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Author Highlight: Shreesha Khare Discusses her New Book ‘Along the Way – As you unearth about Self-love and Relationships’ and Stories from her Life

We are back with another author interview. Today, with us, we have Shreesha Khare – the author of ‘Along the Way – As you unearth about Self-love and Relationships’. In this interview, Shreesha talks about her writing aspirations, and the route to getting her books published. Stay on...while we chat with her.

What inspired you to write this book? Any tales to tell…

There is an inspiration, mentor, my guide and everything to me. I remember when I first discussed my blog writing, he suggested me that start writing a bit more now. Let your writing be about your prime interests. It should be something which is of your experiences and interests, people will be more interested. I write every day in my journal which helped me to craft this beautiful book about my life experiences to which people can resonate.

What message would you like to convey through this book?

Self-love is the mother of love, this is the best way to put it. Two things are universal in this world, I would say they are the law which we all must and should follow i.e. Change and love. Change is the only constant thing and love survives in this world. We should start indulging in a relationship with our inner self. Unless and until you know yourself, you can’t love and know anyone in this world. Everyone is a mirror of you. We cannot understand the essence of love until we love ourselves. In this world, internal factors have more edge than external factors. What you feel inside, the same will reflects outside.

What else drives you other than writing fiction?

Learning is like a portion of food for my brain. Purposeful driven life is all about our presence on this earth. And I should feel this every day. I hate being lazy, I am in a constant state of learning something new, explore myself and challenging. I work in a corporate as HR Analyst were working from strategic planning to data gives me a crazy ride but doing mindful activities such as mediation, exercise and cycling, can’t live without them really drives me. I am in a habit of writing a journal especially gratitude journal it really helps me. No matter how grave situation is it gives direction to my thoughts.

How did you find your writing chord, or were you a born writer?

In management, I have read and did a debate on this – Were Leaders born or made. I always believed that we all can learn the traits of leaders. In the same way, I was not born but with time I realized that writing gives me a sense of purpose, freedom to express myself in the form of words. It was this last year I discovered and took a risk that I should write at a larger platform. Let those stories out of my journals and present it to the world. Sharing knowledge will only increase your own understanding. Journaling habit really helped me in building my writing scope. It has such a positive effect on me both mentally and physically. You might be thinking how physically, it aided in releasing stress from my body. I felt all the burden has been submitted to someone else and I have been released from the prison of this worldly toxic environment.

How do you handle the response of this book, especially from your friends and relatives?

Family and friends are your first readers. And I have the best word which describes the best reaction from them and that is they all were gobsmacked. This is true they did not give me any critic review but they really liked the storytelling of this book. They were impressed that it was written from the heart, it reflects in the narration. My office colleagues gave me a bit of critical review which I took it graciously. I have learnt one thing whenever people are giving you negative or positive feedback, just listen, don’t react and learn to improve. We should never let words control us if they will then it means anyone can control us. Embrace it positively.

What are some of your favourite novels and authors?

Just love reading Jefferey Archer, Paulo Coelho. One of the best one read was Alchemist. I just love exploring authors and novels as everyone has a tale to tell in their own experience.

What was your biggest learning experience throughout the publishing process?

It was being extremely impatient, negative and one point I literally gave up. I was more focused on the outcome of this. Then later I realized that Shreesha you need to focus more on the process, be patient and trust the process of this universe. Learn to make the process better rather than thinking of the outcome.

Looking back, what did you do right that helped you break in as a writer?

Not sure about the right concept but I took a risk and trust my instincts. One should never fear of failure. If you fail then learnt from it and improve that’s when success comes.

Any best piece of writing advice from your side that we haven’t discussed?

This is a bit heavy one. I have just started my journey but yes one thing I would like to say let your words flow. When you are starting out don’t think about whether it is making a sense or not. Just write and later structure it.

Where do you write from? Do you go to some specific place, like beachside or into the hills?

I never felt like this that I need a specific place to write. Whenever I think I laugh on myself and feel a bit strange. I have written this novel in my office. I have two desktop screens and a laptop, so yes, I worked there.

Something personal about you people may be surprised to know?

I feel like my life is like an open book. Let people discover. Let it be surprising. I want people to know and urge them to practice meditation, gratitude journal writing and adopt a good habit. Currently, I am reading self-development books.

Any future books that you would like to discuss now?

I am still working on the story. It will be inspired from reality of life, from people’s experience.

Connect with Shreesha Khare:

Twitter: Shrvin.1912 (Shreesha Khare)


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