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Book Review: The Ineligible Millionaire by Tarun Varshney

The Ineligible Millionaire by Tarun Varshney is a contemporary fiction that tells a tale of a young man named Arjun who rises to the status of notable eminence despite being consistently bogged down by some or other problems in his life. The book, through the voice of Arjun, tells us as what it takes to rise in life. As the story opens, we see that the lead character Arjun is an engineering student struggling hard to get placed in one of the top IT companies of India, like Wipro, TCS, Infosys, and so on.

Arjun is good at studies, has good grades during engineering, but still unable to make to the companies because in 10th and 12th he scored less. If you have attended the placement interviews in your college, well you can understand the plight and situation of Arjun. As in India, it is a kind of set rule to have good marks in 10th and 12th to get placed in a good company. But the matter of concern is what if someone couldn’t score good marks at school because of some family and social issues, so it means the opportunity is missed for lifetime. As you read the book, you will get to understand that Arjun who suffered the same fate, didn’t accept it, rather he challenged the system and become millionaire in a set duration. The book is about his journey from college days till he becomes millionaire. In a sense, it is an inspiring story.

Other than Arjun, we have other interesting characters like Raj and Shreya. Raj and Arjun are best friends but they have to go through the test of time. And Shreya is the crush of Arjun. Will Arjun and Shreya meet for a happy life or something else is written in their destiny?

Without giving much we can say, if you love success stories, feels like to rise to power and wealth, then this is your read. Though this is the first book of Tarun, yes it is well placed and the story moves at a brisk pace. You can convincingly read 260+ pages in one sitting. The author has used simple yet engaging narration technique which further enhances the charm of the book.


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