technology becomes larger-than-life. Today, we have a fantastic and an insightful book – Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare by Dr. Parag Mahajan - and we are going to see what is the future and current scenario of AI in the healthcare field.

It has been expressed many a time that if AI is implemented in the healthcare field, chances are that it will become digitized and humans can have better access to medical. But many doubt this belief. Well, the book is built on similar lines and binds up many important topics that suggest that AI in healthcare is going to be disruptive. How and why – is all mentioned in the book.

This book has taken a well-guarded and well thought out stance for AI and then later the author takes it into healthcare. As you go into it, you will find that the book is high on technological knowledge but at the same time Parag has put in timely examples and simplified terms for laymen understanding. If you are someone who is still confused about as what is AI and its branches, go for this book.

How AI can effect healthcare is explained beautifully with all reasons and logic and by giving apt examples like of IBM Watson and Babylon App and many others. Other than just the effects of AI, a lot has been also covered about Robotics and what stance it can take on surgeries.

In broader sense, AI can be healthcare compliant to perform many repetitive and boring tasks that humans find boring. The biggest fear is elimination of doctors in the future, well it is not the case, instead the diagnosis and predictive, R&D about drug development will be fast-paced if AI implemented right on time.

In developing countries, healthcare intrigues all involved into it, well AI can make the general healthcare a simple process for all. There is a lot to discuss about the same and you can get into it by reading the complete books. For doctors and professionals engaged into digital healthcare, this is like journal. They can use it like a reference text book from time to time.

The list of startups (from India as well as abroad) in the end is exhaustive and indicated that digital healthcare is poised for a significant growth in the future. Well-written and well-edited, this is trending book on AI in healthcare. From data scientists to amateur health professionals to startup CEO, it is highly recommended.


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